Monday May 11th – The Update

UK Time – Friday July 25th 2008 – Episode I

The street is on Stape alert. Well, the Websters and Battersby –Browns are on Stape alert. Kevin is nervous that Rosie will run into him and Rosie is confident that she will be able to handle herself if she sees him. I’m sure she’ll be fine, Kevin.

She does an awesome job of handling it later when she discovers that Stape is the cabbie Streetcars sent over to drive her to Tony’s offices.  When Kevin sees the two of them talking Stape has to put the pedal to the metal to get out of there.

Meanwhile our Chesney is having a cracking birthday. He got a telescope from Roy – neat, billiard balls from Kirk and Julie – interesting, and a computer game from Fiz that is big on education yet small on fun – he may learn to love it.  Chesney thinks that Cilla has totally forgotten his birthday until a brand new bike is delivered – AWESOME!

A bit later in the day Chesney is riding his when John Stape strolls down the street saying happy birthday. John compliments Chesney’s form on the bike and then comments that he worried that Chesney may have some trouble with it. The bike is from Stape – creepy. Chesney drops the bike like it’s hot and leaves it in the street.

Fiz finds the bike in the street and wheels it home. Inside Chesney tells her that Stape bought the bike and Fiz is angry.  Poor Chesney. Some creep got him a birthday present. That is bad enough, but his mother did forget his birthday. The issues that guy will have when he is 30 will be epic.

This is the Egg Jack used to propose to Vera

This is the Egg Jack used to propose to Vera

I just want to get something off my chest. I would say yes to Tyrone Dobbs if he proposed to me at a bus shelter in a rainstorm. So would Molly. I am sure Jack, Pam and our Vera, God rest her know that. However, Pam suggests that Tyrone ask her with the help of a talking, bedazzled, Easter egg. Tyrone goes for it.

After getting on Kevin’s last nerve in the garage, Tyrone practices the proposal at home with the “help” of Pam and Jack. The egg is engaged and Tyrone is good to go. Naturally he heads to the pub where he shall wait for his beloved.  Thankfully Kirk and Julie are there who take a moment to play with the egg.
Once Molly arrives Tyrone spends a painful few minutes trying to get her attention so he can slip the proposal in all smooth and romantic like. Do dice. He manages to get on is knees but when he opens the egg which says, “where do you put the batteries” (or something). Tyrone takes off in embarrassment. Molly stands gobsmacked.

In Other News

David is getting suspicious of Tina’s internet usage. Darryl tries to talk him in from the ledge.

Bill and Roger plan a bromantic weekend away together only to have Audrey decide that she would like to join.

Since Liz is back Harry tries to mend some fences. Perhps the flirting can start next week.

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3 Responses to Monday May 11th – The Update

  1. haili says:

    I hate those public proposals – maybe it’s just me – but I can’t see the romance in making a public scene – but this is Corrie and everything must take place with an audience. Tyrone really does need a rocket or something. I just hope when and if those two get married, the writers don’t make them have affairs.

    John is getting creepier all the time and it seems he won’t take no for an answer.

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    Every time I see Tyrone I’m reminded of the Scottish slang expression “sumph”, which means, more or less, “blockhead” or, another great expression,”gormless”!

  3. missusmac says:

    Ok, Stape stalking Fizz is one thing: she has friends and support and is a pretty down-to-earth girl who would be a fiend if you really made her angry. She probably would
    call the police.
    Stalking Ches is just downright creeeeepy. The poor kid, like there isn’t enough dysfunction in his life???

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