Update for Tuesday, May 12, 2009. When a Man Loves a Woman

The Proposal

We begin in the Rovers where Molly has put two and two together and realizes that Tyrone is going to propose to her. Jack, Pam, and Kirk all confirm this so plans are made to arrange it that Tyrone can propose properly and, as we’ll see, quite publicly. This is Corrie. You might as well bring everyone else in on your most intimate moments. They’re all going to find out anyway.

Kirk and Jack find Tyrone on a bridge, licking his wounds over his disastrous attempt to propose. Kirk, of course, thinks Ty is going to jump. They take him back to his house but Molly and Pam are there, causing Jack to exclaim, “FLAMING NORA!”, so they steer him back to the Rovers where Jack tries to keep him drinking but not too much drinking.

All the while, Ty thinks Molly probably doesn’t want to marry him anymore but Jack and Kirk set him straight. Eventually, Pam has arranged everything so they bring Ty out of the Rovers and onto the street where he sees Molly, all scrubbed up nice, sitting at a bistro set next to a chippy wagon, all decorated up.

“Who needs fancy restaurants, eh?” she asks him, reminding us of the fact that they fell in love in a chippy (that burned down and had to be driven into a lake). It’s not the original chippy. That one was kept by the ducks.

As just about everyone looks on, Tyrone brings out his Fauxbergé egg and opens it to play his recording of “Will you marry meh?”

Molly brings out an egg of her own and opens it to reveal her recording: “Of course I will you big nana!”

Auntie Pam puts on Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” (thank goodness she had the decency and good taste to avoid Michael Bolton). Tyrone puts on a ring on Molly’s finger and they embrace. Everyone goes, “awwww!” And the episode ends with a Percy Sledge-inspired montage:

Vern looks at Liz with longing. Fizz looks on at the happy couple, still glad to see there is true love in this world (and forgetting that Molly and she were once sworn enemies). John Stape drives by in his cab, looking at Fizz.

And Jack appears to have something in both his eyes.

Meanwhile in the Valley of the Kings

Clarissa, in the middle of her hot/cold/yes/no/in/out/up/down/wrong/right/fight/break-up/kiss/make-up routine with Harry, is hurling insults at Liz, referring to her as mutton dressed as lamb, and the Valley of the Kings.

Harry calls her classless so he gets a drink in his face. Eventually they head back to the door to his flat when she suddenly appears to want to sleep with him…until she goes after him about Liz, whom he swears he is not sleeping with.

Fizz tells John to scram, despite his “poor me” protestations. Also, Chesney got a return ticket to Las Vegas and a 10% off coupon at the Mustang Ranch for his birthday from Cilla so she remembered after all. But he doesn’t want to go with Stape hanging about. Besides there are hours of video game fun with “Cotton Baron”, a game hailed by G4TV as “not quite as fun as Railroad Tycoon”. Fizz insists that she’s fine and he should go.

Guess who’s coming on the bromantic weekend in France with Bill, Roger, and Audrey? Janice Battersby. So…separate cottages then.


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16 Responses to Update for Tuesday, May 12, 2009. When a Man Loves a Woman

  1. haili says:

    Was there ever a more romantic song?! It really was an awww moment. I’d forgotten about them meeting in a chip van and driving it into the lake.

    I’ve been liking Vernon a lot more lately since he and Liz split up and enjoyed the scene when he came into the Rovers just to get it over with and break the ice with Liz. It was a nice little speach about being friends but moving on.

    No good will come of this trip to Europe. Janice and Audrey together won’t make for happy traveling.

    The word “gormless” is a perfect description for both Kirk and Tyrone.

  2. antik says:

    I’m thinking.. the extravaganza that was Tyrone’s proposal.. the length of time they took setting it up.. nearly every character on the street being on hand to witness the happy event .. may suggest Ty and Molly are going to be with us for the long haul.. another Jack and Vera.. Stan and Hilda.. they’re such great characters.. I think I’m going to love Auntie-Pam too.. (btw.. “Fauxberge” .. hilarious !! .. )

    As for John Stape.. where the hell does he get off.. with his.. “all I want” .. and “all I ask” (is for a second chance) .. like he has any right to ask anything..

  3. Gayle says:

    What is the point of the Clarissa character? Her snotty remarks about Liz were very cruel. In my opinion Liz is much more attractive and has a better personality than Clarissa. I am so happy for Tyrone and Molly may they live happily ever after!

    • Bea says:

      I agree about Clarissa. She could have just as well have been an off screen character who is referred to but never seen. I don’t like her acting. It seems like she is trying too hard or something.

      I am so happy for Ty and Molly. I think they are such a cute couple. Hope they have some babies and rule the street for ever.

      I wonder if Jack and auntie Pam will get it on? Just a thought. Maybe I’m crazy.

      • missusmac says:

        Ewww! Ewww! Bea, now I will have to wash my eyes out with soap! LOL!

        I think of Pam and Jack as a Laurel and Hardy act, funny friends, chalk and cheese. Pam seems all right, so far. I’m still a bit on the fence about her.

      • Modge says:

        I don’t think Jack and Auntie Pam will get together – she was brought in too soon after the demise of Jack’s “Marzipan-clawed Wolverine”, which was my favourite name he’d ever called Vera. Not sure yet why she was brought in, maybe the reason will become clear later on. Maybe the writers just thought Molly needed a relative around.

        In agreement about that Creepy Clarissa – she doesn’t seem to be the type that Harry would have gone for. Notice the resemblance between her and Jerry’s ex, the Terrible Theresa? They’re almost interchangeable.

  4. Barbie says:

    I like Auntie Pam, I’ve been wondering since she first showed up if she was brought in for Jack, hope so.
    Speaking of Jack, I think I fell in love with him in this episode. He may be an old guy, but a heart. I teared up with him.

    • chumola says:

      I agree! I just love Jack, a really lovable old rogue indeed. It would be nice for him to have a companion. The Pam character is really rich, unlike some of the other characters they have introduced lately (e.g. Clarissa).

  5. Laurie says:

    I have never posted a comment before but I had to say that I just loved the last scene in this episode. That scene alone is why I watch Coronation Street! The Percy Sledge song playing, Vernon looking at Liz with bittersweet acknowledgement and Liz realizing that he really does love her and she’ll not find another like him, the thick but lovable Tyrone and the lovely Molly, Fizz in her sadness reeling from the blows of the scumbag John invading her life again, and Jack’s tears—of course Jack!!—all of it done without a word spoken. Absolute perfection.

  6. beanie says:

    What did the Valley of the Kings reference mean? Liz is ancient? Or describing her boobs?

  7. missusmac says:

    I think she’s suggesting Liz is kind of well-preserved. 🙂 i.e. mummy-like

  8. haili says:

    I finally got that the mint sauce was for Liz – mutton dressed as lamb but completely missed the Valley of the Kings mummy reference. Clarissa looks just as old as Liz IMO; she just dresses better for her age.

    I agree: Clarissa and Theresa are interchangeable. Maybe Harry and kabob guy should just trade wives!

    • beanie says:

      I missed the mint sauce reference. LOL Good thing we have our amazing updaters and each other, sometimes the writers are too quick for us!

  9. corrierules says:

    This has been a wonderful week for Corrie — tears, laughs and a slimy villain (John Stape) on the scene. I agree, Clarissa is not fun to watch. The actress thinks she’s coming across as fiery and spunky — when in fact she’s just rude and annoying and not in the the good, time-honored Corrie Way. She has all the affected and ridiculous mannerisms of Lauren. It’s hard to play “in-your-face” but someone like Becky or even Janice pull it off. Clarissa….not so much.

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