Update for Tuesday, June 9, 2009 – Hymn 0219, aka Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer

We open with the consequences of Chesney’s lie that it was John Stape and not Jonathan Rhys Meyers Kenzie Judd who punched him. This makes Fizz angry enough to walk in that funny way she does, with her arm poked out all perpendicular-like, to the taxi office where she starts wailing on John. He soon tells his side of the story – that Kenzie was picking on Chesney because he and Kailey were going ou – which Fizz is reluctant to believe until she gets the story from Kailey, in her own words:

“Me and Ches were, like, whatever, and Kenzie came up and he was all, ‘What?!’ and I’m, like, ‘Yeah-huh’ and he was all, like, ‘Unnh’ on Ches, and then Mr. Stape is all, ‘No Way!’ and that was, like, it.”

Fizz apologises to Stape and they make plans for a pint in the Rovers later. When Fizz meets up with Ches she gets him to admit that she lied. Ches says he did it just to keep Stape away as he was worried that Fizz would soften in the face of Stape’s sexy, sexy persuasion.

Fizz assures him that there is no chance that’ll ever, ever happen.

Never, ever.


So she meets John for that pint but Kevin suddenly makes him uncomfortable so they eventually end up back at Fizz’s. They get to talking and wouldn’t you know it, they end up kissing. John suddenly runs out, saying he’s know ruined everything but Fizz looks as though she’s not sure.

Yeah, he’s manipulating her.

Lots of Other Little Plot Threads

Rita tells Emily about Norris’ snooping amongst her papers and his discovery of the “to be opened after my death” letter. Because Norris thinks that “private” is just another word for a salacious secret for him to uncover, he gets quite excited when Emily makes a big production of revealing its contents after their cottage pie.

Norris gets kind of creepy when she hands it to him but is crestfallen when it does not reveal that she once had a torrid affair with Elsie Tanner, but instructions for her funeral. I assume it will include Hymn 0219:

Gail and Joe continue their clandestine date. Joe is allergic to shellfish. Gail blinks at him repeatedly, signaling to her potential mate that her body is at its most fertile.

David reluctantly takes Amber to the music festival. She is happy to be included in a storyline and is hoping to see Metallica and these guys, Pendulum:

Liam and Tom’s Magnum P.I. revival shirt business may have trouble as Liam is anti-cardboard.

Sean and Marcus had a tiff about Marcus not calling while he was on his extensive two day botox training in London. Then they made up.

Tyrone is reminded that tomorrow is his mother’s birthday and he did not get her a card. Molly calls him a bad son. Hey, Molly, how’s Diggory these days? He tries to track her down in Spain when he learns that she hasn’t been there for months. Eventually, he gets a call from her, subdued as he describes her, and it turns out she’s in the UK. Molly is happy to finally meet her future mother-in-law but Tyrone doesn’t look too sure.


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15 Responses to Update for Tuesday, June 9, 2009 – Hymn 0219, aka Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer

  1. haili says:

    Fizz seemed to suddenly go from hating John to flirting with him and we all know those 2 will end up back together. No good will come of this.

    Liam’s cousin needs a personality transplant. He’d be perfect for Michelle!

    Gail continues to be a simpering idiot. Nothing stays secret on Corrie and David will probably come home and catch them in the act (I hope).

    I think I only watch to have things to criticize. Have become a grumpy old bat from watching Blanche too much – maybe I’m turning into Blanche!

    • glacia says:

      Liam’s cousin with Michelle….have they done an incest story line yet?

      • haili says:

        The closest to incest – but not really – was Jamie and Frankie. She did raise him from when he was really young. I don’t remember any others. Still, she was his stepmother and it was icky.

  2. TrudyC says:

    I’m going to totally derail this conversation a bit – but I saw a commercial for Law & Order UK coming to a television station near you soon (can’t remember which one) and was that Danny Baldwin I saw?!?!?

    • papasmurf1964 says:

      Trudy, if you you look on the link in the upper right corner ‘corrie actors in other shows’ you will it is the ghost of Danny Baldwin starring on Law & Order UK

  3. beanie says:

    John, Thanks for translating the Kayley garble. We didn’t catch a word of it. LOL

  4. chumola says:

    John! Your update is tooo funny! Thanks for my morning laugh!

  5. Debbie says:

    “Gail blinks at him repeatedly, signaling to her potential mate that her body is at its most fertile.”


    • Bea says:

      lol. Gail is such a funny character. I just love to hate her. It is nice that she has turned into a simpering idiot instead of the screaming butinsky she was before.

  6. Gayle says:

    Gail is behaving like a 12 year old girl. That simpering is nauseating. Wouldn’t Tina see Joe coming and going out of Gail’s house or recognize his car parked on the street? Why does it have to be secret they’re both consenting adults?

    I think Tom (Liam’s cousin) is kind of hot.

  7. haili says:

    I guess Tom would be Michelle’s cousin too. I didn’t think of that and shudder to think how bland their kids would be. Maybe I’d like Tom better if I could understand more of his conversation – or if he said something intelligent.

  8. missusmac says:

    John, Good reference to Diggory. I was going through my head trying to remember how Molly got to the street, and you supplied the answer: it was through her dad.

    Blanche needs to have a chat with Fizz, give her the honest truth about scum.

  9. Tracy Emm says:

    I look forward to the return of Tyrone’s mother, because I can see it’s going to happen… wonder if it will be the same actress as before (not that I’d likely remember). I suppose any bleach blonde, tarty, and dressing-too-old-for-her-age with a big gob type of actress will do! She was a piece of work! Auntie Pam will start looking like a saint! 🙂

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