Update for Tuesday, June 16, 2009. Jelly Rolled Over?

Tor_JohnsonWe begin with Jerry’s sudden collapse and Theresa’s quicksilver response. Well, she did dial 999, eventually,  after she tried to figure out if an autopsy would determine if cause of death was double dosages of his heart pills. So she calls for an ambulance and a forklift. Meanwhile, Mel and Darryl argue over the merits of leaving crappy mum or staying with decent dad. Mel opts for the former while Darryl opts for the latter but Mel reminds him that it was she who took Kayleigh under her wing when Mum walked out and she doesn’t want to go through that again.

Soon enough however, the ambulance arrives and everyone is off to the hospital, including Ashley who drives the younger Mortons.  Ashley later tells them that he knows what it’s like to lose a father with heart problems.

The doctor comes out to tell them that, due to the drugs in Jerry’s bloodstream, his blood is thinned and not clotting. He is in surgery now and while they are doing everything they can, they need to prepare themselves for the worst. Theresa sits silently wondering who she’ll sponge off of if Jerry dies.

David Platt, You Mess With Amber, You Mess with All of C orrie Canuck

amberAmber is walking back to the shop in tears as Tyrone tries to compliment her (Molly is teaching him to be less oblivious). Molly sees her crying and figures this has something to do with David Platt. She is later consoled by Molly and, in a weird way, Tyrone who reasons that just because David wants Tina back, it doesn’t mean she wants him back. He points to how he felt when Maria left him and how that lead him to Molly. Somebody has to be there to pick up the pieces. Amber is down on herself because Tina is so good looking and she’s not, which of course isn’t true. I, for one, would like to see Amber get all up in Tina’s grill, like, “Oh you can spray that tan in a can all over yourself but you’ll never be all natural brown n’ lovely like me ’cause I’m Indian, beyotch!”

Anyway, Tina eventually softens and gets back with David with some old poem:

One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for a kiss, — (supposed to be gold, originally)
Seven for a secret
Never to be told.

So they kiss and get back to David’s. Meanwhile, Gail is trying to figure out how to deal with her clandestine romance with Joe. Ted tells her that it would be less weird now that their kids are not dating. So she goes back to her place where she is greeted by the sight of David and Tina making their spray tans become one. David asks his mother to scram so that he and Tina can do it.

In Other News

Marcus came back from London to be confronted by Sean, who’s giving him the cold shoulder over whatever it was Todd thinks he saw in London’s only gay nightclub. Turns out it was Marcus’ ex but supposedly nothing happened.

Norris found Emily’s death instructions in the bin which can only mean, there is a whole new set of funeral instructions for him to discover!

Dev is brought by Nina to the most prententious restaurant in Manchester where he learns that he isn’t the only one she’s been bringing to the place. He feels so used. Wait, he’s in his mid-forties and is being used by the Raquel Welch of India as her own personal boy-toy. What’s the downside again?

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16 Responses to Update for Tuesday, June 16, 2009. Jelly Rolled Over?

  1. Gayle says:

    I hope Teresa burns in hell for what she has done to Jerry. Was she literally trying to kill him. Where does she get off being so hateful to the neighbours? Everyone really likes Jerry (me included) and were only concerned for his health. I thought it was really kind of Ashley to look after the younger kids. I truly hope that Teresa gets caught and is sent to prison.

  2. haili says:

    John: once again, thanks for the translation. I didn’t know what the hell Tina was on about and am still kind of bewildered. How does that poem have anything to do with the plot and what brought it on?

    When they cut from the excitement with Jerry and Theresa – to Gail and the new boyfriend – I was so ticked off. This will get very, very tired. It’s just so stupid and Gail always gets found out… and David always acts out ho hum.

    Then there’s Dev and his new fling; it should be interesting to see how that plays out. I think she’s been around the block a few times; but then, so has he. At least he’s not married at the moment.

  3. chumola says:

    Oh, Gail! Will you ever reach a limit in the sacrifices you make for your children! You should be studied by child developmental psychologists. You are the poster child for what not to do! Get a life, already!

  4. Debbie says:

    Love the picture of Amber.

  5. Diane/tvor says:

    Mel took Kayleigh under her wing? Have they completely forgotten Jodi who raised *all* of them after Mum left? Will they bother calling Jodi to let her know her father is in surgery and may not make it?

    • John says:

      Who is this “Jodi” you speak of? Surely there isn’t some other Morton child out there who was hastily written out of the show and then forgotten about? 😉

      Funny how some characters suddenly turn into Chuck Cunningham, the mysterious third child from ‘Happy Days’.

      • Debbie says:

        Or the sister from Family Matters who vanished for the third season and was never spoken of again.

  6. haili says:

    Maybe Jodi’s with Martin, who has rarely been mentioned – even though he was once a very good dad. Then there’s Gail’s Nicky who was once the apple of her eye and the sun shone out of his backside, but now is gone and forgotten. There are lots more who would be mentioned or drop in for a visit but have now disappeared.

    I do enjoy it when they mention characters from the past and like having them back for awhile – even Jackie Dobbs and Jed Stone.

  7. Gayle says:

    Gail is unbelievable! She leaves the house so her l7 year old jailbird son can get it on with his 17 year old girlfriend (who has already had an abortion) Is David not even going to bother looking for another job – he always seems to have money?

    My sister dropped by when I was watching the show (she rarely watches) and said she couldn’t believe Gail had another new boyfriend!

  8. haili says:

    That Gail has a boyfriend really does strain the imagination. Eileen is much more fun and can’t seem to get one. Maybe Gail slips an aphrodisiac into their tea!

    There is no way I’d consider going out just so my son could get it on with the girlfriend. Let them figure it out for themselves like other generations had to! Maybe Daryl could lend them the shed. I guess David was too busy stalking Tina and playing mind games with her and Amber to have time for job searching. I wonder if Audrey will cave in and give him his old job back.

  9. haili says:

    Amber indeed dodged a bullet. David didn’t mean to, but he did her a favour.

  10. eila says:

    It was weird watching Nina treat Dev like a “callboy.”

    It’s probably his karma, given that he used to be quite the womanizer, but it’s kinda gross, if you ask me.

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