Update for Wednesday, Jun. 24: Manoeuvres


Going On Manoeuvres

Going On Manoeuvres

Base Camp Connor – 11:00

Captain Liam and his canine trooper Ozzy are in the living room. Petty Officer Maria comes downstairs, ordering him to clean up the stock in the upstairs room. Liam promises to sort it, and tells her that the clothing enterprise is going to be huge. Petty Officer Maria notices that Liam is pretty stressed out, and offers a little R&R to soothe his nerves as long as Ozzy doesn’t watch. Shortly after Maria rearranges her Gap outfit and meanders off, Major Mess Tom shows up. Liam wants to know from Major Mess what’s up with their loan. 


A while later, Major Mess Tom is on the phone with the bank from Base Camp Conner – his loan has been refused (wow, big surprise there). As Liam comes down the stairs, Tom hangs up but smoothly switches his tune, pretending he’s still on the line and it’s all sorted. He tells Liam he has to pop down to the bank.


Fiz pops into Base Camp Connor and finds Maria straightening up, alone. She was hoping to entice Maria into a night out…however Petty Officer Maria is making special tea….Captain Liam is returning to go on manoeuvres, hoping to bring Operation Icky Nappies to Phase II.


At the factory, Major Mess Tom requests an audience with Commander Carla of Thong Company. He admits he didn’t get the loan. When Carla hears how much they need, she agrees but wants 25% share of the company. Tom accepts her terms but wonders “What am I going to tell Liam?” Carla assures him to leave it to her – she knows how to handle Liam.


Major Mess Tom finds Liam in the Cafe, and promises that the “bank” is now sorted. They return to the house, nervously awaiting the call from the New York office, saying the deal is done. The call finally comes – they’ve got the contract. They bounce on the couch a bit and head off to the Rovers Canteen. In the Rovers, Liam wonders why Tom is a little sullen.


That same day, Private Silly Tully has spent the morning languishing on Eileen’s couch in an orange & red blanket, morosely ringing Marcus. Battery Corporal Becky and Private Parts Dimshaw told him to man up and go to work. Now at the Rovers, Sean pulls Tom aside and apologizes for Marcus’s going Section-8.


Just then, Commander Carla enters and sits down, despite Liam’s attempts to shoo her away. Carla deduces that obviously Tom has not filled Liam in… and is happy to tell him that it’s her money and she owns 25% of the new business. 


Camp Morton – 08:00


Private Doz is drumming at the brekky table and annoying Staff Sgt. Jerry. Policewoman Mel is ready for her first day on the job as a copper. She passes on breakfast and is nervous, saying she’s going to see Abby after work. She gives Jerry a hug and tells him she wanted to make her dad proud. “Let’s be careful out there”, Jerry jokes.


Later, Jerry comes into the kebab mess hall looking for Tina, to give her a thank-you bonus. Private Doz says she’s off duty, and thanks alot for his bonus. Jerry asks Doz to be extra-nice to Mel, whose mission has sucked, of late.


Theresa appears to see the kids. Jerry tells her to get lost or he’ll call the police. Jerry believes she’s sorry, but doesn’t want the kids’ hearts broken with the poisonous truth. That’s why he wants her away.


Reports From The Front:


Jeep Driver Stape shares with Emily that his Granny, Nell, passed away suddenly. Emily offers a kind ear and a prayer. Later he is in the car listening to Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E Minor when Fiz comes by. She finds his taste in music depressing and he sort of blows her off. 


At the Supply Kabin, Quartermasters Cole and Sullivan are duking it out over the violated envelope – his reading the contents, and his inabiity to recall the pictures exactly. The brawl stops as Emily comes into the shop. Norris says they were fighting over pencils, specifically the “to B or not HB” question. Later, the bickering continues in the Rovers, and is again curtailed by Emily, who seems to have nothing better to do than wander around the ‘hood in slo-mo.


The wasps nest on Becky’s head is getting bigger.




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5 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Jun. 24: Manoeuvres

  1. haili says:

    Good update!

    It feels like the writers are at that stage of just setting up a few storylines but not much going on really except that Marcus is gone.

    I suppose the Carla and Liam fling will be on again now that they’re back working together.

    I do hope the pictures in Emily’s envelope are some kind of joke on Norris.

  2. corrierules says:

    I thought that Emily was waaaaay too nice to John Stape. I’m sure Granny died from the shame that John and his shenanigans brought upon the House of Stape. Run, Fiz, run!

    PS Great update!

  3. I think Becky must be channeling Cleopatra with that funky eye makeup.

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