Update For Epiosde #6871 May 15, 2009


Deirdre and Blanche are in the kitchen watching Ken, who has been editing his novel all night. Blanche wonders what the fuss is all about. Deirdre has no idea. Blanche asks what the title of the novel is. ‘Sunday Afternoon’ Deirdre replies. Blanche tells her daughter that she was conceived on a Sunday afterrnoon, after Blanche and her husband had seen The Seven Year Itch for the third time, and he had another itch that he had to scratch, if you catch her drift.

Kirk and Julie are walking down the street when they see Fiz picking up the groceries she has dropped on the street. Just at that moment John pulls up in his cab and offers to help. Kirk gets all rabid pit bull on John before the girls can calm him down. Wonder if Kirk still carries a bit of a torch for Fiz…

Ty confides in Pam that he is concerned about the cost of a big wedding. She tells him not to worry before she digs out a few pence from the back of the sofa, tells him that you have to have to ‘speculate to accumulate’, and then takes Ty out to show him some old school entrepreneurial skills.

Dev and Prem are in the clubhouse after a round of golf. Prem is complaining about his gout, which Dev thinks it quite Dickensian. Dev is flabbergasted to see his favourite Bollywood actress, Nina Mandal, across the room. Dev is even more shocked to discover that she is the wife of Prem. It turns out Dev saw her movie The Divided City about 88 times, and had the poster of her in the white sari on his bedroom wall in his younger years. (try not to think of what Dev might have been inpsired to do by the poster) Nina comes over to meet Dev and proceeds to toy with him like a cat with a mouse. Methinks this will all end badly.

Liz is in the back room with Sean and Betty. They encourage her to light her cigarette (which tastes better indoors it would seem) and to share some gossip about what has transpired between her and Harry. Liz tells than about the awkward moment when she was kissing Harry in his flat, and Clarissa came out from the bedroom, dressed in a little black dress and with dinner cooking in the oven. Betty wants to know what Clarissa was cooking so she can get a picture in her mind, before giving Liz some sage advice about playing with fire and getting burned.

Harry and Clarissa share some breakfast after a night of rumpy pumpy. They talk about him moving back in with her and cancelling the divorce. Poor Harry.

Vern stops by the bookies to talk to Harry about what might have happened between him and Liz. Harry tells Vern the truth, that he and Liz have not done the horizontal limbo together, but Vern seems less than convinced,

Harry runs into Liz on the street and apologizes for the awkward moment from the night before. They agree to be ‘mates’.

Clarissa has arranged for the movers to come and bring the bits and bobs that belong to Harry back to house in Cheshire. Clarissa fancies a farewell drink and drags Harry over to The Rovers, and tells him to enjoy a final drink at his down at the heel boozer at the back end of nowhere. The sniping begins bewteen Liz and Clarissa and continues to escalate and get nastier until Clarissa throws her gin and tonic into the face of Liz, before Liz drags Clarissa out of the pub by her hair and chucks her into the gutter, where she belongs.

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5 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6871 May 15, 2009

  1. Bea says:

    What a fantabulous end to the episode!! Yeah Liz. lol

  2. missusmac says:

    Why do the writers persist in making Dev such an unsophisticated dweeb?? Steve or Lloyd or Vern, yes, they would rant on about the ‘free’ aftershave in the really nice men’s room, but Dev is supposed to have had a high-end life for years.

    I guess you could put it down to him being swept away by his teen dream and babbling, but he’s been babbling a lot lately.

    Loved Liz, but also loved Sean’s reaction to Clarissa.

  3. haili says:

    Go Liz go! And while she’s at it she should do the same with Michelle!

    Sean may be the Blanche of the future.

    The writers are doing a rotten thing to Dev. He was never that silly in the past.

  4. Modge says:

    Funny how we can trash Liz, her appearance, actions, etc., but we get all protective of her if someone else does it. And Clarissa herself certainly isn’t any spring chicken – in fact, she looked older than Liz ever did when she was turning on the waterworks for Harry.
    The same idea occurred to me about the poster on Dev’s wall….e-w-w-w-w…..

  5. beanie says:

    I love a good hen fight. Clarissa is pretty lame throwing drinks LOL this is Corrie dammit! If you’re going to throw something it should be BIG and MESSY!!!!!

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