Update for April 30 & May 1, 2009. The Very Late Update.

Indecent Proposal

After a talk with Eileen, Lloyd decides to set Michelle straight. Little does he know that Steve is celebrating his smoking-shelter-no-ring proposal with everyone on the street. By the time, Lloyd does tell Michelle what happened (leaving out the minor detail of his indescretion with Becky), Michelle does not take it well. 

She keeps this news to herself as they go ring shopping to the place Steve claims he was buying the bling. He fails to convince the clerk that he put one on order. Wanting to make Steve suffer some more, Michelle spies a £7500 rock in the display case: “Ooooh, Steve. This one’s PERFECT!” she says, and I have to give Kym Marsh props for making that line so funny.

So Steve buys the ring, takes her back to the Rovers and makes his proposings in the back room, on one knee. Despite being a step up from the smoker’s shelter, Michelle tells him that Lloyd told her everything and that she wouldn’t marry ‘im if ‘e were the last fella on earth!

In Other News

Newly unemployed Ken is now seeing plays with Ted. Blanche reckons he’ll be using moisturiser next. It’s a slippery slope.

Vern is helping Roy with the café and keeping Dev company on the golf course.

Molly relates a comment from Dev regarding her marital status to Jack and Tyrone. Jack translate this for Tyrone: “She wants you to propose, son.” To help him, he gives him Vera’s engagement ring. He also recalls his own proposal to his late little swamp duck: on the back of a city bus with Jack romantically saying, “Well, you’re up the duff now. We might as well get married.” 

At Dev’s advice, Ty books a table at the La La Lounge. 

Molly’s Auntie Pam shows up selling ham at the Rovers. She decides to stop with Molly in her newly purchased non-council house. 

Rosie asks Tony to give Sean his job back. The Websters are planning a holiday to Majorca. Kevin butted heads again with Tony, this time over a n0 parking sign in front of the garage.

Tony invites Rita to show her one of the Victoria street condos, suggesting she could buy one of these with the money from the sale of her shop. She’s worried that she’s being seen as siding with Tony, who is getting on the bad side of a lot of her friends. Tony, again, who knows exactly how to talk to specific people tells her that he’s not the bad guy here. He’s offering Kevin the biggest bonus ever but he’s just not interested.

I have to say the episodes over the past week have been stellar with a lot of laugh out of loud moments. I hope they keep it up.

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10 Responses to Update for April 30 & May 1, 2009. The Very Late Update.

  1. Mandy says:

    After the update being that late… what can I say? I was expecting more.

    • lovethestreet says:

      Wow — the people who write these updates generally make me smile (or even laugh out loud). Unless they are on your payroll for writing services, I can’t believe you are grumbling…

      • Mandy says:

        Well, we’re all entitled to an opinion. Whether you classify it as believable or not, doesn’t really matter to anyone but you.

      • missusmac says:

        I think the point was that these wonderfully witty updates are written by volunteers — for free — in their spare time.

        So we`re very, very lucky to have the updates to look forward to and chuckle over. I would love to see them every day, several times a day, but hey — life gets in the way.

    • antik says:

      looks like i wasn’t the only one who was jones’n

    • beanie says:

      Did you mistake this site for Corrie Facebook? We love and appreciate our wonderful updaters here and enjoy each other’s comments.

  2. missusmac says:

    Excellent, thank you! I loved Blanche`s pronouncing HOMO-ssssexual that way about Ted. Just vintage Blanche. Also loved Jack`s delivery of his proposal memory with Vera. Stellar!

    Poor Ken, he really doesn`t seem to fit anywhere right now, does he.

    Vern is an interesting sidekick to Roy. I can`t wait to see how this dynamic duo works together.

    Tony seems to have everyone`s number, but Rita`s been around the block about 97 times herself, so she isn`t as fuzzy and nice an old lady as he might think. Looks like the penny is starting to drop for her.

    Not sure about Molly`s aunt as an addition. I`m on the fence about her.

    • Bea says:

      I am looking forward to seeing the byplay between Roy and Vern. Imo, Vern has really grown a personality lately. I mean you want to hate him, but you just can’t.
      I hope Rita can hold her own against Tony. He thinks she is a little old lady he can push around with flattery and fast talk. I think he hopes to purchase her business and flat, and sell her one of his luxury condos, and have her end up owing him money instead of the other way around.
      ps. I also want to say thanx very much to the volunteers who do the updating. ;o)

  3. haili says:

    I must have missed something re. Molly’s aunt. She just sort of appeared out of the blue and there she was at the table talking to Jack. Was she ever introduced or mentioned earlier? Maybe it was on Sunday or I must have blinked when she first appeared.

    I enjoyed the golf game, but the few times I’ve played, there would have been impatient golfers behind anyone that slow, wanting to play through. Vern was right – it sure wasn’t rock’n’roll!

    Loved Jack’s story of his proposal to Vera but wished Tyrone would get on with it. Why the nerves when you know someone that well? Molly looked beautiful.

    Michelle was miserable as usual. Steve was a wimp; likeable, but still a wimp.

  4. Gayle says:

    Missusmac and Haili: I agree with you regardng the Aunt. She all of a sudden turned up in the pub selling (what I assumed was stolen merchandise) the way that Sean ordered her out.
    I haven’t made my mind up yet.

    John, I sincerely appreciate you and all of the other volunteers who do the updates. It must be hard to do, especially when the show times have been changed. Cheers!

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