Update For Epiosde #6891 June 12, 2009


Sean is all abuzz with anticipation of going to the Manchester gay pride parade with Marcus, but it quickly comes to naught when Marcus gets a call on his mobile for an interview in London for a botox job in Manchester. Sean pouts for a bit, but quickly recovers, tells Marcus to ring him when he gets to Euston Station and then proceeds to flirt with Tom, the boy who has no wallet, or personality for that matter.

Amber thinks it might be a good idea for her to live on her own in the flat above the shop now that Dev is moving into the dark lair of the one eyed Satan. She thinks it might be helpful for Dev for those times when ‘three might be a crowd’, although she is actually daydreaming about getting jiggy with her new love, David the dastardly. Dev is less than enthralled by her idea.

Dev and Prem go off to some Asian business type meeting and have a drink later at the new flat. Nina pops by for a bit and squeezes in beside Dev on the love seat. Prem continues his odd and awkward way of speaking. Nina gets a phone call from Tara, their troubled daughter. Prem thinks it might be a good idea to call his daughter to offer some fatherly advice, and Nina leans into Dev, shows him a brochure (from a hotel?), and tells him that he should book the suite in the picture, so they can get jiggy in style.

Tyrone and Molly return from their misadventures with Jackie, and Molly is clearly quite upset, breaking into tears as Aunt Pam comforts her. Later as Pam is hanging laundry in the back garden Jackie comes through the back gate. The two harridans go at each other hammer and tong before Jack comes through the gate and breaks it up. He tells Jackie to get lost and not to come back anytime soon, and then agrees with Pam that they shouldn’t tell Ty and Molly that Jackie had been there.

Jack and Ty share a can of lager later. Jack offers to stay home from his trip to Blackpool, and to again offer any needed money for the wedding, because Vera would never forgive him if he didn’t.

Mel is back from her vacation to Greece looking tanned and healthy, unlike Jerry, who is looking grey and rather unhealthy. The usual scrapping takes place between Mel and Teresa as daughter tells mother that she can get lost now that she has returned and can take care of her dad. Teresa pleads for a few more weeks to scrape together some cash for the deposit on the flat (from where I have no idea) but it seems that today is the day she has to move out. Jerry is going to go the cash point to get some cash for the deposit, and Teresa tells him that she will make him one last dish, an apple pie with custard, so she can overdose him with medication one last time.

When the cab arrives Darryl, Finlay and Kayleigh seem sad to see their mother go. Mel, not so much. Teresa shows up at her new flat and tells Mally that she is sorry, but she can’t move in, because Jerry is too ill to manage on his own. She then bribes Mally to say that it was beacuse the ‘electrics’ are gone that she can’t move in. Teresa then shows up back at Jerry’s house, who admits that he feels bloody lousy, and it’s good to have her back. Little does he know…

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11 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6891 June 12, 2009

  1. Piper77 says:

    I at first thought that Theresa was just trying to keep Jerry sick so she could prove she was needed and he can’t manage his medication on his own. The past few episodes it has seemed like she is seriously trying to kill him! Either that or she is pushing her luck and wants him to collapse before going to the hospital.

  2. Barbee says:

    I’m wondering what Theresa’s long term plan is. If she kills Jerry, she’ll have gained nothing as I believe they are divorced, the kebab empire would become Daryl’s and Mel would have her out of the house in a split second.
    I like seeing more of Dev, but this plotline seems really icky. However, Amber is great.
    I loathed Jackie Dobbs from day one and my opionion on the character hasn’t changed. The actress seems way more OTT than before. Any other opionions?
    Way to go, Auntie Pam and Jack.

  3. lovethestreet says:

    I don’t remember Jackie that well from her early appearances, but I certainly find her acting OTT now. Slightly better than Cilla’s character, but just slightly.

  4. haili says:

    Jackie was always OTT and she hasn’t changed. I did enjoy it when Auntie Pam and Jack put the run on her. I think she could be fun to watch and nice to have Molly, Tyrone, Jack, etc. in a storyline. Anything is a nice break from Michelle.

    It seems to me that Theresa is trying to kill Jerry. She must think she would get the house as the kids mother.

    Thanks for the info. re. the gay pride parade. I missed that bit. They had a program called Britain From the Air on TVO last night and they showed the Manchester Mall. It is massive! I digress, but that’s a very interesting show and I’ll try to watch it again.

  5. Gayle says:

    Jackie Dobbs is horrid no question. We seem to have a lot of “bad” mothers on Corrie. Teresa must have been a terrible mother for Mel to be so bitter towards her. I really like Mel I think she is a good little actress.

  6. Modge says:

    I’m really not liking Dev’s new illicit squeeze in the least. Her actions are so exaggerated and her performances are so over the top she’s like another panto villain. The way she swoops down at him with those big googly eyes she reminds me of a praying mantis. Dev better watch himself, you know what happens to Mr. Praying Mantis after Nina Mantis has had her way with him.

    • beanie says:

      I agree Modge. I’m not getting this at all. Mr.Bean is convinced they are setting Dev up for something.

  7. kunzie says:

    My favourite Corrie moments, scenes and lines are those that are subtle; for the simple reason that subtlety is such a rare commodity on daily serials. Those bits of chat about nothing; underplayed characters and routine interaction. When Cilla, during her health scare, turned down the “volume” on that character, I was intrigued for the first time. So agreed,vaudvillian Jackie loses me.

    Nice to see Dev speaking lines without sounding like a tweaker. I can forgive Nina’s acting to some degree because she’s showing that full-figured gals can be hot, too!! ;-).

    I do have to give props to the actress that plays Theresa – she’s captured that down-and-out grifter desperation in the eyes as she rapidly thinks up her next lie.

  8. beanie says:

    I agree that Jackie is OTT. I think it’s partly the Liverpoolian accent when we are so used to Manchester. I thought Molly was played brilliantly by the actress. The look of horror on her face when Jackie was going off was priceless!

  9. howdi says:

    Jack and Jerry both look very ill to me. (not only their characters.) Maybe it is just the camera that adds all that unhealthy weight.)

    • Barbee says:

      Last night, Jerry looked terrible. But I was watching in high def, and could really see the makeup that made him look so grey. Jack, on the other hand, is getting on in years and was (perhaps still is, I don’t know) a longtime smoker. That’ll do it. I’m still not sure what is driving Theresa. I look forward to Mel finding out. Should be great fireworks.

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