Monday April 13th – the Bad Memory Update

UK Time – End of June 2008

Hello Canuksters I hope you all had a lovely long weekend.

I watched the show last night but due to a crazy leak in my kitchen pipes – the pipe that brings the water IN not the drainage pipe – I was a little distracted.
In any case, I think I remembered the show pretty well and this us what happened.

In the land of Paige, Platt and Roberts it is the morning after the big party and the place looks like, well, there was a massive party. Cigarette butts on the floor, some Amber stains on the wall and tons of crap everywhere. It was disgusting. David and Tina wake to find this mess and David has a bit of a freak-out because who could have seen this coming?  As he has to work he can’t stay home to clean it.  Tina had better get her scrub brush on.

Ted and Audrey happen by and see the mess. Ted seems genuinely annoyed that the party got out of hand. Really Ted? You mean, David isn’t the responsible upstanding young man you expected him to be? He tells Audrey that he will help them clean up. Someone needs to smack this man over the head with a reality stick.  Anyway, Audrey heads over to the salon saying that she’ll be back after work to check on the progress. Now alone in the house Ted starts to help and Tina takes this opportunity to get to work herself, leaving Ted alone to clean up. Personally, I think he deserves it.

When Audrey comes back at lunch time Ted admits to being left alone cleaning the mess, but still defends David and Tina saying that even Audrey was young once and hanging from the rafters. Yes, Ted, she was, but David is a psychopath and is kind of out of chances.

Meanwhile, poor Amber is feeling sorry for herself with a massive hang over. She was going to give school a miss and spent he morning talking with Molly, who looked as fresh and beautiful as a spring morning in the Lake District. Last night she was the most beautiful woman on the street depending on the street. Her plan to stay home was thwarted when Daddy Dev came to the rescue with a runny egg sandwich.

During their conversation Molly got the sense that Amber had a thing for David. This is bizarre to me as Amber is one of the smartest characters on the street. Amber said that her feelings for David wouldn’t matter because he’s got a gorgeous girlfriend in Tina – Amber girl, looks aren’t everything. Just ask Michelle.

Over in the Rovers Michelle has gone all bunny boiler on us. She’s got this crazy notion that Steve has been playing away.  Whatever could have given her that idea? While she may be on to something she’s got the wrong woman. This scene was like watching Michelle go down in a blaze of glory. After discovering some weak evidence, Michelle accuses Leanne of sleeping with Steve. She does so out loud, in the pub, in front of everyone. She gets pretty nasty and accuses Leanne of sleeping with Steve back when Leanne was not sleeping with Paul and then throws the whole prostitute thing in her face. Michelle also tried to fire her, but Michelle isn’t actually the boss at the Rover’s.
Leanne, I have to say, bares it well and walks out. She didn’t even call Michelle a psycho, like I would have. Michelle was clearly irrational.

Jason Grimshaw turned 25 yesterday. I feel like he is actually a present for the streets of Weatherfield, although I’m not crazy about the green tank top.  His mother has put up posters announcing his birth to all and sundry. Well done, Eileen.

Jason popped into Roy’s to order what must have been a meal fit for a king. What could possibly run you 10 bucks at Roy’s? While he was in there he took the opportunity to flirt with Becky who later asks Roy to hang out in the pub with her. I mean Jason wont be there and if he is she’ll ignore him, but this drink is about them catching up.

Sally Webster charged over t the Morton’s with Rosie in tow all set to confront Teresa. Her desire to make a rumble was thwarted by Mel’s desire to run her mother out of town. There was a lot of yelling here and finally Sally and Rosie gave up and walked out.

Later Rosie apologized to Jerry in the street.

In Other News

Liam is a lousy homemaker. But, he may buy a jukebox.

Its becoming more and more obvious to Vern that Liz doesn’t love him.

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6 Responses to Monday April 13th – the Bad Memory Update

  1. lovethestreet says:

    “the most beautiful woman on the street depending on the street”…LOL — is that a line from the Flight of the Conchords?

    And I must say that I agree about Jason’s ugly green tank top. I wish someone had told him to take it off…

  2. Barbie says:

    I wonder if this is the begining of the end for Michelle. Sure hope so.

  3. debbie1975 says:

    Yes, she’s so beautiful, she could be a part time model, but she’d have to keep her normal job

  4. missusmac says:

    I love the Flight of the Conchords!! Well done!

    So, as much as I hate Michelle’s plot — again — I have to say her meltdown anger is much better acted and perhaps a tad less grating than her meltdown weeping of the previous plot.

    I did enjoy the Webster plot line. How wonderfully done was it that the Mortons cut the vengeful Websters off at the knees? Sally was going to launch a lawsuit?

  5. haili says:

    Leanne showed a lot more class than Michelle and I don’t blame her for walking out. I do wish Michelle would leave instead.

    Molly looked terrific last night and she has a sense of humour, unlike Michelle.

    I’m looking forward to Steve’s return – and Hailey’s whenever it happens.

  6. Gayle says:

    Michelle is an idiot! She had no authority to fire Leeanne. Talk about prostitutes…Michelle dresses like a stripper.

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