Update for June 23, 2009 – Straight Outta Weatherfield

(this is the version without the bad words in it)

The Notorious R.O.Y.

After being arrested, Ken is at the police station insisting to them that he is not a drug dealer. The policeman thinks that the big dealers are using the older generation now as they’re less suspicious. In the room next door, Roy is telling them much the same thing, although being much calmer than Ken. His interview notes this and Roy responds, “Well, how would you like an innocent person to behave? Shout incoherently? Start a dirty protest?”

Roy explains that the package they thought contained drugs was simply a cell phone that he was returning and the gentlemen in the cafe were strangers to him and no, he was unaware that they were suspected drug dealers as he didn’t exactly ask.

The cops ask if anyone can vouch for his story and he tells them that Becky, his former employee was there and can confirm it for them. So Becky arrives at the station, despite looking like she’s seen the inside of a few too many. A man tries to chat her up but she says she was there because she put her fella in casualty and she’ll probably beat the rap with a few waterwoiks, see?

Her story checked as the next time we see her, she’s exiting the station with Roy and Ken, who are free men. Unfortunately, while searching through Roy’s coat and always present shopping bag, the cops pretty much tore them apart. He could fill out tonnes of forms to recoup his loss but he just puts the coat and bag in the trash. He thinks they should just put the day behind them and the three walk off, arm in arm.

Later in the Rovers, Roy and Ken disagree over what the day’s events meant. Ken think it means no good deed goes unpunished. Roy thinks it means that civility and manners are more important than ever in a hardening world. Becky shows up with some shopping and surprise for Roy: she bought replacements for his coat and shopping bag. Roy is touched but Becky says if it weren’t for his cheap taste, she’d have never afforded them. Roy offers Becky her job back and she accepts, saying it’ll keep her out of trouble. Ken says this all shows that there is still good in the world.

Marcus Moves On

Tom is still nursing the sock in the jaw he got from Marcus. Liam tells never get involved in a gay love triangle (speaking from experience he is – remember Michelle/Sonny/Sean?). Tom is worried the bruise will turn off the bank manager.

Marcus, meanwhile, is packing his things at Eileen’s while Sean pleads for him to stay. They try to talk it out but it all comes down to the obvious: Sean always puts Sean first. Whether it was the baby with Violet, when Violet left, when he took off to Ibiza with Lauren, Marcus never came first.

So that’s the end of it. He calls Eileen for a cab and he’s seen off by her, Sean, Liam, and Maria who reminds us that it was Marcus who helped her through the stillbirth of her baby.

As he leaves in the cab, Eileen tells Sean that he just made the biggest mistake of his life.

In Other News

Norris tells Rita that he opened that other envelope of Emily’s and he found her will. He gets her house but what’s really important is that he found “racy” photos of Rita from back in the day. Other than a few publicity shots that Ernest took (with the camera Emily would give to his murderer 30 years later, I assume), she doesn’t remember posing for anything racy. And she has no idea why they would be in a sealed envelope.

Tom’s trip to the bank was successful. Apparently the manager was young and thinks yet another stall selling trendy t-shirts from the States is a solid idea.

Carla’s back.

Jerry comes home to find his house has been cleaned by Theresa. He reminds his kids that he never wants her in the house.

Tyrone has made an appointment to go for medical testing. Jason thinks it’s a stupid idea, what with the side affects and all. He also lies to Molly and tells her he’s going to Blackpool to visit a lonely Jack. As he is also running the garage, he’ll be closing it while he’s gone, reckoning that business is in the crapper anyway.

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2 Responses to Update for June 23, 2009 – Straight Outta Weatherfield

  1. Gayle says:

    i really like Jerry but I think he is handling the Teresa situation wrong. He should tell the truth to the two older kids…they are old enough to handle it. But then again Mel has some super hatred towards her Mum and she is a cop so Teresa could end up in jail. So maybe he is doing the right thing after all.

    I’m diappointed in Tyrone how disloyal is he to Kevin to shut the garage and leave? I assume he is being paid to look after things while Kevin is away.

  2. haili says:

    I agree that Jerry should tell the 2 older kids and don’t think it would be such a bad thing if Theresa ended up in jail; she deserves it as Jerry could have died. She is very cold hearted and selfish. She knew she did wrong since she rushed home to try to cover things up.

    Tyrone doesn’t seem to care much about the garage since Kevin cut his hours. I suppose Kevin went on holiday to pacify Sally.

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