Update for March 31, 2009. Entre Nous Edition

Yeah, This is Going to Turn Out Well

Steve is presenting flowers to to Michelle, who asks if he has a guilty conscience. He says he should have texted her when he was schtupping Becky drinking with Lloyd. Michelle notices he’s borrowed Lloyd’s shirt and he should really stop sweating in it if he wants to give it back to him. Should have borrowed Lloyd’s dashiki – covers up the perspiration right well.

Steve spends the rest of the episode being really, really nice to Michelle. He claims he’ll be more grown up from now which lasts about 15 minutes as Dan is home from the hospital and Steve starts in on Dan and even tells Harry that he’s a shit dad for raising such a son.

Meanwhile, Jason is in the cab office with a bouquet of flowers of his own, intended for Becky. He tells Eileen that he plans to tell that he enjoys their time together but the relationship must maintain a two night maximum for it to continue. Eileen thinks his plan could use some revising but Jason maintain that he is a catch: fit, steady job, no ties (except for the wife in Milan). And he lives with his mum.

He catches up with Becky who suddenly ends it with Jason, saying that she realizes that she was too keen and he was not keen enough. Jason is dumbfounded and the action goes not unremarked by Lloyd.

Lloyd reports this news to Steve and recounts his own history with Becky (back when she was still pretty sketchy) and warns Steve that she can be capable of all sorts. He also suggests now would be a good time to make things a little more permanent with Michelle.

Meet Joe Mac

Tina’s dad Joe has arrived chez Platt to meet David Platt. He gives him a hard time, asking what he supports “blue” (Manchester City) or “red” (“Manchester United”). This is important to know because the team one supports is often indicative of one’s moral character, presumably.

Screw it – just watch this:

Tina says she didn’t expect Joe to come over with a Spanish Inquisition, causing David to declare, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

“Amongst our weaponry are such elements as fear, surprise, ruthless – I’ll come in again.”

Anyway, David claims that he is on the straight and narrow as he wishes not to lose Tina, whose face brightens at this news. Dude’s soooo getting some tonight.

Then Joe thanks Gail for taking care of Tina and goes and shoves some money in Gail’s hand and asks her out for a drink.

Why does Gail always attract the crazies?

Entre Nous

Sally has some gossip for the girls at the Rovers: “Entre nous, Liam is coming back tomorrow so it’ll be a return to normal service.” By normal service, she means Liam and Carla take turns leaving work for days at a time while they sort out their personal problems, once in a while remembering that they run a frakking business.

Anyway, it’s old news as Maria texted Fizz earlier. Poor Sally, she just can’t do gossip.

Claire asks Roger to look at Kevin and Sally’s bathroom because, entre nous, it needs some work done. Sally gets wind of this and takes offense. Deirdre gets wind of this and warns Claire that Roger is a thief. It all becomes quite heated until Becky shouts at them to shut it as she just wants to have her double pints of cider in peace. “Class in a glass,” Carla calls it.

Oh, and Michelle’s cousin Tom has arrived for a visit.

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8 Responses to Update for March 31, 2009. Entre Nous Edition

  1. missusmac says:

    Totally off-topic, had a wonderful evening (me and 699 other people) with Kevin in Halifax last night.
    The man is short, tiny, handsome and incredibly funny!
    He released some plot details — it’s gonna be a good 9 months of TV!–and some wonderful set details — like the reaction of the male crew when Rosie grew out of her top seemingly overnight.
    He also praised Sal Whittaker, Sally, for her comic timing and professionalism. He said there was no other actress he`d rather work with on the show– well, he;d HAVE to say that, wouldn`t he — and that he sincerely enjoyed all of his colleagues.
    Most interesting nugget of info, to me, anyway: the set rule is no tongues while kissing. Period. Except – Steven Arnold, who plays Ashley, always ignores that! Who`d a thunkit!

  2. fondue123 says:

    eeeewwww Ashley!

  3. haili says:

    I want to know how Gail always gets those younger guys. Does she have some secret love potion/perfume?

    Dierdre really stirred things up in the Rovers and that scene seemed to have been written for Blanche. It seems dumb to me that Claire would want to swap houses to save money, then spend lots of money on renovations.

    How long before either Lloyd or (probably) Becky blurts out the truth about Steve’s night out? I thought Steve was fairly reasonable when talking to Dan. He didn’t push it and backed off after having his say.

    Good for Becky breaking off with Jason. She knows she can’t stop coming on too strong and wants more than a casual relationship. Jason forgot he has a wife and stepdaughter when he said he had no ties.

  4. Gayle says:

    What’s up with Claire? Could she be any more annoying? I thought they were hard up and now she is hiring (the slowest plumber in the world) to renovate the bathroom?

    Did anyone else feel nauseated at Gail’s simmpering at Tina’s Dad eww! I liked Joe, he seemed to have David all figured out. If I were him I would not be pleased with my teenaged daughter living with a youth with a criminal record and no job. Maybe that’s just me. Does David actually consider himself to be a hairstylist? I never saw him do anything but make coffee and sweep the floor.

  5. Modge says:

    Was it just me, or did anybody else think that Tina’s dad came over like quite the a-hole?
    Not that it stopped Gail from simpering over him at the end – something must’ve transpired during the commercial break to redeem him. No, wait, it’s Gail…

  6. haili says:

    Simpering is a specialty for Gail. Don’t know about Tina’s dad yet but I wouldn’t like it if my daughter had a boyfriend who went to jail.
    David is like a lot of boys that age; he thinks he knows a lot more than he actually does. It sounded like he planned to get some training last night so maybe he’ll follow through for a change.

  7. Modge says:

    My comment was in no way meant to defend David, I’ll leave that up to his mother. I just thought Joe was rather full-on and found his attitude a little offensive. I have a daughter of my own and have had feelngs of protection for my own baby bear – and have a granddaughter to think about as well. I just thought he was rude, I couldn’t see myself acting/speaking that way while I was a visitor to someone’s home.

  8. corrierules says:

    Lucky missumac!

    CS seems somewhat obsessed with the Spanish inquisition this week… first Ken references Torquemada and now David channeling Monty Python

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