Update For Epiosde #6852 April 17, 2009


Just time for a brief outline today, life has gotten in the way again…

The House

Sal wants Kev to turf the Peacocks and their two young children. Kev and Ashley try to behave like adults while the two harpies bitch at each other. Claire has a new plan to ‘do up the house’ with the money they just got, although Ashley seems less than enthralled by the idea – or at staying at his mother-in-law for the next while. The two men share a civilized pint later at The Rovers.

The Hospital

Marcus is thinking about taking a ‘sickie’ but ends up quitting his job. The new plan is for he and Sean to find a more affordable place of their own while Marcus retrains with Sean footing the bill. No doubt this will all end badly.

The Lovers

Becky and Jason are sniffing around each other again, and after she brings him a sauasge butty they end up snogging in the street. Of course Roy wanders by at the exact moment their lips are locked.

The Betrayed

Vern and Norris meet up in the street and commiserate over the ‘ruthless selfishness of women’ although they are talking about different women.

Harry overhears the gossip in The Kabin regarding Liz and Vern.

Norris give Rita a hard time about researching apartments in Spain. Rita tells him to get bent and breaks into song:

Senorita Rita, you’ll love her when you meeta.
Girls don’t come much sweeta, then Senorita Rita.
No one would complain, if they made her Queen of Spain. Ole!

You have to love Rita.

Liz and Michelle talk about the break up. Liz knows she did the right thing, but admits she feels a bit guilty. Liz (thankfully) takes down the disturbing wedding photo from the wall in the back room.

Vern comes by to sort out some banking matters. Liz tries to give back her ring but Vern insists she keep it, maybe she could make some ear rings out of it or something. Liz announces she might go to Jersey to visit a friend, and ends up putting Michelle in charge of the pub. (pretty soon no one will be working there any more)

Harry and Clarissa squabble about their divorce in the street. Service as usual. Harry extends his sympathies to Vern, before he makes his way into the pub to ask Liz out for drinks. Liz makes a comment about dancing on Vern’s grave, before giving Harry an earful about how ill timed his approach was.

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10 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6852 April 17, 2009

  1. Long time lurker says:

    I was suprised and disappointed at Harry’s suggestions to Liz, within a day of her break up with Vern. I really thought he had more class than that. If they do eventually get together (and I would guess it will be sooner rather than later), they should make a very interesting couple.

  2. Modge says:

    I wasn’t surprised at Harry suggesting to Liz that they go out….after all, she’s been giving him signals that she’s up for it for weeks now. I was more surprised by her reaction – nice to see she does have some scruples.
    Becky was cute, slipping Jason a sausage in the hopes that he’d return the favour.

  3. haili says:

    LOL Modge!

    Liz was up for it and it almost happened until Steve interrupted them so I don’t know why she’d be offended now that she’s separated. Even though it’s a bit soon, it was bound to happen. I suppose she’s done the sensible thing by going away to clear her head. Michelle may be forced to work; what a comedown.

    Nice to see Claire and Ashley finally depart and I hope Vernon doesn’t linger. Once they decide to go they should do it quickly.

    Rita was entertaining and livelier than usual.

  4. Tracy Emm says:

    Rita was a star! It was great to see her do something a little ‘outside the Rita Box’ for a change!
    I hated Becky’s outfit when she was behind the bar – I wish they wouldn’t make her so cheap looking… yes, I know that’s the point, but surely they could start introducing a bit more class for the girl (seeing as she has bed-ed both Steve and Jason!)

  5. Gayle says:

    Tracy Emm, I agree with you regarding Becky’s outfit. I guess Michelle is running the bar now, Liz just takes off on holiday with the Rover’s very short-staffed. I wish I lived on the street I could probably get a job there. No resumes, no references, no interviews!

  6. haili says:

    Where is Amy these days? Not with Ken and Dierdre – or Michelle either it seems. Children seem to disappear like magic on these shows and re-appear when necessary to the story.

  7. haili says:

    Where is Amy these days? Not with Ken and Dierdre – or Michelle either it seems. Children seem to disappear like magic on these shows and re-appear when necessary to the story.

  8. beanie says:

    I forgot all about Amy! It seems everyone else did too LOL. I don’t see how it’s feasible to run a bar with no staff. At least at the cab firm they have imaginary drivers and Fat Brenda. Sean hasn’t been working too much either.

    Rita was shining!!!! I hope she doesn’t leave the show.

  9. eila says:

    I was thinking the same thing about the Rover’s being left in Michelle’s hands. She seldom actually works there. Maybe it will become self serve?

  10. corrierules says:

    Thank you for the lyrics to Senorita Rita… I did so enjoy that musical interlude.

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