Update for June 1, 2009. This Show So 2008. This Update So 2000 and Late.

JD Stole My Initials

Becky finds “JD” kipping on the chesterfield in the back/front room so it appears there was no CHICK-BAM-BAM going on with Michelle last night. But then again, maybe there was to be some ACK-SHON but Michelle insisted on singing some more and “JD” lost the mood. 

Anyway, Steve’s over at Streetcars complaining about all this but Eileen just keeps putting ideas into his head to drive him crazy. 

Steve heads back to the Rovers where he finds Michelle and “JD” laughing over breakfast. Steve is extremely rude to “JD” even as he explains that there was no sexytime last night. Later, after “JD” has left, Michelle is very upset with Steve and explains to him that “JD” just wanted to hire Michelle for a gig later that evening. But despite that Michelle says she could invite the entire cast of Chippendales back home with her if she wanted. But she admits she would never do that because she is virtuous and moral and never, ever lies. Even if she let Steve sort of think “JD” was totally boning her. So Steve thinks that makes them even but Michelle thinks that shows that they have no future. 

Later, when Steve finds out from Becky that “JD” really did sleep on the chesterfield, he sort of apologises to Michelle but also tries get them to put this business behind them – then he gives her an ultimatum – either they move on or she moves out.

Does anyone think it would be funnier if Michelle actually couldn’t sing but insisted that she had a great voice? I just remember a girl I went to school with in the Crappiest Little Town in New Brunswick who insisted on singing in this awful bluesy crooner voice every time she got drunk. Once a table of bar patrons overheard us and offered to buy us a round of drinks if we could get her to shut up. To me, it would be funnier if Michelle was like that rather than the more obvious route.


BrunoSachaBaronCohenMeanwhile at a Hair Salon in 1984

David has been pestering Tina at Jerry’s kebab shop all morning and despite his purchase of twenty of Jerry’s finest kebabs, Jerry’s tells Tina to take the day off to sort out her love life. 

David arrives at Peter and Paul’s hair salon. They’re his employers and have been transported from a 1980’s film featuring the over-the-top gay stylist stereotypes. After throwing on his leather tie and putting in the new Grace Jones cassette, David gets to work. But it’s not long before Tina arrives and asks for a haircut. The most exclusive salon in all of Manchester has walk-ins, apparently. To David’s surprise, Tina asks for him specifically to wash her hair. He takes her to the sink when her real plan is hatched: she starts making a fuss, yelling about the water temperature so that everyone’s eyes are on David. Then she asks him how he likes it, having someone show up at his job everyday to embarass him. David begs her to stop. Peter and Paul are all, “Oh, smell her!”

Speaking of Stereotypes

Because they split the cost of living in a rooming house and evidently have bucketloads of disposable income, Sean and Marcus decide to see about a little botox, even if Marcus thinks it’s vain and superficial. Sean, who’s worried about his worrylines, mentions Marcus’ tiny burst capillaries (I think?) on his nose and suddenly he’s interested. In the end, Sean couldn’t go through with it but Marcus had the veins injected and is suddenly very interested in how much these botox injectors make. 

In Other News

Wiht the wedding money Ty gave her Auntie Pam repackaged the bulk relish in mason jars and his selling it as “homemade pickle” at one pound per jar. She approaches Ashley to sell it in his shop and, despite not being able to sell it before, he buys 20 jars. I think I know now why he and Claire went broke so fast. 

Meanwhile, she left her mess for Molly to clean up so before doing the dishes, she removed her engagement ring.


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17 Responses to Update for June 1, 2009. This Show So 2008. This Update So 2000 and Late.

  1. haili says:

    Steve finally grew a pair! Maybe. At least he got Michelle’s attention and I sure hope he doesn’t back down. He needs to stay at the Rovers and jump into bed before she does. Ryan can go stay with Uncle Liam. I don’t care where Michelle goes – as long as she goes.
    John: she’s painful enough without being a bad singer!

    I thought Marcus was unemployed these days but I guess living at Eileen’s must be cheap if he can afford those skin treatments. Maybe he’s thinking of working there or getting some kind of money making ideas in that line of work.

    • corrierules says:

      Just watched the tape tonight. Yes, Steve finally asked Michelle to leave, but only after Michelle suggested it. He is well and truly under her thumb. He even needs her permission to chuck her out! I don’t think he grew a pair, he merely borrowed them back from Michelle. She stores them in her handbag for safekeeping.

      Then again, he did do the nasty with Becky, so he has a verrrry guilty conscience

  2. Diane/tvor says:

    What really tees me off is Michelle. Chucking Steve out of the pub, flirting and bringing JD home, it’s all a game. She wants Steve back, she just wants him to pay first. I really hate game players like that and it would serve her right if he did bounce her out on her backside.

    I feel better now. 😉

  3. Yanyan says:

    John – no freakin way! I live in the Crappiest Little Town in New Brunswick! However, I did NOT go to school here, so I am not your bluesy singer chick. I prefer to do the Elaine dance when I get drunk. 🙂

  4. chumola says:

    So where is this pickle business going? Can you believe a businessman would stake his reputation on dodgy pickles? Auntie Pam is pretty iffy…food poisoning is a definite possibility???

    • the pink lady says:

      Agreed, but is repackaging pickles much different than selling ham from her purse? I’m sure that ham hadn’t seen a fridge for days!

  5. Gayle says:

    Now we know why Ashley’s business is going down the tubes. Why would he purchase pickles when they didn’t sell in the past? Especially from someone who sells ham from her purse?

    I’m not liking the way Aunty Pam is taking over the wedding plans and making a mess off Mollie & Tyrone’s home.

  6. missusmac says:

    Here’s a sentence fragment I never expected to see in my life: from someone who sells ham from her purse? LOL!

    It really is odd, isn’t it? Aunty Pam is a wedding disaster waiting to happen.

  7. Tracy Emm says:

    Aunty Pam is starting to worry me… is it possible she will become more of a nightmare than Tyrone’s mother? Remember her?

  8. lovethestreet says:

    I don’t remember Tyrone’s mother. Can someone fill me in? (Maybe she was on during one of my Corrie watching gaps — or perhaps I just need to lay off the booze…)

  9. haili says:

    I remember Tyrone’s mom, Jackie Dobbs. She was just as bad as Cilla – maybe worse – and had pretty well abandoned Tyrone. He was sleeping rough when Jack and Vera took him in. When she came back she moved into Curly’s house while he was away and refused to move out. I’ve forgotten how they finally got rid of her, but she was a shady character.

  10. missusmac says:

    Isn’t the pickle just stock from a caterer going out of business? It’s not bad or out of date, just a business that went under. (Corn plaster in the soup, or something, Auntie Pat said.)

    However, I wouldn’t buy anything from someone’s purse.

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