Update for Tuesday, April 7, 2009. I Told You – Don’t Mess With Sally Webster

The Former Factory Owner

Maria is none too happy with Liam for selling his stake in Underworld. She tells him that the factory was his career, his life’s passion. No, he says, it was a job. Which is the first honest thing he’s said all week. I mean, really, the guy wore pit-stained t-shirts to his job as the boss. He was never LIKE A BOSS.

Now, this is a boss:

(Language NSFW)

Anyway, the announcement is made to all and sundry at the factory that Liam is out and Tony is in. Tony wants to make a few changes, like no more breaks, lunch hours, or weekends off. This also means no more screwing around on company time…Janice.

Liam is off to a goodbye party at the Rovers with the gang from the factory. Meanwhile, Tony and Carla toast to their new arrangement. Everyone gets what they want – except Carla who now loses Liam.

blog_squat_02The House Swap and The Squat

As humanity sits on the edge of its collective seats to see if the money from Kevin and Sally has been successfully deposited into the account of Ashley and Claire, the lads, Kevin, Ashley, Bill, and Tyrone, decide to bide their time with a little kick about on the cobbles.

Fed up with Claire, Sally decides to take their florescent light bulbs, as well as removing the light fixtures, despite Kevin’s protests.

But later, the news is good – the money has been deposited and the move is back on. Too bad Claire wasn’t this attentive with their joint bank accounts before. Maybe she and Ashley wouldn’t be in this situation. And how does £25,000 help a business that is effectively bleeding money, other than stave off the inevitable?

Claire, who shouldn’t be lugging around that heavy box in her delicate condition, and Sally exchange keys. When she and Ashley get in the new house, Claire notices the missing bulbs and that the ‘leccy is off. Ashley goes to turn it back on but is thrown backward when the fuse box blows.

They march back over to Kevin and Sally, who denies any wrong doing. Kevin sends Bill over to have a look and he declares that it needs a whole new electrical system, which will take two weeks. Claire thinks she’s going to have to live as a squatter. But Kevin comes to a decision – Claire and Ashley will live the Websters until their house is sorted.

The Milksop

Spying Theresa at the bus stop, Jerry asks she’d like to join him in a drink, which she is on like white on rice. Theresa gives Jerry a bullshit story about how her husband beats her but really, the neighbours get the worst of it and, oh, don’t feel sorry for her because she gives as good as she gets. Well, she seems to know which of Jerry’s buttons to push because he has a change of heart and welcomes her back home. 

Mel comes in and sees this and her heart breaks a little bit, seeing her dad get taken for a mug, again. She washes her hands of both of them and tearfully storms off.

The Hairdresser

Father Ted comes back from Audrey’s with a new glowing reference for David that he, apparently, wrote himself. It works, because David got the job, much to Audrey’s suprise.

The Drummer

Vern has been a little off with Liz for a while. He finally admits why – while in the recording studio, the singer, a fit young bird, was all over him. Liz showed no sign that this bothered her, when before, she would have (you’ll recall they first broke up when he tried it on with Michelle). But that’s what bothered Vern, who wonders if Liz no longer feels any attachment to him. Liz tries to assure him that this isn’t the case and they embrace but Vern clearly is no longer happy with her, knowing that she doesn’t love him.


He also spoke for the entire world when he admitted that Liz’s retouched wedding photo is hideous.


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10 Responses to Update for Tuesday, April 7, 2009. I Told You – Don’t Mess With Sally Webster

  1. Gayle says:

    I don’t understand Audrey. I know she is tired of enabling David but you’d still think she’d want him to get some sort of a job. Why would she jeopardize that? I really wish one of the kids on the street would show some ambition, aside from Mel and Amber none of them seem to want to better their lives and get off the street.

    I find the house swap story ridiculous. Why wouldn’t the insipid Claire not have had a home inspection done? Bill is hardly qualified to work on electricity. We recently had a panel replaced and it only took a couple of hours.

  2. Modge says:

    Am I not correct in thinking that Maria whined and whined to Liam not so long ago precisely because he was in business with Cruella and she wanted him to sell up to get him away from her clutches? Check out Cruella’s eyebrows – they look like they’ve been laser-cut out of black electrical tape, or perhaps it’s that stuff the football players smear under their eyes, applied with a paintbrush.
    Loved the line: Too bad Claire wasn’t this attentive with their joint accounts before”. I agree with Gayle, not only is this story line ridiculous, it’s full of holes. Taking the light bulbs is just being a stingy bitch – but wouldn’t removing the electrical fixtures be illegal in the sale of a house house that was bought having electrical fixtures?

  3. missusmac says:

    Not sure about British housesales, but in my experience, you need to have a clause in the sale agreement saying what fixtures stay, and what, if any goes.

    Doesn’t matter, it was still a stupid story line. Get in, get out, get it done. So now we know both Claire and Sally can be bitches. We knew that before..

  4. haili says:

    I was surprised that Audrey wasn’t pleased about David’s new job. He took his punishment and needs to move on, but how can he do that without a job? I suspect that Ted forged the reference and I don’t blame him.

    Any sales agreement I’ve seen includes the fixtures unless otherwise specified. Sally was being mean and stupid even when she just took the light bulbs. I suppose this is all just a ploy to get Claire out of the way for her maternity leave.

    Liam never looked like a boss and you would think someone in the rag trade, meeting with buyers would dress a lot better. Tony looks the part and can crack the whip like Mike and Danny. I’m wondering where Liam will go now – maybe back to the market? Or get a job with a rival firm.

  5. kunzie says:

    I was trying to think of another job for Liam…and it occurred to me that I don’t know what skills he actually has…it’s never been made clear what he can actually do…unless…Leanne’s former escort agency hires blokes as well….hmmmm……

  6. haili says:

    LOL. We did have the masked python a few years ago – a male stripper. Maybe that’s a possible career move.

  7. antik says:

    I was hoping Liam would get in touch with Danny Baldwin (he did have contact info when Danny left didn’t he?.. for business purposes?.. ) .. and start a bidding war.. AND.. more importantly.. bring Danny back!

    Very much enjoying Teresa’s character.. anyone else notice her t-shirt with the little seahorse motif? Brilliant detail.. as the seahorse.. I believe.. is the only creature where the MALE of the species handles pregnancy/gestational-duties. Exactly Teresa’s kind of bloke!

  8. lovethestreet says:

    Good eye, antik! I am continually impressed with how smart the people are who contribute to this site.

    …but how could the Corrie writers come up with a detail like the seahorse at the same time they are developing the house swapping story line with holes so big you could drive a truck through them…? Argh!!!

  9. haili says:

    Yes! Bring back Danny Baldwin. A storyline with Tony and Danny would be great. Liam could give him the customer list, etc.

  10. missusmac says:

    Kevin aka Micheal LeVell, hinted at his Halifax appearance that the actor who played Danny Baldwin might have 6-9 months left on his contract, and MIGHT come back to the show.

    He mentioned the actor had ‘ongoing projects’ or summat when he left. Yeah, I seem to recall he left shortly after it was discovered he and the woman who played Frankie were having a real-life affair of the heart and the phone text, not consummated — as everyone said in the resulting scandal that hit papers.

    So, fingers crossed he’s coming back now that Frankie and every other Baldwin has left.

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