Update for Tuesday, April 21, 2009. Good Luck Movin’ Up ‘Cause I’m Movin’ Out

You Should Never Argue With A Crazy Mind, You Ought To Know By Now

Becky and Roy have taken their argument from the café to his flat, where Becky is furiously stuffing her belongings into a garbage bag. It basically comes down to this – Roy refuses to compromise his principles (and his cheese toast) and Becky doesn’t want him to judge her. But neither will budge and Becky is in tears asking if Roy will stop her from leaving. He doesn’t and Becky gets nasty.

She tells him that in the past, people mock him as a weirdo and she stuck up for him. But no more – now she’ll join in and what’s worse, she start calling Hayley a freak. It went too far, and she moves out, in tears realising how much she hurt him.

Lloyd sees her in the street and offers a shoulder to cry on (the other one is reserved for Vern, who is moving his stuff into Lloyd’s flat). Becky tells Lloyd what happened and what she said to Roy. She wants to make amends but first should find a place to live. And all because of a one night stand.

She finds Jason and tells her that she moved out on Roy, due an argument over her increased shifts. He offers to have her stay with him and then suggests going away for a little vacation.

So now she’s working at the Rover’s, alongside Michelle, whose boyfriend she slept with and will be living with Jason, the boyfriend on whom she cheated with Steve. Huh.

Meanwhile, Ken talks to Roy, telling them that sometimes in a parent child relationship, things are said that hurt, but are not meant. Things that one might say on New Year’s Eve like, “I don’t want you, Tracey. It’s Deirdre I want!”

Becky does eventually patch things up with Roy but they agree that they shouldn’t live and work together (actually, I think just living together was what did it). He tells her to take care of herself and she promises she will.

Is That All You Get For Your Money?

If you have a property that Tony Gordon wants to buy, then the drinks are on him at the Rovers. Except if your name is Doris, as you’ll make rueful comments about needing a long spoon to sup with the Devil. Tony sees Kevin and asks if he’s considered his offer. Kevin says that he likes being close to home, his customers, etc and has no intentions of trading up to a bigger place. Tony says a bigger place would mean more money but Kevin counters that more money means more work and he’s plenty busy as it is.

Tony later tells Carla that it’s all a front to get a better offer as he can’t believe how anyone would be content with what they have when there is always more to get. Then he goes all Stefano DiMera and suggests he’ll be a little more persuasive with his next offer.

“The garage will be mine,” He might as well be saying as he draws his black leather glove into a tight fist. “Oh yes, it will be mine.”

Who Needs a House Out in Hackensack?

Sean skips work to go apartment hunting with Marcus. Little does he know that Tony Gordon has his one good eye on him. Tony asks Kelly where he’s gone and she covers for him, saying that he wasn’t feeling well.

“Time of the month?” he asks.

“Yeah, that’s homophobic,” Kelly replies, not to mention sexist.

“Ooh, that’s a very big word for you, Kelly,” says Tony, all condescending-like. “How about another word: mendacity? It means lying.”

If you want to make viewers hate a character, make him a bigot.

Sean later returns to Eileen’s to inform her that he and Marcus are moving out to a crappy apartment, which is all they can afford on Sean’s salary as Marcus quit his job. I wonder what they’ll afford on Sean’s annual salary of $0 when Tony Gordon shitcans his ass?

And It Seems Such A Waste Of Time If That’s What It’s All About

Roger and Roy convince Ken to go to his university reunion, even if he is a major loser because some of his classmates may be bigger losers than him, not that he would look down his nose at them or anything, oh no.

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Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.
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26 Responses to Update for Tuesday, April 21, 2009. Good Luck Movin’ Up ‘Cause I’m Movin’ Out

  1. Gayle says:

    Brilliant update John! As much as I like Sean, who walks out of work without saying a word to their supervisor to look at an apartment? Tony will fire Sean in a heartbeat.

    Becky needs to dial it down she is going way over the top and really starting to get on my nerves. The girl needs serious counselling.

  2. haili says:

    Workers on Corrie get away with all kinds of things unknown to workers here: lots of cigarette breaks, snogging in the street, sitting on counters, taking toast off customers’ plates, vacations every few weeks and just taking off without asking. I imagine Sean is in for a shock. Tony doesn’t seem to understand the rules of Corrie employment – which are no rules at all. And if you sleep with the boss – you get to be a boss and do nothing most of the time.

  3. TrudyC says:

    Did it never occur to Jason to ask Eileen prior to inviting Becky to stay there?

    I’m off to England on Saturday and will absoutely watch the episodes there – but my lips will be sealed.

    Away for 3 weeks, so I’ll have to catch the recaps here for the episodes I miss.

  4. Debbie says:

    Why can’t Sean go apartment hunting on the weekend or after work like everyone else?

    I wonder how much the people at the factory make? Also, Sean as two jobs. He has got to be pulling down enough to rent a real apartment.

    • John says:

      I forgot Sean still worked at the Rovers as he’s hardly ever there these days. Maybe if he loses the factory job, he can pick up some double shifts at the Rovers, given that half the staff has quit.

  5. corrierules says:

    OK — what’s up with Ken and the preppy look with the sweater tied around his neck?!? It looks very silly and it’s been going on for days now. Is it because his university reunion is coming up and he wants to relive his glory days though his clothes? Ken is a fine figure of a man and quite handsome but that look is not.flattering.at.all.

    I can be silent no longer. 🙂

  6. beanie says:

    LOL Corrierules the sweater thinks is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!

  7. John says:

    I assume the sweater is in case his gets a chill but it’s July…so, I dunno, maybe he has a yacht that he needs to be on later.

  8. beanie says:

    What time was this episode on yesterday? My PVR/DVR didn’t pick it up!

  9. John says:


    It aired at 3:30pm, I’m pretty sure across Canada, as this is the new daily time slot for the duration of the NHL playoffs.

    DVR’s are odd things, though. I find I have to double check the scheduled recordings sometimes as some of my shows will just mysteriously vanish and I have to reset them.

  10. papasmurf1964 says:

    Harry has been wearing swetaers the same way – maybe that’s where Ken is getting his fashion cues these days

  11. Frank says:

    Corrie is still airing at its regular 7:00
    time slot in Atlantic Canada. This is the first time CBC has done this during the playoffs. It appears CBC is developing some flexability, which is very much appreciated.

  12. missusmac says:

    I think Ken is practicing his university-educated cafe waiter look…

    WHAT could possibly be cheaper than living with Eileen? WHAT?

    I had to look up cheese toast. Am I right in thinking it’s broiled cheddar on toast?

  13. beanie says:

    Thanks John, Of course the one day I was out all day! I’ll catch up Sunday. I appreciate CBC making an effort for Corrie fans and I like the convenience of a DVR but I guess I’m still old school at heart. It’s funny how you arrange your day around that 1/2 hour.I’m still trying to get used to watching an hour later. With Bell satellite it was on in every timezone so we always watched the Atlantic at 6pm. Since switching to cable it’s now 7pm. Crazy but I am at loose ends for that hour LOL

  14. Modge says:

    I’m finding that I get a lot more accomplished in the evenings now that my entire schedule doesn’t revolve around that 7:00-7:30 timeslot. We PVR it every evening (the Mr. works afternoons) at 7:00 but I still watch it then. Now I can sit down with dinner or a narse cuppatea and watch as soon as I get home from work. I loved Bell satellite, not only could I watch the Street early, but I could watch The Tudors, which is on after my bedtime.
    Trudy C, have a great time on your vacation …we’re heading to London on June 18th and I can’t wait.

  15. kunzie says:

    Agreed – no mater how crappy a day I’m having…there’s always that wonderful 1/2 hour Corrie time :).
    I am enjoying Becky’s evolution from street-waif to permanent resident…I find her very watchable.
    I’d love to see Sean and Marcus set up house. I find Marcus a very believable, realistic character that gives Sean dimension.
    I found that I don’t want Vern to go. I’m not sure why LOL!!!!!!
    As to the Amy questions…yes, unrealistic – way more logistics should be shown around juggling the care of the small kids.

  16. corrierules says:

    Papasmurf, when Harry does does the preppy sweater thing, it looks suave and very GQ (like his velvet collars). But when when Ken does it, it seems rather incongruous. (Unless of course, John is right– that after his shift at Roy’s Rolls, Ken puts on his topsiders and takes the yacht out for a spin..)


  17. joy says:

    I’m liking Ken’s sweater look. It trims down his silhouette by breaking it up.

    I think that the actres who plays Becky is doing a wonderful job. It would be easy to play her as a caricature but she is showing her conflicting emotions.

  18. missusmac says:

    Meant to mention that Norris has a few good points in his argument with Rita. Her decision does impact him, yet she didn’t discuss it with him and acts as though he has no claim on her.

    In truth, he bought into the business, and like he said, he never got a shot at first refusal or any business plan. He is her partner, and should be treated as such.

  19. missusmac says:

    Oh, and I think Kevin is telling it exactly as he sees it. For a man with a wife that’s a shrew, and daughter who is a skank, and another daughter who is smarter than all three put together, he’s a pretty content guy!

    Tony won’t stand a chance until Sal finds out there’s money to be made.

  20. beanie says:

    I could understand bringing a sweater for that long 100 ft walk home but swishing around the Caff with it on is od.

  21. haili says:

    Give Ken a break! He has to live with Blanche and put up with Dierdre blaming him when anything goes wrong. If he wants to wear a sweater around his neck he should just do it and to hell with what other people think! I imagine he thinks it’s slimming as he has got a tad portly in his old age.

  22. Vancouvercorrie says:

    I have to say that I haven’t watched an episode in ages due to the time schedule here in Vancouver (go ‘Nucks!). I don’t feel like I’m missing anything though, thanks to these marvellous updates and hilarious commentary. Thanks all!

  23. Bea says:

    Thanx to all the writers who keep this site up. I really love it, and I usually just lurk. I am happy to hear so many people going to London for trips. I will be going there in Sept, and I can’t wait.
    Also, I have to agree with missusmac. It’s nice that Rita gets to retire with some cash, but I feel for Norris. Rita is’nt being fair to him.

  24. cheeky grrl says:

    Corrierules – I know!! What IS with Ken’s jaunty dockside ensemble??

    And did he borrow Maria’s faux baby bump, too? He looks like a walking letter “P” on screen.

    But great hair! Still!

  25. papasmurf1964 says:

    The smurfman is going to England as well this July to get his fill of kebabs and beer

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