Triva Part Deux – Everything Kevin


In honour of Michael Le Vell’s visit to Canada, the second trivia quiz centred around both the character and an actor. 

The Spicey Bit

  1. Kevin first appeared on Corrie in 1983 as a mechanic.  For whom did he work?
  2. What’s Kevin’s sister name?
  3. Michael La Vell appeared on Corrie early as another character.  Name the character and/or their profession.
  4. Who did Kevn save from a burning Rover’s Return?
  5. Who was Kevin’s second wife?
  6. What’s Kevin’s mom’s name?
  7. How did Kevin’s second wife die?
  8. Who’s house did the Websters buy in 1998?
  9. Kevin had a son.  What was his name?
  10. Who’s murdered body did Kevin find in 2005?
  11. How old would Kevin be today?
  12. Michael La Vell appeared in a parody of which band’s music video?
  13. What year  did Sally and Kevin marry?
  14. What happened to Michael La Vell that same week?
  15. What did Kevin lose in 1990.

Answers to yesterday’s quiz:

  1. Denise and Daniel
  2. Derek
  3. Pat
  4. Terry Duckworth
  5. Mustang Sally
  6. 50th anniversary
  7. Asperger’s
  8. Frescho’s
  9. Attempted suicide
  10. Jody, Mel, Darrel, Kayleigh and Finley
  11. Hitting John Stapes
  12. Jim – bonus answer: ‘Get out.  Just get out Liz, you slapper.  Sleeping with my physiotherapist.’
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One Response to Triva Part Deux – Everything Kevin

  1. Diane/tvor says:

    1. Brian Tilsley
    3. Neil Grimshaw, paper boy
    4. Bet
    5. Alison
    6. Alison
    7. Walked in front of a truck
    8. 1998? The Websters have been in number 13 since 1987 and moved to the Peacock’s house in 2008
    9. Jake
    10. Tommy Harris
    11. Kevin…. is… um… 42? (without looking it up)
    13, 1986
    14. Married his wife, Janette
    15 his tache

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