Tuesday June 2nd 2009 – The Update

UK Time – Friday August 15th  – Episode II


No, lets talk about it some more.

No, let's talk about it some more.

The show opens with Michelle and Steve sitting on the settee in the back room of the pub putting the boots to the bottle of glue that was their relationship. Steve, sensing that the audience no longer cares about this story line, gives Michelle an ultimatum, decide tonight or it really is over. Michelle is shocked that Steve would impose such a deadline after their fifteen minute long relationship during which she lived in his house above his pub.

Later on in the day, on that same settee, Ryan and Michelle have a heart to heart. Ryan puts the pressure on for him mom to sort out the relationship. It seems, like the audience, Ryan has had enough of the drama. Michelle has obviously given it a think and admits that Steve was right. They can’t go on like this. By “this” one can only assume that she means they can’t continue to live in his house and she can’s continue to work in his pub and basically raise his daughter while refusing to let Steve live in his own house.

After Steve gave this ultimatum, he found himself beset by worry in the cab office. God forbid, he actually tells the truth to Michelle and face the consequences of his actions, even if the consequences come in the form of Becky Granger. He was worried and finally Michelle showed up at the cab office, all gussied up for a gig, to say this on-again-off-again relationship in finally on again. Great. Michelle says “Promise we’ll never cheat on one another and we’ll always be honest with one another. Steve promises to be the best boyfriend he can, which is almost the same thing.

That night Steve is all set to have celebration sex and champagne by the time Michelle comes home. Before they get to the evenings main event, Michelle drops the I want to go on tour with a band bomb and I think about a couple weeks of Corrie sans Michelle Connor, oh bliss.

We're having a FRAY!

Meanwhile in a posh Manchester salon David has come face to face with a livid Tina who manages to cause a scene at his place of work. She tries to get him in trouble for scalding her during a wash and it all ends in David loosing his job. Tina didn’t mean for it to go so far.

After the incident, the pair have a laugh, but this doesn’t mean that Tina wants to get back with David. He heads home unemployed, single and depressed to tell his mother the news. Gail listens but doesn’t fall all over herself to make it right or scold David. Instead she just gets ready for her secret date with Tina’s dad, Joe, which is off to a rocky start when Tina shows up unexpectedly and whisks her father away.

Later, I guess Joe has managed to drop Tina off and make it back to the street to get Gail so they can go on their date. Gail suggests that the relationship be their little secret. Soon she’ll be asking him to keep other secrets like her glowing index finger and love of Reeces pieces.


In Other News

After an interesting conversation about low fat meats, Ashley made Jerry dinner, which made Teresa’s overdosing plan that much more difficult to carry out.

Much to Carla Connor’s convenience, Marcus may become a licensed Botox practitioner.

Due to Auntie Pam’s pickle operation Molly has misplaced her engagement ring.

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7 Responses to Tuesday June 2nd 2009 – The Update

  1. haili says:

    Debbie: I hope you called the Humane Society!

    I wonder if we have come to a place where the actress who plays Michelle takes maternity leave? She did lose a baby when she was 5 months along but I don’t know if she took much time off. One can only hope that Michelle goes on tour and we get more scenes in the cab office.

    Tina has a lot in common with David but I must admit it was probably good for him to get a dose of his own medicine.

  2. beanie says:

    Great update Debbie. Love the dead horse! LMAO

  3. Mandy says:

    The dead horse seems really tacky and stupid to use with this post, no offense. This is about stupid Coronation Street, and yet you post a picture of an animal who clearly died of neglect? Not exactly the same thing.

  4. debbie1975 says:

    You are clearly over sensitive and rude, no offense.

  5. Suz says:

    Yeah, gotta agree with Mandy. The picture *is* disturbing. :>(

  6. beanie says:

    Debbie, Next time post a healthy horse that is ‘playing dead’.

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