Update for Wednesday, May 13th:The Blue Update

Corrie friends, I’ve been popping blue Advils this past week to keep an earache / toothache at bay. So in the spirit of all things blue in this episode, I present the following recap, courtesy of

The Chief Blue Meanie

The Chief Blue Meanie

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Jack, Molly & Tyrone are having a meal at home. Flush with excitement and happiness, they ask Jack to pass items back-and-forth to, respectively, “my fiancé/fiancée”. Jack charmingly plays along. The happy pair say that they love being engaged. Molly promises to be careful with Vera’s ring. Jack says it spent more time in a pawn shop than on his swamp duck’s finger, and Vi would have loved organizing the upcoming nupitals. Jack says he wants to chip in for the wedding, but Molly and Tyrone will have none of it. Apparently they are planning a “cheap and cheerful” wedding – “I-do’s, buffet, DJ, honeymoon”.

In Dev’s later, Auntie Pam, Molly & Eileen pore over wedding magazines. Pam refuses to entertain Molly’s request for ‘cheap and cheerful’. She wants their wedding to be magnificent.

Over a drink at Rovers, Eileen and Pam chat at the bar with Tyrone, Lloyd and Jack while Michelle and Molly sit nearby, looking at dream dresses, etc. The older folk hint to Tyrone that when Molly asks for a no-fuss wedding, she really means she wants fuss. Tyrone, bless him, doesn’t care one way or another – as long as Molly is happy.

Blue Balls

Harry, dapper in pink, waylays Liz on the way to work and chats her up. As they talk, Harry notices Clarissa emerging from a taxi. He asks Liz on an afternoon jaunt, but Liz says she can’t just walk out of the pub. “Control-freakery, very sexy,” Harry purrs. (ed: Dude, if ya like that, I can do that and throw in crabby, paranoid and OCD with my guest towels) Harry suggests a picnic with chilled rosé. Liz eventually caves in and agrees.

Clarissa walks into the Caf looking for Lloyd. She needs a lift to the supermarket; Lloyd offers to drop her there for free on his way to a fare. Later, she passes time at the bookies having tea with Leanne. She wants to know where Harry is; Leanne hasn’t a clue. Leanne wants to know why Clarissa still calls Harry her ‘old man’.  “Because he is,” she replies. She want Leanne to give her the keys to the flat so she can go prepare Harry a nice meal. Leanne is hesitant, but hands them over. Clarissa seems to have an end-game in mind with Harry other than divorce. 

Harry and Liz arrive back from the countryside, and Liz has gotten some sun on her face and freckles. Harry wants to kiss her and suggests rather seedily: “I press a button, seat goes down, good-night snog.” Liz is not swept up in a torrent of passion by this suggestion but takes Harry up on his offer of a drink upstairs.

Harry gets Liz into his flat, kissing and cooing, and somehow manages to hoist her onto the kitchen counter amidst much snogging and man-sighs. He calls her gorgeous and a man’s woman. At that moment, Clarissa emerges from the bedroom, in a smart black dress. “Wives,” she says, “popping up when you least expect them.”

“Six weeks and counting,” Liz retorts. Clarissa seems impervious to the make-out session and Liz’s insult. She has cooked too much dinner, she says, and offers Liz take-away…in a doggie  bag.

Blue Hair and Blue Literature


Apparently saucy, refreshing fare...

Blanche sits at the Barlows’ dining table with Ken, who is immersed in Tales of The City, a collection of stories by Armistad Maupin. For a wee primer on this culturally-significant gay writer, check out:


A short book review is at:


I admit my curiosity about this series of books has been….aroused.

Blanche, feeling snubbed by Ken’s silence, complains of being ignored. Ken praises Maupin’s “evocative city-scapes”. Blanche wants Ken to take the trash out, complaining she is downwind of yesterday’s cabbage.

Later Blanche, now alone, is reading Ken’s Maupin novel when the phone rings. The caller is Ted, who wants to meet Ken in the Midland Hotel lobby at half-past so they can attend an art auction. Blanche takes down this information, shaken by what she assumes is a dalliance. Deirdre comes home, prattling about her errands. Blanche wordlessly hands Deirdre the note as she sits down. “Bold as brass, ringing the marital home,” Blanche bemoans. Deirdre is not catching Blanche’s drift.

Eventually coming to understand the source of Blanche’s distress, Deirdre is in hysterical laughter and can hardly snort the brandy Blanche has given her. “Mom, Ken is not gay,” she hoots. Blanche unloads a boatload of evidence…the jaunty jumper from the reunion, the fact that he drinks camomile tea to knock himself senseless before Deirdre comes to the marital bed. And of course the cheeky new novel.

Deirdre begins the ironing as Ken enters, praising Rita’s fabulous skin. “Your boyfriend phoned,” Blanche says flatly. Blanche interrogates Ken, claiming he has been outed by his jumper, his boyfriend and his book, best stowed in a brown paper bag. “An assignation” she says derisively, “you’ll like that, plenty of syllables.” Ken returns that her low level homophobia is pathetic. “I have nothing against the gays Kenneth, I just don’t want to have my daughter married to one.” Blanche tells him.

Deirdre chimes in that Ken isn’t Ted’s type anyway. Ken is very offended by this.

“Smitten,” concludes Blanche. Deirdre dissolves into helpless laughter again as Ken storms out to the art auction.

Blue Chip Bag

Vern, very much at home in the Caf, is showing ’round his framed crisp bag, whose contents were consumed by legendary British drummer Cozy Powell. Vern acquired this treasure in a beer tent during his relationship with a rocker chick with a penchant for handcuffs. He’s hoping there might be a place for it on Roy’s walls.

Cozy Powell, aka Colin Flooks, died in a  high-speed car crash.

Cozy Powell, aka Colin Flooks, died in a high-speed car crash.

Playing from the Blue Tees

Dev and Prem are enjoying an afternoon of golf. Prem asks how Amber is, and how she’s getting along with Dev. Dev duffs a ball, but Prem is gracious about it, saying he plays more frequently than Dev does. Dev sees that he failed to do the groundwork with Amber during childhood, and now she seems to have no respect for Dev. He says he’s going to ask Sunita for more access to the twins, so mistakes don’t repeat.

Prem beats Dev soundly at golf and raises the subject of Amber again (ed: a speculation…is Prem hinting at an arranged marriage?).



About t. kunzie

Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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20 Responses to Update for Wednesday, May 13th:The Blue Update

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the update and the info on Colin Flooks.

    I read a pile of the ‘Tales of the City’ books back in university. They were pretty funny, as I recall. Haven’t read the latest one, though.

    But, not being gay aside, is there any reason Ken *shouldn’t* be dating Ted? They have more in common with each other than Ken and Deirdre do.

  2. Barbee says:

    The blue advils improved your already monumental skills. Great update!
    The Amistead Maupin books are wonderful; you don’t want them to end. I’ve read them twice. And no, Blanche, I’m not gay either. Too funny, Blanche thinking Ken’s “turned”.
    Could someone explain “six weeks & counting”? I haven’t seen the episode yet.
    Thanks for a terrific read. Glad I’m alone in the office right now. Laughing out loud!

    • joy says:

      The “6 weeks & counting” was because the decree nisi of divorce had just been granted & there is a wait time before it becomes final.

  3. joy says:

    There was a television miniseries made of “Tales of the City”. I loved it!

    Also loved Blanche’s “I have nothing against the gays, Kenneth”.

  4. haili says:

    I also loved Tales of the City on TV and the books too. I did get the reference to Cozy wrong and thought Vernon meant Cosy Cole, from the old Louis Armstrong band. I once had a program with all their autographs but it got lost in all the moving around I did back then.

    I don’t see what Ken and Dierdre have in common now that they’re both older, and while Blanche is funny to watch, she would be hell to live with.

    Thanks for the update kunzie and much sympathy for your pain. Get well soon!

    • lovethestreet says:

      You had all the autographs of the musicians in the Louis Armstrong Band…?! That is beyond cool!

      And if real life were Coronation Street — and sometimes I wish it were — Claire would be digging through your attic trying to cash in!

      • haili says:

        Sadly, that program is long gone. I would be tempted to sell it if I still had it. It was from the old Casino Theatre in Toronto where a lot of blacklisted performers played in the early 50s at the time of the Communist witchhunt in the U.S, I don’t know if Louis Armstrong was blacklisted but he did play the Casino. He and the band members were really friendly and nice.

  5. corrierules says:

    Thanks for this update and get well soon.

    OMG this episode was hilarious. Blanche, Ken and Deirdre stole the show, esp. Blanche.

    I was dismayed to note that the sweater tied around the neck made a comeback, courtesy Harry. And Harry, debonair and suave though you may be — it’s not a good look. Unless of course you’re Robert Redford in the “Way We Were”

    And I don’t know if was my TV, but there was one scene with Liz where she resembled her wedding photo … the one with the ultra bright teeth. I had to shield my eyes.

  6. missusmac says:

    Kunzie, hope the tooth/earache fades away, and you are feeling well soon! Thank you for the wonderful update, and the info of author/musician.
    Loved Blanche — “the gays, Kenneth.”

  7. Gayle says:

    Kunzie thank you for the wonderful update! Please take care of yourself, get well soon!

  8. lovethestreet says:

    Those blue advil pills are little miracles, aren’t they? I hope they help and that you’re feeling better soon.

    Great update, though!

  9. beanie says:

    Thank you Kunzie you are such a trouper. I loved this episode. Ken was SOOOO upset that Deirdre thought he wasn’t Ted’s ‘TYPE’ too funny.

  10. Long time lurker says:

    Does anyone else think that it’s weird that Vernon, whose level of competence when he was married to Liz and “working” at the pub, seemed limited to bringing things up from the cellar, is now running Roy’s, seemingly all by himself, when Roy usually had one or two people working with him? Is Vernon a Roy’s Rolls savant; or has he just found his true calling; or will his incompetence eventually catch up to him?

  11. haili says:

    I wondered the same thing. Vernon was totally idle when he “worked” at the Rovers. Only Michelle was lazier so I suppose neither of their efforts would be missed. Maybe when he’s on his own, he has no other choice, since he needs beer money now.

    • Long time lurker says:

      It’s just that when Roy and company were running the place there was always a line up; much mayhem; orders getting screwed up etc. Vernon takes over and suddenly the place is quiet; orderly; the customers look happy and well fed. Is it Vernon or is it just the Corrie summer-replacement writers?

  12. haili says:

    I fear it’s the writers! Sometimes things just don’t make sense and I think they do a lot of filler stuff in the summer. Usually about August here, things pick up with bigger storylines.

  13. corrierules says:

    I think that Vernon, although not the sharpest knife in the box, is shrewd. He knows he could get by being the a layabout at the Rovers because he was Mr. Liz McDonald — more or less sleeping with the boss. (Which is also the case for Michelle — she’s just sleeping with a different boss). But since he is not sleeping with Roy, he has to earn his keep at the caf. Perhaps when Hayley returns….? 🙂

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