Monday April 20th – The William Carlos Williams Update

UK Time – Friday July 4th Episode I

Id Like to Thank This American Life

I'd Like to Thank This American Life

I have toasted cheese
the order
that was placed
before the recent spat

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me.
Now this is awkward
so awkward
and a little weird

The show opens with Jason and the luckiest woman in Weatherfield in a lip lock outside the builder’s yard and Roy looking at them through the Café blinds. I guess someone didn’t make it home last night. How does Eileen sleep through all that rumpy pumpy?

Anyway, Becky manages to eventually tear herself away from Jason but isn’t exactly ready to work as evidenced by her using the counter as a place to rest her head. Ken bounces into the café cheerful as a schoolgirl in new socks and Roy mentions that it is nice to see Ken so full of cheer and ready to work.
Becky meanwhile brushes off Roy’s obvious disappointment and attempts to punish her with work and heads upstairs for 10 minutes to pull herself together.
Roy spends the rest of the day being really hard on Becky while she gets increasingly annoyed.  When Michelle and Becky enthusiastically discuss her working at the pub things became too much for Roy so he decided to take a break upstairs.

While sitting at his kitchen table, Becky, in an obvious attempt to make amends with Roy brought up a snack, which Roy refused to eat. They have a chat where Roy tells Becky the obvious problem with her working at the pub and her recent behaviour. Becky doesn’t really want to think about what Roy is saying.
Later in the day Becky asks Roy when he wants her to go on her dinner break and Roy has had it. They have a minor upset about her smoke breaks, but you can see they are going to explode.  A few minutes later Roy asks Becky, rather nastily actually, if she did the poached egg. Becky’s response is equally friendly and includes Becky shoving a note pad into Roy’s chest.

Becky lets Roy know that she is tired of being nagged and he is totally out of touch with real people’s lives. She follows that statement with, “You sad, lonely old bloke that everyone laughs at!” Ouch! But, don’t count Roy out in this verbal chess match. He counters with, “Well, I’d rather be laughed at for having morals than be despised for having the morals of a stray cat,” Off side! He just called her a slag.

Ken and Norris (thank GOD Norris is there) come rushing to the counter to try and calm the scene down, but it doesn’t help. Becky ends up shouting the odds at the counter. When Ken tries to take over the service in this Hell’s kitchen Roy snaps at him pretty harshly then oddly calls out the next order “Toasted Cheese.”

I have packed up
the drums
that were in
the spare room

and which
you were probably
in secret

Forgive me
they were a part of me
so loud
and so irritating

Vernon has made his mind up to leave and has a conversation with Michelle in the back room. Michelle tries to convince him to continue working at the Rovers. Is this woman’s brain on vacation with Steve? She suggests that while he may have lost his wife and place to live, he doesn’t have to loose his job. OK, I mean those three things were always connected. He lived there because he was Liz’s husband and was a terrible pot man but Steve couldn’t fire his wife’s husband. But, thanks for the input, Michelle.

Vernon, overcome with grief hums a few bars of “It’s a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille.” He says he can’t get it out of his head. Thanks Vernon. Michelle, with her monopoly of grief, looks at him like he’s a bit of a weirdo while he does that.

Later, in the street, Vernon is all packed up and ready to hit the road when Lloyd comes by and has a heart to heart with Vernon. Well, heart to stomach. He basically convinces him to stay by waving a cheese sandwich under his nose. I would have held out for a bacon cheeseburger, myself.

I have convinced
the old lady
to sell
me the Kabin

But not
the family man
who is probably
fixing your car … yet

Congratulate me
they are part of my plan
so cold
and so calculating


So much depends

the old dirty

covered in grease

beside the big
garment factory

Rita has decided to sell the business to Good old Eyeball Gordon. And by “Good old” I mean Richard Hillman redux.  Norris is not pleased but is sworn to secrecy so he can’t talk about it. He kind of tried at the café but someone was shouting the odds.
Tony also approached Kevin who said that he would only sell for a million dollars. I guess he’s not entertaining any real offers. Now I am scared for Kevin.

In Other News

Ken isn’t sure if he will go to his University reunion.
Blanche is taking evil old cow to a whole new level.

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4 Responses to Monday April 20th – The William Carlos Williams Update

  1. haili says:

    Blanche is even nastier than usual. How do people put up with her?

    It seems odd to me that Liz would have left the 2 people who never do anything, in charge of the Rovers. And again, where is Amy? Did she take her away too? Michelle had a lot of nerve, expecting Vernon to stay and work – but so did Liz. Come home Steve – soon! Has anyone even told him what’s going on?

    Becky will regret saying those nasty things to Roy – she always does. She needs anger management classes.

  2. joy says:

    Fabulous update, Debbie!

    On the topic of poetry, when Roy yelled “toasted cheese” I wondered if it was a reference to The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll (one of my favourite passages in literature – in Fit the First).

  3. CAPT PAT says:

    ”Steve couldn’t fire his wife’s husband”?? Would you be meaning his Mother’s husband?? His wife’s husband being himself??

  4. TrudyC says:

    Blanche does seem to be getting nastier. Loved Deirde comment about “geriatric tourrets”

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