This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Gentrification Update


Norris and Rita are determined to not take Tony’s offer and Norris says they should have a united front.  Turns out Tony doesn’t want the shop but the land it’s on so he wants to buy the shop, the flat above and the flat next door.   He offers a hell of a sweet deal in my opinion; market value for the flat and shop, all expenses covered to move the business and an extra 25,000 (possibly for each) for their problems.  


Rita thinks this is pretty sweet and asks him about the scenario if they just want to sell up shop and retire, Tony says it’d be a different negotiation but he’s sure something can be worked out.   Norris gasps.  Rita thinks retirement is looking good and says she’s going to accept the offer.


The Trainwreck

Vern tries to rationalize saying that it’s because he put pressure on Liz with the bar that she thinks the marriage is shit.  She finally admits that she shouldn’t have married Vern.   Despite his pleading, she sticks to her guns and tells him it’s true.   It’s really sad and a bit of a heart break to watch Vern almost beg her to stay.


Liz talks to Deidre over a fog of smoke saying that she knows Vern is a good man, so why can’t she just be happy with that.   Come on Liz, you never listened to any 70’s torch songs?  If it ain’t there, it ain’t there.


Musical interlude…..


After a lot more talking at the Rovers, Vern leaves for parts unknown.


You Never Give Me Your Money

Claire sees someone about the Beatles programs and is offered £7000.   The dealer she talks to says she could get a better price on the internets, but she’s happy with that amount and can’t be arsed setting up an eBay account.  (I probably would have….but that’s just me.)  Ashley suggests that Claire keeps her mouth shut about the money, but once Sally starts making fun of her and her ‘Antique Roadshow’ dreams, Claire can’t resist and tells her.


At this point, both Websters think the Peacocks should share the money from the sale.   Normally I’d agree but after Sally’s poo-pooing  (and what the hell, who doesn’t think a signed Beatles ANYTHING wouldn’t be worth a chunk of change) and the cost and inconvenience of the electrical wiring,  I’d probably be tempted to tell her to bite it.  


Kev argues that they didn’t know they were there, but Claire rightfully points out, Sally would have just thrown them away.  (Throw away a signed Beatles ANYTHING.)


Sally starts suggesting that if she finds anything in their house like Precious Moments baby books of the wee lads  it’s theirs.   And the conversation degenerates until Claire whips out her note book of all the wrongs Sally has committed against her and hers.


In Other News


Liam has become a couch potato and the gossip mill has all the Conners knowing about the wedding surprise.  Too bad Steve doesn’t.


As she goes off for her shift at the Rovers, Roy give Becky cautions Becky about working for Steve and adds that she looks lovely a

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13 Responses to This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Gentrification Update

  1. missusmac says:

    It WAS sad to see Vern go. I felt badly for him, after having for month seen him as nothing more than a joke. Heartbreaking to see him realize she’s just not that into him…

    Kind of shocking to see Rita think about retiring… Lovely Rita, please don’t go…

  2. Barbee says:

    Isn’t it funny how characters grow on you. I felt so sorry for Vernon. He really seems to have come to love Liz (I got the impression at the beginning of their relationship, he was just in for free lodging and lots of hot sex). But it was good of Liz to finally tell him.
    And how other characters can become unendearing. Not that these two were ever in my favourite’s list, Sally & Claire are boring me – I love how their husbands really try to calm the situation down (except for the Beatles memorabilia).
    And Rita still looked lovely; I’m with her on retirement. The deal is sweet.
    Becky in the bar is fun.

  3. Gayle says:

    I too felt sorry for Vern what a kick in the head! I like Becky but her outfit last night…you could see all of her bra! She could be a pretty girl if someone could help her pick out more flattering clothes. I can’t wait for Steve to come back and watch the shit hit the fan! Michelle is going to look pretty foolish.

    Sally and Claire are also boring me, can we please send Claire off on maternity leave?

  4. John says:

    Vernon grew on me over the years. He was kind of sleazy at first but he eventually grew into a real person, although he’s still a skiver. I’m glad Liz was honest enough to tell him the truth, rather than drag it out.

    However, I might be the only one to say this: Liz didn’t deserve Vernon.

  5. beanie says:

    I won’t miss Vern. He was a waste of air. Lazy, boring and stupid. Please get rid of that horrible picture…it freaks me out!

    Mr.Bean wanted to know why Becky wore her bra to work too.

    I hope Rita takes the offer but doesn’t leave the show.

  6. haili says:

    beanie: I’m with you re. Vernon – a complete waste of space. Liz was dumb enough to lug his drums a few times and Vernon never quite got around to doing any work. I’d take daddy bookie any day over Vern. I know he’s not got husband material, but she’d have fun while it lasted.

    Claire must be leaving soon for quite a few months and I don’t blame her one bit for keeping the money. Sally had her chance and she blew it when she took the fuse out!

  7. Pauline says:

    I don’t think Sally actually admitted to taking the fuse out (to Claire & Ashley anyway).

    Even if Sally hadn’t done that, I still think what the Peacock’s found in the loft was legally theirs now that they own the house.
    It’s not like the Websters put that stuff in the attic and forgot to take it with them when they moved. It was there long before the Websters moved in and probably belonged to Hilda & Stan Ogden who were the previous owners of that house.
    The fact that they need the house rewired makes it easy for Claire to take all of the money from the sale of the memorabilia.

  8. haili says:

    It was Claire’s right to keep whatever she found even without Sally’s petty actions but Sally being mean enough to remove not only the light bulbs but the fixtures, was really over the top.

  9. Barbie says:

    I agree. I was wondering why Kevin and Sally wern’t obligated to pay for the wiring. I would think that it would cost close to the 7,000 to have the whole house re-wired anyway. I can’t decide who’s being the bigger bitch, Sally has always had it in her but Claire used to be so damned nice.

  10. joy says:

    Why hasn’t Lloyd phoned Steve to give him the heads-up that Michelle is expecting a proposal, big engagement ring & a wedding at a castle in Spain? We know that they have phone service in Spain because Steve’s been calling the Rovers.

  11. missusmac says:

    Lloyd laughed and said something stupid like wanting to see what hits the fan when Steve lands, as payback for all Lloyd’s had to put up from Michelle while Steve was away.

  12. haili says:

    I can’t wait to see what hits the fan when Steve comes back. Maybe Lloyd will tell him when he picks him up at the airport – unless Michelle decides to pick him up as a surprise! Does she have a car?

    I didn’t like the way they changed Claire’s character. She’s been kind of mean and cranky ever since the post-partum depression – then Ashley’s affair with KC. I suppose anyone would be bitter if their husband slept with the enemy and believed her instead of his wife.

  13. MarkD says:

    Vern is like this guy my Mom lived with for ten years. Everyone, including her could see she wasnt’ happy, and he was a knob. Annoying like Vern, but not someone you could really dislike. Eventually she dumped him, and although I felt bad for him it was for the best. This storyline was exactly the same. I for one will be glad to see Vern go. Jesus he is annoying!

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