Monday April 27th 2009 – The More Dev, Please Update

UK Time Friday July 11th 2008 – Episode I


Sally and Kevin wondered why this book was on Rosies night stand.

Sally and Kevin wondered why this book was on Rosie's night stand.


The show opens in the factory. It looks to me like Underworld was named in anticipation of Tony Gordon and Carla Connor. Carla is checking in with Rosie on her “errand” from yesterday. It would be nice if Carla would just come clean and say “Rosie, are you sure you are OK with us manipulating you to cause the downfall of your father’s business? Do you promise not to tell?” If the verdict was out on Carla for some of you, this bit should really stand as conclusive evidence of her character. Do your own dirty work, Seabiscuit.

A bit later outside the factory some old friend of Tony drives up and the two have a strange greeting. It was like they had met in sing sing but don’t want to talk about it. Carla canters up to meet Jimmy Dockerson and they all acknowledge that he will soon be up to no good. Jimmy likes the look of Carla and Tony reaches out and strangles him to death tells him to put his eyes back in his head.

After they eat, I guess, Tony drops his car off at the garage telling Kevin that the car needs looking at as the engine has been playing up. There is obviously nothing wrong with the car but Tony’s henchman had to meet him.

Inside the factory Janice believes that something is up and s very curious about what is happening. All the women in the factory are curious and when Sally asks Rosie (who’s stylist needs to be fired) about it, Rosie lies to her face. I think Rosie was manipulated, but I also think she is devious and has taken Sally’s social climbing nature to the ultimate conclusion.

After tony meets with Jimmy, he comes back into the factory for a useless confrontation with Carla that kind of goes nowhere and they have for no reason.

Norris is still all a jingle jangle due to the whole Tony Gordon Vs The Kabin fight. He sees Tony and Dev have a brief exchange in the street. Basically Tony was a jerk to Dev. For some reason Dev doesn’t react to this they way I thought he would.

Later in the pub Dev and Norris have a conversation about Tony’s Street shopping spree. Norris doesn’t trust him and Dev thinks Norris is overreacting. Norris says that although they are competitors, the little guys have to band together. Someone needs to remind Norris and Tony that dev has 7 shops (I could be mixing him with The Jeffersons) and makes enough money to support countless children who’s mothers are running his small empire across the Greater Manchester area.

Steve came back after what seemed like a six week Spanish sojurn. Lloyd is kind of freaking due t the whole proposal lie, a lie that didn’t really provide an explanation for why Steve didn’t come home that night.

Later Becky and Lloyd are chatting and Lloyd tells her that he is really nervous for Steve’s return because he hasn’t been able to tell Steve about the web of lie he has ensnared Michelle in.

Michelle, meanwhile, is going mad with anticipation. Who can blame her? Once Steve does get back, he doesn’t look overjoyed to be there or to see Michelle. When Michelle asks Steve about his vacation he is almost as animated as Amy who was catatonic.

Then, Steve basically takes the first excuse available to get the hell out of there.  But, before he goes, Becky strolls in ready to start her shift.


In Other News

Deirdre heads off to see Tracey and is depressed by it. Ken hasn’t gone to see Tracey. I mean, it’s not like the woman is in the hospital with a kidney transplant. Oh right…

Clarissa is still doing her best to spend Harry’s money. There must be some really arcane divorce laws in England. Lloyd continues to drive her around.

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2 Responses to Monday April 27th 2009 – The More Dev, Please Update

  1. haili says:

    Good update debbie!

    It seems that Amy is alive and well and hasn’t been kidnapped by aliens. Maybe Michelle gave her sleeping pills every day.

    Can anyone really blame Ken for not wanting to see Tracy? I guess Blanche and Dierdre do; and for causing anything that went wrong with her.

    Carla continues to be a self-centered amoral cow.

  2. Jody says:

    Can anybody explain what is going on with Becky’s hair. It looks like some kind of storage for her fags or something.

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