Update For Episode #6876 May 22, 2009



Tina shares the story of the shared bath/rose petal with Darryl, although he fails to understand how twenty candles and a plastic bathtub may have been a problem. Round about then the new and improved, spontaneous David shops up at the kebab shop and manages to surprise Tina with some tickets to go and see The Cortinas. Tina seems well impressed with David at the moment.


Dev goes round the golf club to have a drink with Prem and is surprised to see Nina there with him, but Dev recovers well enough. When Prem goes to take a call Dev and Nina have a little bit of naughty talk.

Sloth and Greed

Kevin drives up to his garage to find it blocked by one the UnderWorld vans, and in a measured and mature manner, proceeds to lay on the horn ad infinitum. Rosie tries to talk to him, before Tony comes out and has a few words with Kev, ending with an ominous comment about Kevin not having any cutomers left by the time the van is moved.

Later at The Rovers Tony buys a drink for Sally and asks her about the proposed relocation plan he had in mind for Kevin and the garage, and how it would increase the business, plus the service contract for all Tony’s vans. It is obvious that Sal has no idea of what he is talking about, but does her best to cover up. Tony wonders what Kevin’s ‘Mount Everest’ is, since everyone has a goal that they are trying to reach. Kev comes in and tells Tony to move along, before sitting down to an ear full from his darling wife. Kev thinks he was defending her, Sal sees it as being undermined in front of the neighbours. Sal then tells her husband that Tony actually believes Kevin has a plan, and not that he is just being stubborn, and that Amy Barlow has more imagination and ambition than Kevin does.

Wrath and Pride

Janice, in a surprising change of character, is trying to smooth things over between Bill and Audrey, but to no avail.

Gail stops by her mom’s to see how she is, and is told by Audrey that she has had an ‘epiphany’ about Bill, that she doesn’t care enough about him. Ted thinks that Audrey and Bill both have a twinkle in their eye for each other, but she disabuses him of that notion.

Bill stops round to try and apologize again, and sort things out but Audrey is unwilling to give him a listen.

Ted and Audrey are in the garden talking about soul mates. She admits that Alfie was not really her soul mate, she loved him dearly, but their relationship was more plodding than soaring. She wants her remaining years to be good ones, and not spent with somone who is not her soul mate – and whoever that is, Bill is not he. Ted wisely suggests that Audrey tell that to Bill – in a gentle fashion.


The saga of Teresa continues. She is worried when she can’t track Jerry down, but it turns out he was organizing a place for her to live, above a pizza place owned by a friend of theirs. It is freshly renovated, and Teresa will get a break on the rent in excnage for working three shifts a week. Jerry is even going to take care of the deposit for her. It sounds like an excellent opportunity but Teresa is clearly not enthralled with the plan.

There is a conversation involving Jerry’s lucky underwear but I have blocked most if it from my memory…

Later on Jerry and Darryl are on the sofa watching a quiz show and Teresa is cooking some beef madras, one of Jerry’s favourite dishes. While the boys are engrossed in where Che Guevara was born, Teresa grinds up some of Jerry’s medicine and sprinkles it over his food. She tells the men to come and eat their dinner, although she has to quickly switch the plates when they sit down. Jerry, loving his madras, proceeds to inhale his spiked dinner, while Teresa watches on anxiously in the background.

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11 Responses to Update For Episode #6876 May 22, 2009

  1. missusmac says:

    There are plastic bathtubs???

  2. CAPT PAT says:

    Would you believe ”fibreglass” instead of plastic???

  3. haili says:

    If David keeps it up, Gail will have a complete home reno.!

    Audrey really is an optimist if she thinks she’ll actually find a soul mate. Are there really soul mates – or just compatible couples? I suppose Bill is just getting on her nerves these days. He could stay with me for a week or two – just to fix things around the house.

  4. beanie says:

    I think Audrey will realize that she’ll never find her soulmate so she’ll have Ted move in. I can really see her as the ultimate ‘FAGHAG’

  5. joy says:

    Thanks for the update. That picture of our David in the bathtub was doing my head in!

  6. Tracy Emm says:

    What about all this business with Harry, getting back with his wife? I felt that all came on so sudden; but I must say – I am enjoying Liz on the chase! It would be nice to see if Vernon could get together with someone else and not be such a lay-about… I would like to see him play a more likeable role in the show…

  7. Gayle says:

    I’m starting to really like Vernon. He appears to be running the cafe single handedly when previously it took Roy, Ken and Becky to run the place.

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