Update For Wednesday, Jun. 3: A Pickle of a Different Sort

Gone in Sixty Seconds

The day begins with the Websters discussing their Majorca holiday. Sophie wants to jet-ski. Kevin’s received the electric bill and finds it pretty steep. Bill is at the table; he offers to chip in as long as he’s staying there, as it seems there’s little chance of reconciliation with Audrey. As Bill seems downcast, Sally invites him along on the holiday.

In front of Underworld, the whine of a saw and the racket of hammers is heard. The construction is distracting the sewing team. Janice comes out, saying the noise is driving them mad. Rosie is returning, as is Tony. Rosie has the invitations she’s ordered for the grand opening. Eyeball approves, and is off on an errand. He tells Rosie to find Jason, as he needs him at lunch.

Tony brings Jason over to the row of low-rent flats, empty and boarded up now, with the exception of Jed Stone’s home. Tony explains to Jason that Jed is the last tenant “yet to move” and that he is simply checking his progress. He then sends Jason for butties. Tony forces his way into Jed’s and once again attempts to menace the pensioner and his lovely old biscuit coloured cat. He’s offering 1500 pounds to Jed to relocate. There is a standoff once again. When Tony returns to the car, Jason asks what the deal is, noting Jed looks none too happy. Tony smarms everything over, but assuredly has some part for Bat-Boy to play in this scenario.

Tony, arriving back on the Street, makes a call on his mobile to Shifty Jimmy. The girls are on the steps grousing about the construction but move inside once Tony returns.

Things are quiet at Webster’s Garage until Kevin gets a call – there is a broken–down car in need of repair. He sets of in Thomas the Truck. Kevin arrives at the stalled car; it’s young blonde in distress. After a once-over, Kev figures out the car is out of petrol. As he finishes filling up, an engine starts. Someone is stealing Thomas the Truck!!!!!! The female driver squeals off as well, leaving Kevin stranded. Damn that Toneh!!

Green Eggs and Scams

As Tyrone and Molly leave the house, Molly is being weird and trying to hide her ringless finger from Tyrone. The ring, it appears, is still sitting in the bottom of a bottle of greenish-black pickle somewhere.

Auntie Ham pops into Dev’s, asking what Molly thinks about her buying several vats of BBQ sauce. Molly is distraught about her ring and begs Auntie Ham to get the jars back off Ashley so she can find it. Auntie Ham says not to worry, she will sort it, and in the meantime Molly is to put a plaster on her finger, claiming she’s cut it.

Ashley is happily selling Bill a jar of greenish-black pickle when Auntie Ham walks in with the bad news that a trainee pickler has used the wrong vinegar and spoiled the entire batch. Despite Ashley’s protests, she has to take the lot back, or will lose her contract with the pickle people. Apparently Blanche, Norris and Ted bought pickle as well. Who will find the ring????

Rock ‘n’ Rolls

The McDonald-Connor clan is in the back sitting room. Steve wants to know if Belgium is where they put mayonnaise on chips. Michelle is excited about her trip and decides she wants a guide or a phrase book. Steve’s not up for the walk to the bookstore so Michelle brings Amy for conversation. Once they are gone, Liz makes her feelings clear – that Michelle is using Steve as a doormat. Liz points out how ‘convenient’ it is that they have reconciled, because now Steve can take care of Ryan most of the summer while Michelle is touring Europe. Liz wonders if it will fall to Steve to receive and discuss Ryan’s exam results, etc.

Steve pops into the Cafe, which Vern has turned into a kitschy, vinyl museum. There are records and guitars on the walls as well as other memorabilia. Personally, I think it’s a cool look…Vern regales Steve with sordid tales of road life, including orgies. This serves to wind up the suggestible Steve even further. Just then, Roy enters, having returned from Africa. Not one to handle change well, he creeps around the Cafe, examining the Memphis decor with a Rainman-like suspicion. He notices “fries” written on the special board and asks Vern to change it back to chips.

In the Rovers, Becky is behind the bar and gabbing that she isn’t surprised Michelle is going on tour. She says she was belting out tunes at the karaoke last week, and was asked. Steve is pissed that Michelle seems to have kept the decision from him for a week.

Michelle is in their room, packing her gaudy dresses. Steve very indelicately brings up the suspicions that Vern and Liz both kindled. Michelle doesn’t catch his drift, saying that of course she’ll deal with Ryan’s exams and then he can stay with Nick for a bit. She finally cottons on to the fact that Steve is accusing her of wangling free babysitting. The biatch button is once again activated and they begin bickering. They bring their fight into the main part of the pub to share with the patrons. She reminds him he took off to Spain and left Amy. Just then, Roy walks in. Becky’s seems shocked but recovers and greets him.

London Calling

Marcus is going to London to train to be a botox practitioner and will be kipping in the guest room of his friend Noel. He assures Sean this is all on the up-and-up. Apparently a medical professional can learn in a weekend how to inject botox. Eileen hopes there will be cut-price treatments for friends. Please Marcus, start with Deirdre. Sean walks Marcus to the bus and sends him off to London.

In Other News

Gopher Gail is in the backyard cel-flirting with Joe. David pops out and pops back in, slightly curious but not really. Gail lies and says she’s on with an old friend. Whatever floats your boat, sista.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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18 Responses to Update For Wednesday, Jun. 3: A Pickle of a Different Sort

  1. Gayle says:

    I’m not really a big fan of Gail, however she did look really nice for her date with Joe.

  2. debbie1975 says:

    “Please Marcus, start with Deirdre.”


  3. TrudyC says:

    I thought Eileen was looking very fetching.

  4. beanie says:

    Kunzie I loved “Auntie Ham” I call her Auntie Spam a mystery meat.

  5. haili says:

    Marcus should start with Gail’s chin IMO. Between her and Dierdre, that should keep him busy for awhile. This stupid secret dating between Gail and Joe is just dumb.

    I hope Jason doesn’t get involved with any more shady business for Tony.

    • Bea says:

      I hope Jason wises up, but that’s not likely. They havn’t sent anyone to jail lately, so I hope he doesn’t end up taking the fall for some of Tony’s funny business.

  6. lovethestreet says:

    Eileen has been a star lately. She looks good, she’s been a shoulder for some of the others, but she still comes out with zingy one-liners with great comedic timing. I like her more and more…

    I hope Marcus is back soon. He and Sean are my favourite Corrie couple at the moment.

  7. missusmac says:

    Where were Michelle and Steve having their conversations? Is there a sitting room/kitchen above the pub? I don’t recall this set.

    Not to be too literal, but they’d need a zillion more bedrooms upstairs, rather than another living area!

    • Mary Prankster says:

      Thank you. I too have been wondering when this set magically appeared, and just where it’s supposed to be located. There was no mention of any renovations to the Rovers that I can recall.

      • Rory says:

        Hah! I said the same thing to my hubby. where the heck is that? Never seen it before!

  8. corrierules says:

    So when exactly did Roy leave for Africa, leaving Vern in charge. I do not remember him going, at all.

  9. lovethestreet says:

    Wasn’t Roy planning to leave for Africa a day or two after Ken quit. If I remember correctly, Ken really left him in a lurch.

  10. beanie says:

    I wish the writers would put a little more effort into continuity. Ken DID leave Roy in the lurch and totally out of character to be so inconsiderate.

    Roy had a nice phone call from Hayles and he just left his business up in the air. If Becky had still have been there fine. But Vernon????!!! I take care of my shoes better than that. Sloppy writing/Summer Staff

    • chumola says:

      I agree completely! How did Vernon come to be so dependable anyhow? He was always the laziest character on the show, and Roy trusts him with the operation??? I have always loved the street since it has been more true-to-life than American soaps, but this is starting to feet like a fairy tale!

      • chumola says:

        oops! I mean FEEL like a fairy tale! (Need my morning coffee!)

      • lovethestreet says:

        …although he always has energy for redecorating. I wonder what Lloyd’s place looks like now…LOL

  11. cumberbuns says:

    The whole thing with Auntie Pam and Molly was inane. Why do people in soaps never just come clean and admit something: I lost my ring! No, they have to buy back all the pickle and strain it looking for the ring. yeah, that’s believable. One of the dopier story lines lately.

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