Obscure Football Reference Of The Day


When Jason was on the phone with Sarah talking about her relationship with an Italian, he hoped that she had not been involved with a ‘Gattuso’. Jason is talking about Gennaro Gattuso, long time player for AC Milan and the Italian national team. In an interesting side note, Gattuso met his wife Monica in Toronto while playing an exhibiton match for the Glasgow Rangers.

In another recent reference, Tony made a comment that he was as likely to be interested in Rosie romantically as would be to play for the (Glasgow) Rangers. Tony, in an earlier epiosde, made a comment about how he had a try out for Glasgow Celtic in his youth. There is a long history of Protestant (Rangers) and Catholic (Celtic) antipathy between the two clubs. In yet another Toronto connection Mo Johnson, the GM of Toronto FC, was one of the first players to have played for both Glasgow teams, which caused a bit of controversy at the time.

Tina also made a joke about hanging around Old Trafford, where Manchester United play, so she could pick up a footballer.

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4 Responses to Obscure Football Reference Of The Day

  1. John says:

    I was hoping someone would pick up on the Rangers comment. My friend’s dad worked in the Glasgow shipyards before coming to Canada. He would often be asked by prospective employers if he supported Celtic or Rangers, which back in the day was a way of asking your religion, which would affect your employment, depending on the boss. A lapsed Catholic, he would give the safe, non-denominational answer: Thistle.

  2. Tracy Emm says:

    Yes well, all in fun ofcourse — our family are Rangers supporters, and seeing as how we all hate Tony so much – we were thrilled to learn he is a Celtic supporter! 😉
    I remember Tony’s on-screen comment kicked up a huge fuss with Glasweigan Corrie supporters – it was reported in the Scottish newspapers!

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