Monday June 21st 2009 – The “I know it’s Late” Update

UK Time – Friday September 5th 2008

The show opens with Becky and Jason teasing Sean about Tom. They are good friends. Sean catches up with Tom up the street to apologize, but its all water under the bridge.

This Tom fellow is downright lovely. He is also dead keen on the t-shirt business as later in the show he shows Liam the trendy new t-shirts he wants to sell locally. They are flying off the shelves in America, don’t you know? He figures his suit is enough to convince a bank to lend him 50 grand. This reminds me of Steve.

Later, in the pub Sean and the girls are getting their drink on when Marcus comes by to talk to Sean. Instead of talking things out with Marcus, Sean decides to get all sarcastic about the whole thing. A few minutes later, while Sean is clearly using Tom to make Marcus jealous, Maria says something that leads Marcus to believe that Sean has been messing about with Tom. This leads to some man on man action and not in the good sense. Marcus flattens Tom.

In the café, Vernon is busy doing something close to nothing while Ken and Roy run the café. A couple of unsavoury characters come in and are exceedingly rude to Roy. This is Coronation Street shorthand for “criminal element.” They even get aggressive and when one of them forgets his cell phone in the café, Roy is presented with the perfect opportunity to show these guys that there can be a better way.

No matter how many times I yell “no, Roy, just turn the phone into the police” Roy insists on trying to answer the man’s phone when it rings. He even goes outside with it where two of Manchester’s dumbest cops tailing the baddies mistakes Roy for some sort of underworld king-pin.

Eventually, Roy finds the phone number for an “Uncle Charlie” (that must be slang for something) and calls it. Roy makes arrangements for the cell phone drop off. Ken insists on driving Roy to the transfer point, sadly, they don’t take the woody.

Once again we are taken to the Little Buffalo area of Weatherfield, where, on a random street corner, Roy give the baddies the phone wanting to make sure they have learned their lesson. The baddies, coming from the underworld and all, assume that Roy is after a reward and hand him some cash. Spying this from across the road, the cops then descend on Roy and Ken while the baddies get away.

In Other News

Mel visits Abbie in hospital who is very forgiving. It’s ok that due to Mel’s need to involve herself in a gang brawl Abbie has been left with a detached retina while Mel doesn’t have a scratch on her.

Emily was onscreen for what felt like an eternity talking about church picnics. The first chance Norris could get, he looks into that envelope and finds some old photographs. They are of Emily, but I also wondered if they were the stripper pictures she took about 40 years ago while dabbling in professional photography.

Darryl is clearly digging Amber. Who can blame him?

Carla’s breasts are massive, watch as the camera operator tries to hide yet another pregnancy.

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2 Responses to Monday June 21st 2009 – The “I know it’s Late” Update

  1. beanie says:

    Fabulous update Debbie. I have to stop laughing before I can comment.

  2. haili says:

    I wonder if the pictures are just some kind of joke by Rita and Emily.

    Any normal person would have just put the phone under the counter and expected the owner to come and pick it up, Why wrap it in brown paper and put it in a shopping bag when it would fit in a pocket? No wonder the police were suspicious. It was nice to see Becky do something kind for Roy.

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