Monday April 6th – The Enough Already Update

UK Time – Friday June 20th 2009 Episode I 

Id Rather Watch Televised Scrabble
I’d Rather Watch Televised Scrabble

The show opens with Maria and Liam strolling down the cobbles. Maria would like to schedule in some time to have procreation intercourse later. Liam doesn’t respond like a panting dog. Maria is slightly offended, although, it’s not like she made it sound ultra sexy and, of course, there is the added complication that she isn’t Carla. Lastly, he’s got something on his mind. One can understand why Liam isn’t immediately turned on.

In the factory Carla continues to play the “I’ll call Maria” game. This story irritates me to no end because it is clear that she wants Liam and vice versa. Really, she should just call Maria, the marriage will fall apart and in short order she and Liam will be together. But, the complication is just more … complications.

Rosie Webster gets all up in their biz and wants to know what the buzz is. Then she asks if she will be affected by anything. It was more of a suggestion that she shouldn’t be, really. Carla placates her buy banding about the term Personal Assistant. After Carla leaves the office Rosie watches the video of she and Liam kissing in a parking lot in broad daylight. This scene was hilarious. It was a little like watching a really fast mule race against Hillary Swank Seabiscuit.

Finally the Eyeball shows up and over to the Rovers they go where all business deals in Weatherfield are struck.  While sharing a drink Tony refuses to pay more than 180 for the factory. Liam wants more and walks back to the factory only to play that ridiculous “I’m gonna call Maria” game. This time she actually calls to talk about hair. This was super lame. But, it was enough to convince Liam to sell to Tony. Well done, Carla, you have successfully gone into business with Tony “the eyeball” Gordon – developer, garment business owner, dangerous jealous stalker.

Later Carla pops into the rovers for the warm blood of 10 virgins a glass of white wine and accidentally tells Maria that Liam has sold the factory. Maria is pissed.  

For those of you that missed it, this is exactly what the move was like.
For those of you who missed it, this is exactly what the move was like.

The Peacocks and the Websters have finally come to their big day and commence moving over the road. The Webster girls are unavailable to help, but Bill, Tyrone and Kirk are there to lend a hand. In the Peacock home we see further evidence that Kirk is being completely re-written as a mentally challenged character. Next March, the Oscar goes to…

A bit later as the moving is well under way Claire finds out that the money has not yet reached the Peacock’s solicitor. Claire insists that they stop the move. This I find amazing, it is not like they are dealing with strangers. Did she call the lawyer? Did the lawyer call her? Anyway, the upshot is that Claire insists they stop he move until it is sorted out. Much to her chagrin this leads only to a harsh word from Betty and a game of footy in the street.

Not this Teresa, the other Teresa
Not this Teresa, the other Teresa

Its time for Teresa to pack it up, pack it in and begin the trip back to where ever it is that she is from. Jerry seems to have second thoughts about that and seems to want to give her a second chance, because he’s had such positive experiences with her in the past. Mel puts her foot down and almost puts Teresa out on her tail.

David finally gets his reference from his gran. Looks like Audrey doesn’t have anything good to say about her grandson. The letter is somewhat lacking in enthusiasm. As a result David has decided that he will not go to his interview.

Not to worry, in comes Granddad I-Just-Met-You-People to take over and force Audrey to do the right thing. Why make the boy’s life harder than it is?  His three or four days with the family combined with a penis makes him an immediate authority on the matter. So, off he goes to talk to Audrey.

In Other News

Steve, like the rest of us, needs a break from Michelle and heads to Spain.

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4 Responses to Monday April 6th – The Enough Already Update

  1. haili says:

    The harsh word from Betty was the best part of the show and I loved the way they all snapped to attention. Pity Gail hadn’t called her in to deal with David.

    It did seem a tad unbelievable that Liam would hand over an extra 20,000 lbs. just to keep Maria from finding out about his fling with Carla. I suppose he knows what an evil cow Carla is and is doing what he can to stay out of her clutches.

    Steve is being sensible for a change; he really does need the break.

  2. beanie says:

    ROFLMAO Debbie! Grandpa’s 3 or 4 days with the family combined with a penis. BEST LINE EVER!!!!

  3. eila says:

    On the other hand, Grampa does have more common sense than Gail and Audrey, combined.

  4. missusmac says:

    So is Carla less worried about losing Tony than she is intent on hurting Liam? Telling Maria would in no way let her keep Tony!

    And, I’d be scared as hell to have that man as my partner.

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