Update For Episode #6836 March 27, 2009


Domestic tranquility reigns at the Platt household. For the moment at least. David is looking for a job in a salon in the Manchester area, but is shocked at how many salons there are. Ted is making a pot of borscht, which David turns his nose up at in favour of a kebab. David tells his mom that Sarah called from the land of the pasta eaters, wondering when Gail is coming to visit. Gail goes into her weird ‘I’m going to stay at home until David gets settled and gets his head on straight which will basically be never after all look at all he has been through’ mode. Ted, again the voice of reason, suggests to his daughter that a break might be good for her, and volunteers to look after David while she goes to Milan to visit Sarah. Gail says she could never ask for such a favour, but Ted points out that she didn’t ask, he offered – end of argument.

Liz and a dapper Harry meet on the street and have a discussion of what foolishness their respective sons are capable of. Liz points out that Steve is an idiot, but not really capable of being malicious, and that if he gets sent away, it will be Amy that pays the price in the end, with both of her parents in prison.

Roy is twitching his way around the cafe, trying to count how many steps he is taking on his new pedometer. Ken remembers that he once got a pedometer as a gift from Blanche, although he is fairly certain that she fished it out of a cereal box. Bill comes in for the daily worker’s yard butty run, and gets the third degree from Becky about why Jason hasn’t come for their butties. Bill mumbles some excuse about Jason not feeling well, or having paperwork or something. Roy tells Becky not to interrogate their customers. Ken compares Becky with Tomas de Torquemeda, of Spanish Inquistion fame. Becky, knowing Bill is covering for Jason, leans close to Bill and tells him that she might not know as much as Ken and Roy, but she’s not stupid.

Bill goes back to the builder’s yard and tells Jason that he needs to get his personal life in order pronto, while Becky is texting Jason over and over about the state of his health and the pile of his paperwork.

Jason returns home at the end of the day moaning about a splinter in his hand, and gets no sympathy from Eileen. There is a knock at the door, and Jason tells Eileen if it’s Becky, he’s not there. Eileen calls him spineless but goes along with his plan for some reason. It turns out to be be Becky at the door, and Eileen makes some lame excuses about Jason being called to a job, even though his work vest is clearly hanging by the door. Jason, clever lad that he is, then knocks something over in the kitchen. Becky wonders if that was a poltergeist, since Jason isn’t there and she just saw Sean elsewhere. Eileen confides to Becky that ‘between you and me, there is a great big flaming rat in the kitchen.’

Good friend Lloyd is waiting for Steve outside the police station, coffee in hand. He wants to take Steve home but Steve wants to go to the hospital straight away to get things sorted with Dan. Lloyd thinks this might be a bad idea (really?) but Steve is adamant so off to Weatherfield General they go. When they arrive Steve does his best to make things right with Dan, but the bookie refuses to change his mind and they end up carrying on like a bunch of schoolkids – again. After Steve and Lloyd leave Harry tries to get Dan to stop with the police involvement, but Dan refuses to back down.

Back at The Rovers everyone seems to be having a grand old time in spite of Steve spending the night in jail. Vern wonders if the crisps Steve threw down to the cellar after Dan will somehow exonerate him. Steve points out the severity of his situation, he might be charged with GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) and after having seen his solicitor, found out that he might be sent up for five years.

Steve and Michelle retire to the back room to sort things out. Michelle tells him to apologize and to stop playing the martyr. This seems to strike a nerve with Steve, and he retorts by telling Michelle that being a martyr is more her thing. (one gets the impression that this conversation has been building for a while) Michelle wonders what he means by that, and Steve replies with ‘Poor little Michelle, she carries more baggage than British Airways.’ Their voices get raised and Michelle threatens to leave. Steve thinks this might be a good idea, since he was always Plan B for her, after the one true love of her life, Saint Flaming Dean.

Lloyd and Steve are in the cab office with a particularily bad bottle of booze from the bargain bin at Dev’s. Steve wants to get mammered but Lloyd says he has to man the switchboard. Steve tells him to get Fat Brenda in to cover, but it seems she got blood poisoning after her mosy recent tattoo. In the end they get Claire to cover and off they go to the Weatherfield Arms for some serious drinking.

Leanne and Michelle have some tea in the back room of the pub and discuss the situation their men have gotten themselves into. Michelle points out that Steve is nice man, as well as a coward, and is unlikely to have intentionally injured Dan. Leanne agrees, noting that Steve has always treated her well in the past. Later at the hospital Leanne tries to talk to Dan about what really happened, but he suddenly has to get some sleep, to avoid having the conversation.

Becky, a bit sozzled, is in the kebab shop having some nosh to go with her two bottles of cider. Steve and Lloyd, drunk as Lords, come into the kebab shop for a bite. Steve sees himself as the Lone Ranger with Lloyd as his faithful sidekick Tonto. In the end they decide that a kebab would be too much for them, and that toast is what they really need. Becky volunteers to serve them some toast, so the three of them toddle off to the cafe together. Michelle calls Steve but he can’t pull off a sober voice so Becky puts his phone in a pot and covers it with a lid to muffle the ring. Lloyd has had enough and wants his bed, but has a tough time opening the door. Steve tells him to keep it quiet, or Roy will think that someone is breaking in. Becky opens the door Lloyd and tells them it’s OK if they make some noise, because Roy is out at a first aid event.

Ater Lloyd leaves Steve and Becky go up to the apartment and have a lovely drunken heart to heart conversation. She wants to know what’s wrong with her, it’s not like she’s a bunny boiler or anything. Steve tells her that she is a spirited, attractive individual with long legs like a pony, and if Jason can’t appreciate her for who she is, she should bin him. This of course leads to Steve and Becky having a bit of a snog session..

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12 Responses to Update For Episode #6836 March 27, 2009

  1. Yanyan says:

    I want to see Fat Brenda!

  2. haili says:

    I had to watch again yesterday as I thought Dan got hurt falling down the stairs. He didn’t fall, just walked down after the phone. He must have hurt himself on the bar when grabbing for the phone. Steve is back to his bad boy impulsive self but it was nice to hear all that pent-up tirade at Michelle. She’s had it coming for months and it was satisfying to hear it.

    Bookie boy is enjoying his revenge and it must be almost worth it to him to see Steve worry.

  3. lovethestreet says:

    Wasn’t it fun to watch drunken Steve talk to drunken Becky? “Long legs like a pony” LOL!

  4. Modge says:

    Michelle carrying more baggage than British Airways was a snort-out-loud moment for me. I was surprised later to see that she hadn’t left.

    And this morning’s newspaper carried confirmation that Sophie is indeed cancelled.
    Sophie – alienating CBC viewers one diaper at a time….

  5. Yanyan says:

    Methinks Steve had a ride on the pony.

  6. Barbee says:

    I think Dan bashed himself on the bar trying to get the phone back from Steve. They have both been so stupid, it’s phenomenal.
    I think the writers have been reading our favourite blog. I recognised the Saint Dean and baggage lines from here! That was my favourite Steve moment of the week. Otherwise he’s been a real prat.
    Does anyone else wonder about Norris not admitting to the scratch? I would have thought by now, even he would have come clean. He may be a gossiping weasel, but he usually is pretty honest in the long run.

  7. haili says:

    I think Norris is afraid now that he’s seen the violence between Steve and Dan. He should have fessed up sooner but now has to live with his guilty conscience.

  8. Barbie says:

    I agree with all you guys. I wanted to name this episode “Steve grows a pair”. Finally he got fed up with Michelle’s winging and stood up for himself. Sure hope he doesn’t go to jail, I’d really really miss him.
    Can’t wait for the aftermath this afternoon.

  9. eila says:

    Much as Michelle may have deserved it, I think it was further proof of Steve’s sudden descent into near-terminal stupidity. He has three women mediating for him, so what does he do but try his best to alienate one of them?

    (If the argument didn’t do it, the night with Becks probably will.)

    Steve, Steve, Steve…

  10. chumola says:

    It seems that everyone on this street has slept with, is sleeping with, or is soon to sleep with everyone else on the street. And even if they haven’t slept with everyone, they’ve been to jail. I live on a small street, and as far as I know, not too many have slept with each other, and no ex-cons here!

    Still, just LOVE Corrie! Can’t wait for each and every episode!

  11. haili says:

    Now if they could just figure out a way for them all to sleep together in jail, it would be a major soap event! Maybe they could do it in sweeps month.

  12. chumola says:

    Too funny!!!

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