Update For Episode #6896 June 19, 2009


Roy walks out of the cafe and spots a young lad in the street kicking his soccer ball against the wall. A car comes speeding along and Roy tries to warn the lad. The mother of the lad yells at Roy for some reason (Roy looks a bit dodgy maybe) until Becky comes along and gives the mother what for. Not sure what this plot line was all about.

Aunt Pam comes into The Rovers to show Tyrone her newest idea on how to make some money, the singing fish fad is making a comeback it seems. However, when she takes one of the fish out of the box it starts singing in an asian language of some kind. ‘Do you know Japanese?’ she asks. ‘Spring roll?’ replies Tyrone. Not sure what this plot line was all about either.

Mel and Abi are out on the lash to celebrate the end of Mel’s police training, the girls looking quite lovely. Both are a bit tipsy when they see a group of girls having a fight in the street. Abi thinks they should wait while they call 999, but Mel just runs in to break up the fight, and ends up getting the worst of it. Abi hurries in to help her friend and gets a shoe heel to the temple from one of the girls and goes down in a heap. After the ambulance takes the two girls to the hospital a tearful Mel goes to visit Jerry in his room for a bit of comfort.

This storyline caused a bit of controversy in the UK because it supposedly glamourized violence among teen girls that is endemic in urban centers.

Maria pops home during her break for a quick bit of baby making but are interrupted by idiot cousin Tom (who seems to come from the shallow end of the Connor clan gene pool) who has to tell Liam RIGHT NOW about a deal he has in the works for a clothing line from the excited states. The only problem is they need 50K to get the deal going, which cousin Tom doesn’t have and Liam is unwilling to front, seeing as he is no Roman Abramovich. (gazillionaire Russian oil man who owns the Chelsea Football Club) Gee, I wonder who Tom is related to that might have access to that kind of capital…

Norris continues to bang on about the ‘Emily envelope’. Emily stops by The Kabin and says something about snake hipped ladies and I got all distracted for a bit and missed what happened next.

Darryl wonders where Tersa was the night before, and Jerry tells him that she is a bad egg that he never wants to see again. Jerry shares a similar tale with Gail when she comes by for a visit. When Mel stops by to see her dad before her night on the town he tells her to keep that bitch away from him and the kids.

Sean is bemoaning the fact that Marcus is staying with his ex in good old London town. Julie tells Sean to get rid and then tells a tale of her second fiance and a tent at Glastonbury (music festival) and his ex and so on and so forth.

Later the factory girls are at the pub having a grand old time. Julie gets up to go to the loo and does a faceplant. They all want to carry on drinking elsewhere and Tom invites them back to Liam’s for a party. Things get a little crazy as the debauchery continues. Sean finds Tom outside looking at the stars (in Manchester?) and after a bit of wordplay Sean makes a pass at him. Tom rebuffs this advance and some unpleasant words are exchanged. Sean calls Tom a coward, Tom calls Sean a loud mouth queen. After Sean storms out Tom does try to follow him and apologize, but to no avail. Right about then Kelly comes by and asks Tom if he wants to see her tatoos, and all thoughts of Sean are quickly put out of his mind.

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16 Responses to Update For Episode #6896 June 19, 2009

  1. Gayle says:

    What business is it of Norris’ what Emily has in an envelope. He is not her husband but a boarder in her home. As for Tom what was he playing at…he constantly flirts with Sean and then when Sean makes a move he insults him?

  2. haili says:

    I thought Tom was really flirting with Sean and gave the impression he was gay. Sean has no need to feel bad; it was only a verbal pass – not a pounce.

    Norris has no right to snoop in Emily’s drawers. Bad Norris!

  3. missusmac says:

    Definitely getting some interested vibes off Tom toward Sean, have been for the past few weeks. Still, it’s a little abrupt to dump Marcus, lovely Marcus to advance this. I hate these ripped-off bandaid plotlines. They’re abrupt, jarring and I never quite get used to them.

    I found the rest of the party at Liam’s hilarious. Julie’s dancing reminded me of the scene in Charlie Brown Christmas where the cast dances around Schroeder…

    Stick with Auntie Pam, Tyrone! (And you’ll soon be borrowing money off Jack…)

    • MarkD says:

      I think something is going to happen between Tom and Sean, eventually. Of course it will probably be Sean overreacting to something he thinks Marcus has done, which Marcus won’t have done and we’ll have giant gay drama.

  4. the pink lady says:

    Did anyone else think about the singing bass in the Sopranos during this episode?

  5. joy says:

    Lots of disjointed little scenes in this episode! I did love Julie’s desription of her romantic history.

  6. eila says:

    I’m missing lots of episodes (work gets in the way) and am left wondering why Jerry’s turned against Theresa(again).

    Did he find out she was overdosing him?


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