Update for Wednesday, June 17: Fun’n’Games


Never missed a booty call in the post-season

boy toy


Jerry lies in his hospital bed, the requisite number of tubes coming out of his face, à la Liam Connor, Charlie Stubbs and so many before him. Unlike Charlie however, Jerry has some hope of recovery as the bleeding on his brain has been stopped. Theresa sits tearily beside him, thinking of what he’d be saying and doing were it a normal day. Come back to me, she entreats him – I’ll make it up to you.


Mel shows up and Theresa tells her there’s been no change. Mel bursts into tears, feeling like her row with Theresa caused Jerry’s collapse. Theresa wants bygones to be bygones. Mel says the police trainees have the day off – the following day there is supposed to be a party for them. 


The doctor says that Jerry’s blood thinners will have to be adjusted. Kayleigh and Findlay come in, a little frightened of all of the stuff sticking out of Jerry as he sleeps. Just then, Jerry begins stirring. The family is ushered outside.


In the corridor, the Mortons wait anxiously; Theresa is uncomfortable that the doctors keep referring to the pills. The doctor appears, inviting them into the room as Jerry is breathing on his own. Jerry opens his eyes to the kids and wants to know why they’re not in school. Darryl tells Jerry that Theresa stayed all night and slept in a chair. Jerry remarks he’s lucky to be there and to have them all. He apologizes for worrying them. Theresa nips outside.


The doctor returns and runs Jerry through some routine orientation questions and determines he has all his faculties. Theresa has rushed outside and called a cab. She enters the Morton home and starts pooling together all the spare change she can find as tears stream down her face. Later, as she stands otside the house, suitcase beside her, Mel rings. Mel knows something is going on…she begs her mom not to do a runner again. Mel says that Jerry needs Theresa, and so do the kids. Theresa promises she’ll be back at the hospital in 20 minutes.


Theresa returns to the hospital, opens Jerry’s door. The room is empty of kids as they’ve gone for pizza. She sits down beside Jerry and begins to speak…she talks to Jerry about his condition, his collapse…and she has something to tell him…and….CLIFFHANGER!!




Dev comes into the shop with some inventory, and begins barking at Molly and Amber to help him. They ask about Dev’s golf weekend, but he’s in a crabby, snappy mood and tells them it’s none of their business. The girls make silly faces at him which succeed in totally winding him up. 


Later he sits in the Rovers, complaining to Lloyd about his newfound quandry as boy-toy. Despite Nina’s considerable charms, he’s apparently not into being a love puppet and finds it emasculating. He says he feels stupid and used. Lloyd has him just about talked into taking control and binning her, when Nina herself waltzes in, narrowly missing this declaration. Prem is apparently with her; she asks Dev to order a scotch for Prem and wine for herself.


Later, Amber & Molly eavesdrop on the phone conversation Dev is having in his office – it appears that the caller wants him to rearrange his schedule at the drop of a hat. Ken ambles the shop; having recovered from his burning obsession to set the world afire with his prose, his biggest decision these days is whether to have a biscuit or something buttered.


Ken has come into Roy’s; Roy is lamenting that Vernon – what????- is missing from work. Roy doesn’t mean to be disloyal, but confides that Very isn’t exactly a paragon of industry. Ken helps Roy clean up…and Ken concedes that he’s love his job back. 




The factory girls watch a couple of chubby tradesmen and lament that working men never look like the buff boys seen on TV. Sean, down in the mouth, holds court with a sticky custard tart; the girls speculate that Marcus has probably gone to London. They suggest Sean send a romantic text, or making Marcus laugh.


As the gang returns from lunch, Sean has written a rather awkward poem for Marcus and is just about to text it when Marcus rings. He is in London, at Noel’s. Sean immdiately takes the huff and it’s fight-back-on again. 




David and Tina relax on the couch. Gail comes in and gently asks if Tina is planning to move back in. Tina says no, that might be rushing things; she’ll stay at her dad’s for now.


That afternoon, Gail pops into the kebab shop for a chat with Tina. Tina assures her that she liked staying at Gail’s, but she knows the signs and has decided that Joe has a woman. She figures she’d better stay home and keep an eye on him; whoever the bird is, she’s sure to be poison ivy as far as Tina is concerned. Gail leaves the shop and rings Joe immediately WHATEVER.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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10 Responses to Update for Wednesday, June 17: Fun’n’Games

  1. haili says:

    When I first looked at that doll, I thought it was Iggy! LOL.
    Dev’s going to have a heck of a time getting away from that diva. She knows what she wants and she gets it. When she’s had enough, that’s it! Maybe he needs to tell her he has a social disease.

  2. Gayle says:

    Why was Roy slagging Vernon off to Ken? Roy seems to forget that Vern ran the cafe single handedly while he was away and Ken quit with no notice. Sometimes I really don’t understand Roy’s behaviour. I think it would be very difficult to be Roy’s friend.

    • John says:

      I think it was just a lazy way for the writers to get Vern out of the cafe and Ken back in. Vern did indeed step up and run the cafe, even going so far as to redecorate it in his own Americanised country-rock style. And he seemed to be enjoying himself. Suddenly, he’s back to being an idle artist? It rang kind of false to me.

      • lovethestreet says:

        Vern really likes to redecorate, doesn’t he? I wonder if he will transform Lloyd’s flat?

  3. haili says:

    There have been a few u-turns by characters. Vern had always been lazy until he ran the cafe and now he’s back in character. Fizz has done an abrupt change after rejecting John but now kissing him. Before that, Dev went from a businessman to a clown.

    At first Theresa was a horrible selfish person who stole from the kabob shop and tried to make Jerry sick (at least) but now she seems to have developed a sudden attack of guilt – or maybe it’s just fear of being prosecuted.

  4. jeanie says:

    Cheese and crackers Kunzie that doll just freaked me out!!!I’m afraid to go to sleep now!

  5. corrierules says:

    I love the Dev doll! Very droll…

    Re the Jerry Morton saga: My mom takes blood thinners and she has her blood tested on a regular basis… sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month. The MDs don’t just throw them at you and holler “keep in touch!”
    This medication needs to be carefully monitored. You’d think that with the first scare, when Jerry was was over medicating himself.. he would have been ordered to have weekly blood tests. So Theresa would have had more restraints in real life. And wouldn’t he have been given some patient information literature about side effects. overdosing? Plus Theresa was his caregiver …. she would have at the very least been given a lecture on the proper use of this medication?

  6. Piper77 says:

    I love how Jerry had brain surgery and his head looks completely undisturbed! No bandages, no shaved patches!

  7. oyun says:

    Thanks Very very good !

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