Roger Asks…

Who’s Peter Andre?

This is the work of genuis that is Peter Andre….

I think this video explains the baby oil and Toni and Guy Hair Paste shortage of 2007.

In update news….

Rosie is still missing and with the discovery of the bank statement sent to the Websters, everyone assumes she cashed the group lottery ticket and is off on a European tour.

After Darryl bails the singing mother out of the hoosgow, Mel decides that life is just too grim on the street.  After an in depth discussion of ‘Another thing coming’ verses ‘Another think coming’ – she grabs a cab to parts unknown.   And then there were two…the Mortons are leaving fast and furious.

Tony treats Carla, Liam and Maria to a weekend at a spa and while the gals are getting pedicures and wondering if Minnie Driver drives a Minnie…Tony takes Liam to a rather menancing trip to some slippery caves and asks him to be bestman at the wedding, then threatens to push him over the cliff.  JUST KIDDING!!!  Oh ho ho ho….I’m just having you on, mate.  I’d never really push you over a cliff.

As Becky and Jason prepare to move into their new flat, Audrey lets it slip to Mr. Grimshaw that his WIFE is thinking coming back to Weatherfield.  Jason, of course, is pretty much fully prepared to take her back and has been on the phone with her all the time…but he’s putting off telling Becky this.  Michelle overhears David talk about Sarah’s return and confronts Jason about it and tells him that if he’s planning to get back with Sarah, he has to tell Becky.  Jason, can be really a major wimp and says that he wants to see how things pan out with Sarah before telling Becky.   I guess guilt gets the better of him though and he goes to Becky to give her the 411, up to and including that they’re thinking of getting back together.  It goes as well as expected with Becky getting nasty and telling him to take a hike.

FYI, their flat looks NOTHING like the flat in ‘Friends’…but it is awfully cute.

John Stapes gets into a car accident.  He survives, unfortunately.

Auntie Pam forgives the Japanese for war time atrocities and sells some Seeko watches to help pay for the wedding.

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6 Responses to Roger Asks…

  1. missusmac says:

    “Jason, anybody ever tell you you’re a waste of paint?”

    Yowzah! Great line! Felt gut-wrenchingly sorry for Becky. She didn’t bat an eye about him talking to Sarah, was the responsible ‘wife’ and thought it would be something about Beth.

    What’s up with Liam! Wants what he now can’t get…

    • beanie says:

      I believe that during that extended period that we didn’t see Maria and Liam,they were in Switzerland. The Swiss are doing personality implants and our Liam was surely lacking one. I hope they got some kind of guarantee because this one seems not quite the right fit!

  2. joy says:

    Oh, Fizz! Just when I thought you were back to your old self, you go running to John’s bedside! Where has our strong woman gone?

  3. haili says:

    Waste of time, effort and paint was my thought too! Jason was maddeningly slow at telling Becky about Sarah. What a coward he can be – though Becky is a bit scary! I hope she learns not to rush guys so much in future.

    If Liam got a personality transplant, it didn’t take. He needs to go back and get a refund.

    • Modge says:

      I agree, Becky can be scary – although last night she looked quite pretty, without all of that crack-ho makeup she’s been wearing lately.
      If anything, Jason should be afraid of being sucked back into the Platt family dysfunction vortex.

  4. Gayle says:

    Jason infuriated me last night! What a jerk. Why does he want to reunite with Sarah- all they did was argue. He wants to go back in living with Gail, David and the odious Tina ugh! I felt really sorry for Becky she tries so hard to find love.

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