Monday June 8th – The I *Think* This is What Happened Update UK Time Friday

UK Time: August 22nd 2008 – Episode I
First I want to say that as I wrote this update Glacia was pouring wine in my glass constantly so some events from last night are a bit cloudy.  But, here goes.

*Please be aware, this video, being rap, contains some sensitive language

The show opens with Chezney back from Vegas and having a chat with Fiz about a gift he got for Kayleigh. During their chat Chezney asks about Stape and its clear that he doesn’t want Fizz to go anywhere near him. Fizz tells Chezney that she isn’t interested in him, but you have to wonder.

Later on, Chezney goes over to the Morton house to get Kayleigh and the pair go hang out at the mall. I wonder if this is the traffic centre they all talk about. Anyway, while they sit there is tween love paradise Kenzie Judd – the Scutt Farcus of Weatherfield – shows up. He sees a young couple having a time that’s good and his ego wants to test Chezney’s manhood. He wants to make fun of Chezney because of his hair colour, the loud bright ginger that he is. Then he tries to get Kayleigh to leave Chezney there on the bench, but that’s not about to happen.

Kenzie wouldn’t stop, and Chezney ain’t ice cube, and he tried to take the brother out for being rude. Obviously this starts a punch up and our Chezney is out classed by this bigger 19 year-old boy. As luck would have it John Stape come to break up the fight, but Chezney isn’t grateful.

Later in the street, Fizz finds her battered and bruised brother on a bench. Chezney tells Fizz that John is responsible for the beating. Oh Chezney.

In the Kabin, Emily is at the counter talking about sheets and wondering if Norris prefers colour or white.  Obviously, Norris would like white Egyptian cotton at least 400 thread count. With knowledge of Norris’ preference off she goes into town to get the sheets.

Later she calls the Kabin as she has forgotten her pin number. Glacia and I immediately rule out Alzheimer’s as Mike Baldwin already got that. Then we wonder if it is just regular senility. It’s neither of those things, She just forgot. Emily asks Norris to go into her vanity drawer to retrieve the pin number. Norris does so and reads the pin number to her 0219, no not her birth month followed by the year, the hymnal number of her favourite church song.

Norris is the last person you want going through your personal effects. Especially when the personal effects includes an envelope with the phrase “Open After My Death” written on the front. He tells Rita about the find. She is only fleetingly concerned. Norris will not rest until he finds out what is in that envelope and when Emily comes into the shop, he tries to pry something out of her. Oh Norris.

In Other News

Kevin’s business is still struggling, yet he is still going on holiday.

In a bid to make Tina jealous, David is taking Amber t a concert. Don’t play with our girl’s heart!

Julie got a job at the factory. Who is going to kill her first, Sally or Janice?

Nina has come up with a plan to ensure that she and Dev can spend a lot of time together in flagrante dilecto. She’s going to help him decorate his new flat.

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6 Responses to Monday June 8th – The I *Think* This is What Happened Update UK Time Friday

  1. haili says:

    So far, the Connor cousin lacks personality and is a complete waste of space IMO.

    Interesting that people are more concerned about the cat than Jed. I love cats but the good thing about them is the ability to land on their feet and their independence. I’m sure the cat will make out OK. Tony was fun to watch in that scene. All he needed was a moustache to twirl. I just want to see Kevin get one over on Tony. Maybe Tyrone can be a mole and find out his devious secrets to report back to Kev.

    • lovethestreet says:

      In a good old-fashioned donnybrook my money would be on Kevin any day. However, I am not sure that he is up to dealing with Tony’s treachery…

      Make no mistake about it, though, I’ll be cheering Kevin on if he does get the upper hand against the evil eyeballs.

    • corrierules says:

      Haili… snap! I also thought Tony needs a mustache… he was quite OTT as the villain.

      • beanie says:

        ROFLMAO! Snidley Whiplash!! I’ve never gotten past the breaking in to Carla’s flat and wearing Paul’s robe.Creeeepy!

  2. Barbie says:

    Janice will be the first to kill Julie.

  3. TrudyC says:

    I think the mall they refer to in the show is the Trafford Centre. Quite a large mall in Manchester, but it doesn’t beat John Lewis. I love that store.

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