Update for Tuesday, April 14. Let’s All Get Married in Andalusia

The Big Lie and The Incredibly Stupid Lie

It’s the continuation of last night’s episode and Leanne is storming out of the Rovers and off to her apartment where she complains that she could become prime minister but all anyone would ever think about the fact that she’s an ex-prostitute. No matter great the accomplishment, people will always obsess over your dirty, dirty sex life.

bill-clintonAnyway, Dan reminds her that she was with him in hospital on the night in question, so she, Dan, and Janice all march over to the Rovers for a face-off across the Rovers with Michelle, Liam, Vernon, and Liz. Dan tells Michelle the truth, which Liz says Harry can confirm. Michelle is embarassed but does not apologise. Leanne leaves, cheating Deirdre and Eileen out of that fight they were hoping for. Later, Michelle tries to apologise to Leanne but Leanne tells her that she can stuff her sorries in a sack.

During all this, Lloyd is putting the screws to Becky to come clean as he can’t keep hiding from Michelle. She considers this but then realises that if she tells the truth, she’ll screw up any chance she may have had of getting back together with Jason. After hearing about what went down at the Rovers, Roy admonishes Becky to make things right, seeing as because she withheld the truth, Leanne is out of a job.

Becky feels so bad, that she skips a birthday drink with Jason and the gang, to go hang out with Roy.

You’d think Michelle would stop at making an arse of herself once in a day, but no, she later jumps in Lloyd’s cab as he leaves to get a fare. During the trip, and with the fare in back, she needles Lloyd about his lies and changing stories (first a casino, then lapdancing). Unable to take the pressure, Lloyd is about to tell Michelle the truth when he suddenly blurts out: “He’sactingweirdbecausehe’sgoingtoproposenoreallyIswear!”  

Michelle at first doesn’t believe him but then, as she realises that this is suddenly All! About! Michelle! it’s now truly the only explanation that makes sense. Even when Lloyd throws in some total horseshit about Steve getting a giant diamond and looking for a castle in Andalusia to get married in.  

So…that went well.

Liz has decided Michelle is driving her round the enough to consider Vern’s idea of buying his buddy Nelson’s bar. She tells Deirdre that it’ll put the spark back in the relationship.

The Party Clean-Up

Father Ted, Ted is cleaning Amber’s chunder off the wall when he pulls a giant strip off the wall. Either he wasn’t using a mild abrasive or somebody painted latex over lead-based paint. He manages as best he can so when Audrey comes over to inspect, Tina has to stand in front of the bare spot and the planter is on top of the cigarette burns. Audrey agrees not to tell Gail about the party. 

The Good Mum

Theresa and Darryl return from their lunch (Theresa’s was of the liquid variety). Theresa ingratiates herself a little more to Darryl but telling him some made up stories about his childhood. It’s enough, anyway, to get them into the Rovers for more drinks where Theresa complains that giving birth to Darryl was like passing an articulated lorry (ie: a truck with a trailer). 

They head back to Jerry’s with sausages and chips, which means Finlay doesn’t have to eat his salad with Jerry. Mel comes home and sees this and shakes her head, wondering how much longer she can stand it.

Hockey playoffs start tomorrow so make sure your Corrie viewing times are adjusted accordingly.

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16 Responses to Update for Tuesday, April 14. Let’s All Get Married in Andalusia

  1. haili says:

    LOL John. She did not have sex with that man!

    What was Liam doing behind the bar? They all act like Michelle owns the place. Michelle jumping in the cab when Lloyd had a fare was really over the top and only Michelle would believe that stupid proposal excuse. I suppose we believe what we want to believe.

    I thought that was wallpaper that came pealing off and wondered if it could be matched. If it was paint they could probably get a close enough match to do that wall. I once painted latex over oil-based and had to scrape the whole lot off.

    The Stephen and Chris show had a tape of Michael LeVel who plays Kevin. It was pretty entertaining and he talked of the 5 best things about working on Corrie. I didn’t catch him on The Hour but it may be on tonight.

  2. CAPT PAT says:

    According to Lloyd, a) Steve is going to propose b) Renting a castle for the wedding c) Bought a HUGE diamond ring.
    That will be the most expensive piece of t*%$ that Steve ever had, the only thing Lloyd left out was that Steve would be hireing an airplane to fly everybody from the Street to Spain for the wedding.(lol)

    Hey what are mates for eh!

  3. Rory says:

    Are the shows going to be aired only in the compilation form on Sunday mornings until the $#@!@#$ playoffs are over? Or will they be shown on nights when there’s no hockey?

  4. Bea says:

    Lloyd is just getting more and more stupid. I had to laugh when Michelle finally started to believe his lies, (because it was suddenly all about Michelle.
    I really love Ted. He reminds me of the old guy that Cilla used to look after. I really loved him, as well, and was sad when the killed him off. (sorry, can’t remember his name)
    Having said that, I really do believe that both Ted and Liam are in their second (or possibly first) childhood.

  5. John says:

    Rory, according to the screen crawl during last night’s episodes, Corrie will be seen at 3:30PM, every weekday, starting today, for the duration of the playoffs. The omnibus will be shown as usual every Sunday morning with the online episodes available afterward.

    Then, after the Montreal Canadiens celebrate their 25th Stanley Cup victory, Corrie moves back to its regular time.

    A guy can dream, can’t he?

  6. Rory says:

    Thnaks for the times info. Off to set my VCR!!

  7. papasmurf1964 says:

    Lead based paint might explain a few things David and Bethany…

  8. beanie says:

    John I was laughing so hard at the Clinton pick I couldn’t read LOL

    I think Corrie Canuck deserves a pat on the back. Last year after a huge Canuckster outcry CBC showed the episodes online and continued the omnibus. A little unfair to our US members though. They couldn’t see online shows. This year they’re showing episodes early but everyday. Great for those Corrie fans who aren’t online.

  9. haili says:

    I was so happy that I e-mailed the CBC and thanked them! A little kiss-up never hurt.

  10. beanie says:

    Good point haili! I will too.

  11. Tracy Emm says:

    I thought Lloyd was absolutely brilliant last night! He cracks me up, and I hope he gets alot more ‘air time’ in the future! His facial expressions are the best!

    I LOVE LLOYD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. cumberbuns says:

    I agree with Tracy Emm. Lloyd is an excellent character! He’s hilarious and very likeable – even though the story line and lies are OTT!

  13. eila says:

    I thought Teresa said Darryl’s birth was easy, and Mel was the ‘articulated lorry’. (Part of her ‘split the opposition” strategy?)

    Good episode, and great review!

  14. lovethestreet says:

    Yes, I believe Theresa did say Darryl’s birth was easy and Mel’s was not — one more reason she could complain about her poor daughter. Mel’s such a wee scrap of a thing, it’s hard to imagine she was a large baby…

  15. Joy says:

    Good idea, Haili! I just emailed CBC & thanked them. It never hurts to let folks know when we are happy about something. We humans are quick enough to complain when we are not happy.

    I also LOVED the Billy Clinton captioned photo.

  16. Joy says:

    I can just hear Bill saying that!

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