Update for Wednesday May 6: Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away


Can’t Stand Losin’ You


Steve is sleeping in the cab office when Eileen wakes him. Lloyd comes in with coffee and buns. Steve shakes himself conscious, still wearing the stinky, mingin’ shirt from dumpster diving. He mumbles that he has to get round to the pub immediately, as he has a plan. It’s 7:30 a.m.


Steve enters the pub. Michelle, with clean hair and perfect makeup is wearing a slinky black & silver top. Obviously she is not one of these women, like myself who sports grubby sweats at the first sign of heartbreak. Steve has come to talk, calmly and reasonably, he says. They can’t give each other much space as they live & work together, but Steve suggests keeping up appearances for Amy’s sake. He wants to play happy families. Michelle just doesn’t believe that Steve slept on some bird’s settee. Steve accuses her of having a vivid imagination. 


At breakfast, Steve says Amy will eat all her brekky if Michelle sits wit them. 




At the Battersby-Brown residence, Kirk, Julie and Fiz are having a secret chat about what to do for Chesney’s birthday. They want it to be super-special. When asked what a 13-year-old would like, Kirk suggests paintball, which I thought was bang-on, but Fiz & Julie put the kaibosh on it.  Fiz’s mobile rings – she’s been getting calls from a caller who just hangs up. Julie speculates it’s probably either a salesperson or a perv.


As Fiz leaves the house for work, she  notices a dark blue Audi driving down the street.

Fiz confides to her co-workers that she is being harassed. Janis thinks it’s a secret admirer.  Maybe hot Neil, the driver for Carter’s. Sean opines that hot Neil is gay anyway. As Carla needs help unloading, Janis and Sean race to the back, to confirm one theory or the other.


Later, Fiz exits Alahans with some milk and the scary blue Audi is parked there. And it’s not Ryan’s dad.


Back at work, Fiz answers her phone and loses patience, saying she’ll rip the caller’s head off if they don’t say something. A voice speaks: It’s John Stape, shagger of the student body.


Stape reveals it was him calling and following Fiz in the blue Audi. He says he’s been too chicken to talk to her. He says he’s been pathetic; she agrees. Fiz tells Stape not to ring her ever again. She lies to her mates and says it was salesperson.


Fiz is going home when Stape emerges from his car and cuts her off. She tells him to feck off, move on, get out of her life. He says he tried to forget her but he can’t. He says it took alot of courage to finally come and see her or even to call her. He had hoped that she’d hear him out.


Stape assumes Fiz is back with Kirk; she says not. He is syrupy and sweet, wanting to know how Chesney is, and saying he misses teaching. He even asks if Fiz is seeing anyone. He informs her that he is single. He still loves Fiz and says he can make her happy. He continues to verbally badger her until her expression softens. 


Mother, Mother


At the Morton’s the gang teases Jerry because he can’t remember if he’s taken his tablets. Mel wants a word with Teresa….apparently Jerry does, too. Teresa figures she’s getting her marching orders again. She humphs upstairs to pack. 


Teresa has come downstairs with what turns out to be an empty suitcase, putting on an act of leaving. The family forces her to sit down and talk. Jerry says no one is throwing anyone out, but gently suggests she should start looking for a place of her own. She saucily says that sure, she’ll get  a 7-room mansion. Mel informs her that Gary, her abusive ex, is in jail. 


Teresa wants to know why Mel rummaged through her police records. Mel admits she thought Teresa was making the domestic violence it up; she feels badly to have learned it was true.


Mel comes into the kebab shop later in the day. She wants to go on holiday and asks Jerry if he can cope. He says to go ahead, with his blessing. When she leaves, Jerry experiences some dizziness suddenly.


Teresa pops into the kebab shop. They discuss exactly how she’ll support herself. Jerry suggests that – wait for it – she get a job. She apparently can’t work, due to ill health. She says she couldn’t survive anyway, on what the jobs she’s qualified for pay. Jerry has another dizzy spell.


In Other News…


Gail’s place is a tip, and David & Tina are lounging on the couch and making no attempt to tidy it. Gai is due home shortly. Tina points out if the place is neat as a pin, she’ll suspect something. Ted, Tina and David have actually painted and re-papered the stairwell walls and, because the plant sticks out like a sore thumb, they decide to buy it some plant brothers and sisters. 


Gail returns from Milan with a big smile and a fetching new haircut. She enters the house, immediately suspicious of the redecorating job, and not particularly delighted.


Lloyd and Eileen interview potential new cabbies. The first one is emotionally void and kinda creepy. 






About t. kunzie

Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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6 Responses to Update for Wednesday May 6: Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

  1. Yanyan says:

    Kunzie, awesome update as always & stellar 80s musical references. I heart Motley Crue.

  2. haili says:

    I wanted to yell at Steve to shower and change his shirt like a normal person. Boy is he henpecked! He really is a liar and a manipulator though, using Amy to try to get around Michelle.

    The Rovers is Amy’s home too and Liz is usually there as backup for Steve, so it would be more appropriate for Michelle to take Ryan and go to uncle Liam’s or aunt Carla’s – if Ryan is still around.

  3. Joy says:

    I find it hard to believe that Michelle would continue to work at the Rovers’ after breaking up with Steve.

    • chumola says:

      I don’t find it hard to believe, the way things have been going on the show lately! Time for Michelle to move out – right out of the show.

  4. missusmac says:

    Yep, that`s a plot with more holes than Blanche`s net curtains. Why would Michelle feel she has the right to continue to live there, let alone work there? Weird.

    I thought Fizz looked lovely, not sure if her hair was different, or her makeup, but she looked fab. I was very surprised to see John back. Wow, this could be a great plot! Hit èm again, Kev!

    • Bea says:

      I think he probably will (hit him again), it’s only a matter of time. John Stape is so creepy. I just love to hate him. I wonder which under age girl he will be after next?

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