Glacia Drinks a Big Cup of WTF

mrs. robinson

Okay, yes, I can’t even be arsed to post Flaming Nora’s updates.   That’s how bad it is.

But last night’s episode has inspired me….even more than the ‘Karma Bites Liz in the Ass’ scene with her standing there in her torn dress and neon pink cowboy had last week.

Let me just ask the Corrie gods…wtf?!

My first wtf is with Harry.   After being bested by both the wife and the bit on the side, Harry has decided to leave town.

Just like that.  Goodbye I’m going.

It better be that the actor had other roles to play, because if the writers decided that they couldn’t do something with a handsome middle age man with some coin in his pocket and a cheeky word for the ladies…well, they better just hand the writing pencil over to me because they’re clearly using it for evil, not good.

My second WTF was *kind* of expected, but still a bit disturbing.   Last week Tony asked Carla to go with him to some big shindig, which she declined – so he promptly told Rosie to go get a glad rag because she was the second up to bat.

After buying a lovely, but barely there dress – Rosie is humiliated in front of everyone at the Rovers when Tony tells her that he’s taking Carla (who’s changed her mind) instead.

The next day saw a sullen Rosie at work – so Carla suggests to Tony that her take her out for a fancy lunch…you know, some place all Michelin and all.  Tony takes the advice and hauls Miss Rosie out for a bit of wine and dine.

Now, as far as I can gather, Tony is complimenting Rosie in order to manipulate her into doing her evil bidding.  I really don’t get a sense that there’s anything sexual behind.

I don’t, but apparently Rosie does. 

While they’re at the restaurant, Rosie somehow manages to snag a hotel room and as she leaves the restaurant, she drops the key in Tony’s lap.   He goes up to the room and the last we see of the two is her naked back holding a glass of wine, and him saying, ‘Rrrow-see.’.

Even though he went up, I still get a sense that he’s not interested, thus leaving the door open for Rosie to have an entirely cringe worthy episode to remember FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

Oh, and, Michelle’s back.

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14 Responses to Glacia Drinks a Big Cup of WTF

  1. haili says:

    I loved the way Tony dealt with Rosie tonight, calling her a silly little girl! Rosie is kind of forced to be a spy for Tony now – though she’s already had practice at that! Kevin is ready to kick her out and pay more attention to Sophie (who still needs elocution lessons). The Websters were good tonight and it’s good to see Kevin at least try to fight back and pay more attention to Sophie. Even Sally wasn’t nagging him tonight for a change.

    Too bad Harry left. We needed him. And with Vernon gone, and Jerry leaving, we should be soon getting some new characters.

  2. glacia says:

    OMG…THAT was a beautiful moment. Tony has the best lines EVAH.

    “If your father could see you….”

    Complete with Scottish accent, I can practically HEAR my grandmother shelling out shame and humilation.

    Oh yes, jewish and catholic grans might have the market on guilt…but no one does shame like the Scots!

  3. corrieheart says:

    Hi all,

    First, nice photo of Dev and Nina (er I mean Ben and Mrs. Robinson). That was a stirring, edgy scene with Tony and Rosie. I could almost hear the bagpipes in the background as Tony took a hardline. I must say I’m a little surprised that Rosie didn’t save the incriminating photo to use later on (perhaps on Carla’s wedding day?). Now she’s lost all her leverage (plus her phone numbers, possibly even Saj’s – OMG).

    cheers to all,


  4. beanie says:

    OMG!!! It was the accent! I was disturbed by that line and couldn’t figure out why it bothered me so much since I don’t give a crap about Tony OR Rosie. You called Glacia it’s the Scottish accent.LOL

  5. glacia says:

    You know Beanie…you know.

  6. Gayle says:

    I loved the way Tony told her off! It definitely was the accent! I also enjoyed the little scene with the Websters – Sophie is a sweet kid who dotes on her Dad. I will really miss Jerry who is so good to his kids. Goofy Janice is so going to get caught. Skiving off work and then getting loading in the Rovers not smart!

  7. haili says:

    Scots and guilt: they sure can lay it on! My mother was scottish and the aunts and uncles. I just loved Tony and the way he acted with Rosie – but somehow he missed feeling guilty himself and doesn’t seem to have much of a conscience.

  8. Tanzie says:

    So that explains why I am the way I am…My mother was Scottish and my dad was Catholic..I grew up with double guilt!

  9. Tracy Emm says:

    Rosie is such a tart! My father is Scottish and he is getting so annoyed with this storyline that I wouldn’t be surprised if he stops watching it!
    And I noticed that someone mentioned that Rosie and David should get together – ABSOLUTELY! What dramatic storylines could be created with those two! ha ha ha ha

  10. missusmac says:

    I was very impressed with Tony, and his devotion to Carla. He professed his love for Carla, and disdain for Rosie, wonderfully. Really, Rosie was waaaay out of her league on this.

    For the life of me, I could not remember where Michelle had gone. Yeah. I cared that much.

    FYI, I was reading some updates on and it referred to the “newly designed” living kitchen area above the Rovers. So, even the Brits don’t know where that came from.

  11. elocin277 says:

    If Michelle had never come back I don’t think I ever would have remembered she was there in the first place. Says something about the quality of the character, huh? Favourite part of her and Steve together again, him checking his phone while she jibber-jabbered along. Nice.

  12. nwtrunner says:

    I disagree on the Michelle thing – her shiny, shiny, shiny black hair has definitely left an impression on some of us viewers!

    Having been born Scottish with a Scottish (Glasgow) father, I find some of the current lines from Tony to be interesting, tae say tha least!

    He had one where he said he could no longer do something (maybe have sex with Rosie? – I forget…) than he could support Glasgow Rangers, so we know he’s likely a Celtic supporter, or, much worse, like me, Dumbarton….

    And perhaps it’s a sad thing that I remember Tony’s football comment over and above whatever some 17-yr-old girl was offering him!

    Someday, Dumbarton will knock off Rangers or Celtic. Someday! We live in hope.

    🙂 Alasdair

  13. RingRingHello says:

    Third WTF: Michelle’s back. :>/

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