Thursday’s Late Update – Most Mid-Life Crisis Don’t Start at 71

Sometimes, It’s Best to Just Let Go of the Dream


Eileen finds Deidre on the street (I”m not sure if it’s the Maxine death-bench or not) having a fag and crying.   She tells her to come over her place for a glass of wine and tell her what’s wrong.  

Eileen pours them a bottle of  ‘Chateau de  Not a Great Vintage But It’ll Get You Where You Want to Go’  as Deidre tells her that Ken has nothing for contempt for her and thinks he wasted his life with her.  Even all the good years they had together can’t erase the words he said to her.   Deidre is thinking of packing it in.

Meanwhile back at the Barlow Manor, Ken returns from a dog walk and whiskey flask booze up.   Blanche takes the opportunity to impart advice to Ken as his senior of 3 1/2 years.   She basically tells him that life is a disappointment so get over it.   She adds that growing old isn’t pretty and that he needs to treat Deidre better.

Ken tells her that the manuscript was written years before he met either her or Deidre so there’s no way the it can be a reflection of how he feels about them.   Blanche hurrmps a bit and says she’s read his manuscript and he’s no Barbra Bradford Taylor.  Ken accepts the compliment.

Later on, Deidre finds Ken in the back burning his manuscript on the bbq.  Not wanting to miss an opportunity to be pedantic (note – this is my $2 word for the week) he explains that paper burns at fahrenheit 451.  (I kind of want to punch Ken a lot….I’m just saying.).

He goes on about how this is the end of an impossible dream, he’s going to stop living with ‘what ifs’, lost potential and embrace his mediocrity.  (Hey, have I mentioned that I want to punch Ken a lot?).  

He makes an apology to Deidre but she’s still hurt and tells him she’s bunking with Liz for the night.

Gayle Needs a Slap Too

Joe after having lunch that Gayle made, wants to return the favour and take her out for dinner.  She says it might not be a wise idea because the children might not be happy.

What?  What?  Who gives a flying @#$!#@$ what the children think?  Gayle, you deserve the life you’re leading – seriously.

Joe then comes up with the cunning plan to have he and Tina meet Gayle and David at the bowling alley…in order to get the kids back together so that he can date Gayle.

Note to Joe: Dude, she’s not worth the bother.

A Special Delivery Ass Kicking to Steve

In Steve’s awkward tête-à-tête with Amy Winehouse Becky, she assures him that she’s not going to blab about their one night stand because HELLO SHE WANTS TO STAY WITH JASON.  He calls her a loose cannon, and she responds that she’s one with big balls.  

After all this , Becky decides a girls’ night out is in order with Sean and oh yes, Michelle.  Steve points out to Michelle that she is on the roster to work that night and he has no one else to cover.  She says that’s easily fixed and erases her own name and inserts his. 

fireherass.  kickheroutofyourhouse.  fireherass.

Steve kind of shrugs his shoulder because apparantly there’s nothing you can do about this situation.

On a side note, why did the Corrie producers think Amy could pull off a credible ‘cry’?

In Other News

Molly’s aunt wins a ketchup bid for left over condiments from a bankrupt caterers.  She only need to get access to Tyrone’s bank card and PIN to do this.   I’m getting nervous about this woman.

On a related note, Ashley’s ‘ham’ business is hurting due to her car boot meat sales.

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4 Responses to Thursday’s Late Update – Most Mid-Life Crisis Don’t Start at 71

  1. Gayle says:

    God, I wish Steve would grow a pair! Becky just started working there, then takes a holiday and now she wants to be palsy with Michelle why? I cannot stand Michelle, and the actress who plays her is terrible. I completely agree with you…fire her ass!

  2. haili says:

    Amen! And Corrie should fire her ass too.

    Ken and Dierdre have nothing in common! They know it but have settled – but for how long?

    I don’t trust Auntie Pam and this will all lead to tears.

    I try not to dwell on Gail and Joe.

  3. corrierules says:

    The scenes with Ken and Blanche, Steve and his harem, were just a pleasure.Becky and Michelle treat Steve like something they need to scrape off the bottoms of their shoes, but it’s funny to watch. It seems that now that Vern has moved out Steve has assumed the role of the put-upon and hapless male. All he needs is a clout about the ears from Betty and he’s set.
    Scenes with Joe and Gail? ZZZZZZZZZZZ

  4. Yanyan says:

    Amy’s cry was cringe-worthy.

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