Update For Episode #6881 May 29, 2009


The venue where David ‘strikes’ out

Red Red Wine

Ken is anxiously awaiting the return of Deirdre, and when he hears the door open (while he is at last shaving) he is disappointed to see that it is Blanche. When Deirdre does make an appearance, Ken does his best to apologize again for his caddish behaviour of late. However, fresh from a prison visit, Deirdre is in no mood for making up, sticks the knife in by telling Ken ‘What a pity I haven’t got Mike (Baldwin) to run to.’ before proceeding upstairs to have a bath.

Blanche, having sat there through this exchange without saying a word, informs Ken that she is trying to keep her nose out as an experiment, but finds it a bit boring.

When Deirdre comes down from her bath, she gets stuck in with Ken again, calling him a philosopher and the president of Mensa. They argue a bit, but when Ken shows his wife the letter he has written to Tracey (the first one perhaps?) this seems to break her resolve. Deirdre admits that it must have difficult for Ken to burn his novel, and he admits it was a bit of derviative tosh that only served to distract him from his family. The two then have a maudlin conversation about growing really old together before retiring to the back garden for a ‘Deirdre’, aka a large glass of red wine. Ken asks, hypothetically, if Deirdre were to write a novel, what it would be called. ‘Love on the Cobbles’ she replies, as they cuddle on the bench.

Take The Skinheads Bowling

David stops by the health centre to get some keys from Gail, and she fills him in on the master plan she and Joe came up with to get their respective kids back together. David seems willing to go along with the plan, although is obviously going to end badly. At some point Gail tells David that he is ‘neither use nor ornament.’

Later at the bowling alley Gail and Joe try to act surprised to see each other, but Tina is on to them right away and tells the adults that ‘your acting is shameful.’ David does his weasely best to get back into Tina’s pants, err good books, but she is not interested in any reconciliation and makes a quick exit. David is a bit saddened that the clever plan has failed to come off, and he too slinks home, leaving Gail and Joe on their own. Some nauseating flirting follows, leading Gail to ask what Joe is doing. ‘Flirting’ he says, ‘it was big in the 80’s.’ ‘So were shoulder pads’ replies Gail, ‘but it doesn’t mean it was a good idea.’ They talk about going on another date, but Gail wonders what the chldren will think. Joe tells her that they don’t need to know. Good plan Joe…

Drugs In My Pocket

Teresa stops by the medical center for a refill of the prescription for Jerry. Gail wonders where the pills went so fast. Teresa tells her that Jerry lost them somehow, typical male. Gail tells Teresa that she won’t be able to get them that day, because the doctor isn’t in. Teresa gets all rabid foaming pit bull and tells Gail that will have blood on her hands. Gail thinks that she might be able to get the duty doctor to sign for the drugs. ‘I could eat you’ Teresa tells Gail, which mystifies her as much as it did me I think.

At home Jerry amd Finlay are sitting down for their meal, a sandwich for Finlay and curry again for Jerry. They try to switch plates but Teresa stops them, saying that it will keep Finlay up with an upset stomach, but it is the hidden drugs in the curry she is worried about. There is more talk about Teresa moving into the flat but she is concerned about how damp it is, and how mould is bad for the kids. Finlay points out that there is some mould on the bread but Teresa tells him it is penicillin so it is good for him. Jerry just rolls his eyes.


Sean, Marcus, Becky and Michelle are set for a night on the town, much to the chagrin of Steve, who is concerned at the lack of coverage the dress Michelle is wearing provides. She gives him short shrift and the Scoobie Gang are on thier way.

At the bar the foursome are having a good time, doing tequila shooters and people watching while the karaoke is going on. Becky sends a text to Jason telling him about Michelle and her Guantanamo jumpsuit outfit. Sean talks about how Michelle used to be a bit of a belter in the day, or at least massive in Rochdale once upon a time. What kind of songs did you do? asks Becky. ‘Covers’ replies Michelle. Becky thinks this is an odd name for a song, much to the mirth of the others.

Mcihelle takes a turn on stage doing a bit of singing, and then runs into JD, (Jayydee?) an old friend from the music business. While Sean and Marcus do a duet, they talk about Michelle and her fella, and how he slept with another woman. (who happens to be standing next to her) JD wonders if Michelle is still in the business and if she could fill in the following night as a back up singer for someone who had laryngitis. Michelle is keen to fill in.

At the end of the evening Michelle invites JD back to the pub for a night cap, and of course they run into Steve in the smoking shelter. Naturally, there is much awkward conversation and jealousy, but Michelle gets her way, leaving Steve outside on his own.

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12 Responses to Update For Episode #6881 May 29, 2009

  1. lovethestreet says:

    I quite like it when the Corrie characters go out on the town. Sean and Marcus were adorable singing their song from “Grease.” They’re really lovely sometimes.

    However, as others have pointed out, Becky’s make-up is right out of hand. I used to think Michelle painted it on thick, but Becky looks like King Tut.

  2. corrierules says:

    Loved the Ken/Deirdre story. Blanche had some excellent one-liners. Steve was funny, reduced to making fun of JD’s name. But Michelle has some nerve….bringing home a male friend and kicking Steve out of his own pub.

  3. haili says:

    When will Steve get some backbone? What a wimp. It’s painful to watch. At least Liz could say something. She used to be tough on Michelle when she first started but now Michelle does little or no work and gets away with it and Steve is away from his daughter overnight – every night.

    I still hate the loud background music. They need subtitles these days. Lucky I have this site to get translations.

    When Blanche made her comment about keeping her nose out, Ken said he found it refreshing! At least I can hear Ken and Dierdre.

    • Modge says:

      So if Michelle has agreed to sing with JD’s band the next night, that’ll mean she needs another night off, won’t it?

      I think we saw what was left of Steve’s manhood shrivel up and drop to the floor of the smoking shelter as JD followed Michelle into the pub with his hand on her ass.

      • Bea says:

        What a perfect description of what happened. Yes, I really feel for Steve. He was a bad boy, but don’t you think he’s been punished enough?

      • Bea says:

        Wait a minute. I should say, havn’t WE been punished enough?

  4. Gayle says:

    Haili, as usual I completely agree with your comments regarding Steve. I am so sick of his letting Michelle walk all over him. And what’s with Becky lately she looks ridiculous and is behaving like a real *itch. Steve should fire Michelle and get his life/pub back.

  5. TrudyC says:

    I’m not understanding what Theresa is trying to do by increasing Jerry’s meds………another heart attack? I know she’s trying to stay there longer – but isn’t she afraid she’ll kill him? Don’t get it.

    Michelle has a nerve to bring a guy back for a night cap. Steve grow a pair will ya and kick her out!

  6. haili says:

    It sounds like most of us are fed up with Steve’s wimpy behaviour. I suppose Michelle will go to the gig tonight and get away with it yet again.

    Also, Steve and Becky talk about their one-night stand a bit too often and are bound to be heard by somebody. Of course I wouldn’t know about such things myself … but If it was me… I’d never mention it again.

    I don’t think Theresa is the type to care about anyone else but herself. If she kills Jerry, maybe she thinks she’ll get the house and if she stays there long enough she might be considered a common-law spouse and get at least half the assets. After what she tried to do to Lloyd, I wouldn’t put much past her.

  7. missusmac says:

    I think Theresa is probably just trying to make Jerry poorly, so she’ll once again be needed. I don’t think she’s a cold-blooded killer, but hey, she is pretty cold.

    I am again in awe of Michelle’s single-minded bitchiness. If he’s such a dirtball, and you can’t stand him, why don’t you just leave his house and his employ? Who sticks around in a situation like that?

  8. Barbie says:

    Ken shaved 😦
    Now he’s just Ken again

    Oh, and I agree with you all. Michelle’s a bitch, Steve needs to grow a pair and I think that Theresa is trying to kill Jerry.

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