Rules for Becky


#1.  Do not expose to men with commitment issues.

#2.  Do not expose to water.

#3.  Above all, no matter how much she begs and pleads do NOT feed Malt Liquor.

So last night Becky decides to go to work to forget her troubles, which almost works until Jason comes in to ‘explain’.  

Oh Jason, Jason, Jason…leave it.

Anyway, this goes as well as expected and when Becky asks if he actually ever cared about her or if she was just the ‘caretaker’ girlfriend until Sarah came back, Jason hums and haws.

This leads to Becky:

  • leaping over the bar to pummel Jason
  • threaten Kevin who tries to break up the fight
  • make out with a bouncer at some club ‘in town’
  • throwing herself at some guy for a drink
  • stealing a girl’s wallet
  • drinking 2 litres of malt liquor on the street
  • flash her ‘Earth Kitts’ and some guys in a car, before chasing them down the streets waving a lead pipe
  • smashing the window of a travel agent offering cheap flights to Italy.  ITALEEEEE!!!!! DON’T SAY THAT WORD!!!!
  • trying to rip the side mirror off of Bill Webster’s work van

Seriously, that girl…when she has a breakdown she has a BREAKDOWN.

Anyway, Steve finds her the drunken mess that she is and takes her to Roy’s – who takes care of her and tries to sober her up.  Becky proclaims that Roy is the only decent man on earth and the only one she’ll love.   Steve steps out of the shop … quickly.

Fizz picks of John from the hospital and when they get back to the street she tells him that she can’t give up on him and that she wants to give it another go.  He ends up staying the night at her place after his own professions of love – and somewhere inside I just died a little.

Liam and Karla had a conversation, but I literally fast forwarded over it….I care JUST that much.

Leanne and Jance had a conversation (see my notes of the previous sentence).

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50 Responses to Rules for Becky

  1. Bea says:

    Poor Becky, sob, Men are Pigs!

    Sorry, I know you aren’t all Pigs, just Jason. But to be fair, his brain is just below his waist.

    I know, I know, Sarah’s mat leave is almost over, and they have to squeeze her back into the story line. But, I am not looking forward to the old Gail-David-Sarah thing starting up again. Old, old, old.

    I was really impressed with Becky’s athletic performance when she jumped over the bar.
    I can only imagine her disappointment when Jason let her down. After being homeless, then jail, then a hostel………well, having her own place with the best looking guy on the street must have felt like she’d died and gone to heaven.

    All I know is, her head’s gonna hurt in the morning.

    And, where is Rosie, anyway?

  2. beanie says:

    Becky was magnificent flying over that bar! I’ve dreamt of becoming Superwoman! OK maybe not the rest of her night LOL

  3. John says:

    Rule #1 – Never run out of Colt 45:

  4. haili says:

    Billy Dee’s voice makes me want to start drinking again! It’s been so long I forget what malt liquor is. Is it whisky? Strong beer?

    Jason is just so stupid he might even rival Kirky at times. Why would he be dumb enough to come into Becky’s place of work and try to talk to her after dumping her? Will he ever learn? It reminded me of the song from Chicago “He had it coming” when Becky leaped over the bar and attacked.

    Oh Fizz! Will you ever learn?

    As for Carla and Liam – ho hum.

  5. Alfie says:

    Becky wasn’t drinking Malt Liquor, it was Cider. That is her get messed up drink of choice.

    Here’s an excerpt from a British newspaper:

    In a clear echo of binge culture Britain, Rovers Return barmaid Becky downs a bottle of cider as well as her sorrows.

    Grabbing a metal pipe, she then smashes a travel agents’ window before running down the road and attacking a police car.

    News of the exciting plot development comes just days after health experts dubbed Coronation Street the unhealthiest soap on TV.

    The programme, set in the fictional Salford suburb of Weatherfield, sees most of its characters regularly eating greasy fry-ups and fish ‘n’ chips and swilling pints in the Rovers Return.

    Health experts say the poor diet, regular alcohol intake and lack of exercise by the characters is a poor role model to the show’s audience of millions.

    …and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

  6. Long time lurker says:

    Poor Becky. Haven’t we all been there at some point in our lives (I mean falling in love with men who turned out be total jerks; not her complete self destruction that evening – well, maybe just a little of that as well).

    Does anyone else think that John Stapes may have something to do with Rosie’s disappearance? It’s just when you combine what he said to her in the taxi a few weeks ago with one of his lines to Fiz last night – I can’t remember it exactly, but it was something like “Now you tell me…”

    • beanie says:

      Fizz..I want to try again

      Stape..NOW you tell me.

      Silly me…..I thought he was going to say that he’d joined the Foreign Legion or something.

  7. Laura Scholz says:

    Laura says, I don’t think Sarah is coming back. When you leave Corrie street you come back at the producer’s discretion when they want you to. I think Rosie is locked in John Stape’s grannie’s basement. I totally agree about Liam and Carla. I love Aunt Pam and Julie though. Also where has Kirky been for the past month?

  8. corrierules says:

    It’s so wonderful having our Corrie updaters back.

    John Stape makes my flesh crawl. Just sayin…

  9. Cayenne says:

    I think Long Time Lurker and Laura may be right about John Stape having Rosie. He was in quite a rush to leave Fizz in the morning, “I have to go feed the cat”… He still gives me the creeps, don’t like him and don’t trust him for a minute, I wish poor Fizz would wake up!

    Oh, and I hate Liam!!

  10. missusmac says:

    Cayenne, you could be right along with LTL and Laura. That must be one HUNGRY cat to make a man with hurtin’ ribs put it’s food at the top of his to-do list.

    Fizz, your head is in the clouds. This man is a jerk, at the very least.

    Jason was trying to see if anything went wrong with Sarah, Becky might still be available. I don’t think he was really trying to apologize.

  11. kunzie says:

    Hi gang!!

    Long time no type! I’m moving house so too busy picking fights with the mister about future use of the basement wet bar to be of much use on our fine forum.

    Fully agree, I think Rosie is in Granny’s basement. I think Stape took her there to punish her for the loss of Fiz…and then Fiz came running back. Rumour has it Miss Webster tried to squeeze out a tiny window only to be wedged therein by her enormous lips.

    I really felt for Becky. Jason is moronic in his treatment of women, whether it be Becky, Sarah or whomever. One-eyed monk leads the way, brain follows way later.

    I think I am utterly alone in this…….I love Liam and Carla. I think they burn up my screen. I don’t care how sweet and misused Maria is (and she is). I know Liam is being an absolute dawg, and no I wouldn’t like it if it was me. But I just can’t help myself!!! My swooning when these two fence-and-kiss has earned me eye-rolling and comments from Mr. Kunzie such as “you’re disgusting!” So moral, and makes a good scratch soup, too.


  12. haili says:

    I have to agree with Cayenne and wouldn’t mind if Liam got bumped off. He has this dumb look on his face and his mouth hangs open a lot. He had his chance to find lust and happiness with Carla but chose Maria; and now he’s going to make her miserable. And he wears stupid T-shirts and mumbles a lot, kind of like Marlon Brando in his younger days – minus the sex appeal.

    Carla, I love to hate and she’s a more interesting character than Liam. Loved her costumes for the wedding and the baby’s funeral; so wicked witch-like. I also enjoy Tony, who is lots more interesting than Liam.

  13. Long time lurker says:

    Wow, we Corrie Canuckers should be on retainer with the Weatherfield Constabulary! Cayenne, since I have two cats who tend to be extremely demanding, I didn’t think anything of John’s constantly needing to go back to feed grandma’s cat, but now that all seems to fit together.

    I think it’s quite telling that in all our discussion of Rosie and John and Liam and Carla, there is no mention of Janice “fessing up” and her subsequent arrest. Is it just because we’re not surprized; or not all sypathetic? I was sad to see Roger leave her but obviously even all of his good points were not enough to change Janice.

    • Cayenne says:

      LTL, I also have 2 cats and they can be VERY hard to ignore when hungry, but also didn’t think anything of John leaving to feed the cat. It’s only after reading your comments along with Laura’s that I got to suspecting!

      Kunzie, loved the comment about Rosie getting stuck in the window by her lips!

  14. Pauline says:

    Well, did anybody do a slow mo of Becky flashing those fellahs in the car? LOL.
    I have to admit I was shocked when I did a slow mo on my VCR…you actually saw “the girls” as she was braless. LOL.

    • beanie says:

      No shit! I’ll look back on the DVR. LMAO though Pauline, I would never have thought of slow mo ing. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  15. haili says:

    I was glad to see Janice confess and show she has some goodness in her character – though it rarely comes to the surface anymore. Leanne must be pretty worried now. I’d hate to be Janice and living on that street with lots of enemies and no friends. Will she still be working at Underworld? Dan won’t get the money for the shop now and this could lead to another departure.

    I liked Roger and was sorry to see him go.

  16. S. Poole says:

    Mmmmmm…. cider. =)

    Pattern developing here, Love Becky, hate Jay-shun Grimshaw. Love Fiz, hate John Stape.

  17. fondue123 says:

    Hmmm, how can I put this…I can totally understand Fiz taking John back. Have any of you ever forgiven anyone? It seems to me that divorce is so prevalent these days precisely because fewer people take the time to dig deep; forgiving someone and moving on is tough. Seems to me that Fiz struggled hard with this, and came up with a decision that was right for her…now John has to live up to the faith she’s placed in him. Won’t be easy, imo, because I too think he’s a duplicitous jerk. We’ll see, but I think this is the start of a very honest, and multi-layered, and realistic story line. For a change. My two cents.

  18. haili says:

    Yes, but Fizz and John weren’t even married – so why go down that road again? Buying flannel pjs for Fizz and sexy undies for Rosie was a real slap in the face too. Then there was the matter of lack of ethics involved with having an affair with a student, also the many lies. He could have made a choice but decided to keep both of them on the string.

    Maybe Fizz has lost confidence in herself and thinks she can’t do any better than John. These affairs have that effect on people who lose their self-esteem after being cheated on.

  19. Debbie says:

    Jacqueline, I love you.

  20. fondue123 says:

    I realize Fiz and John are not married. I still think there’s a bond there. I have friends who’ve been through this sort of thing, it’s not easy, nor is it as black and white from the inside as it looks from the outside. All I’m saying is that it’s up to her, and if this is the choice she’s making, I hope her friends and family support her in this, the same way they supported her when she was down. Ok I’m freaking myself out, THESE ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE!!! lol!

  21. elocin says:

    Hey guys. I have a question for the long time watchers. I’ve only been around since about 2000 (I blame the schools and bad parenting).

    I was thinking that maybe John Stape had Rosie too, but then I thought that on all of the ‘big’ stories on Corrie that I’ve watched so far (by big I mean the ones where someone dies) the audience always knows whats really happening as it goes along, for example we all saw Richard messing with Audrey before he took the header into the river with the fam.

    If John has Rosie and the writers have left us completely in the dark would this be a new style for Corrie storylines? Has that happened before?


    • Mary Prankster says:

      I don’t think we’ve been left completely in the dark. Stape has already kidnapped Rosie once, even if it ended innocuously. I think the teacher in him can’t help trying to make her understand what her actions have caused, even though her selfishness makes that impossible. I just wonder, if he has got her stashed at his grannie’s, how she got there from the hotel room where Tony left her. Surely she wouldn’t have voluntarily got into his cab again, after the last incident?!

  22. haili says:

    fondue: I have to keep telling myself that these are pretend people! I remember with Bill and Hillary how people judged Hillary, but she had political motives for staying and lots of ambition. I think Fizz doesn’t think she can do any better than John and is flattered that an educated older guy is in love with her. She’s too good for him IMO but doesn’t know that yet.

    Carla and Liam had another little fling tonight and I’m wondering where Tony was. Lurking outside again?

    • fondue123 says:

      haili: I agree, I hear a lot of judgement when this stuff happens publicly, and I find it hilarious to count down how quickly the press shifts from titillation at what HE’s done, to condemnation for whatever course SHE decides to take. If she decides to step away from the situation and divorce, she’s an unforgiving bitch. If she decides to stick it out and forgive,she’s naive, or has other motivations. Bottom line, I think we’re never privy to all the facts, even with 24HR news feeds, nor should we be.
      You’re probably right about Fiz, and she’ll have her eyes opened soon enough. I just thought that having her make this choice at this time is a pretty realistic portrayal, and if he messes up again, it’ll be even more realistic. People don’t give up on their significant others after one, two or even three discretions, major or otherwise. It’s usually a lot more messy, muddy and angst-ridden. Exactly what we’re seeing played out on Corrie, actually.
      P.S. Tony creeps me out. But then so do Liam and Carla.

  23. fondue123 says:

    elocin: They have characters disappear for months at a time and never really explain where they are. Funerals, weddings happen and mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, bestest friends don’t show up. Occasionally, we find out people have children we’ve never heard of (Bet Lynch, for instance). But I’ve been watching since the seventies, and I can’t think of any other time they’ve kept us completely in the dark during a plotline like this. Kinda fun isn’t it?

    • elocin277 says:

      It is 🙂 I think I may like it better this way.

      • corrierules says:

        It’s good not to know. But I am bad and have no willpower. I read the previews and the UK websites.

      • Long time lurker says:

        Maybe they got some new writers with new writing styles, especially after the “meh” writing that we’ve noticed and commented on for the last while.

  24. haili says:

    I have no willpower either, but the recaps don’t tell us everything – and that’s a good thing. They leave a bit to the imagination and I tune in for details!

    It’s a good thing we don’t get spoilers for our current shows and don’t know a lot about the actors; it seems more real that way.

    • elocin277 says:

      I avoid the updates like the plague. They totally ruin it for me. I accidentally opened a page and saw that Liam and Maria got married about 6 months before it happened and it drove me nuts knowing what was coming.

      I haven’t been able to find any Canadian updates on a page that doesn’t have british info. The site seems to be down.

      • Barbee says:

        The csvu site is permanently gone. (Thank heavens as it had become a serious liability on a work computer.) You can get visual updates at now, although Mike seems to have lost a lot of the humour that made his updates so entertaining (mop moments, Dierdre’s invisible man, etc). The site also has spoilers pretty front and centre. I am now far preferring our lovely Canuck site where most of the readers are as amusing and clever as the actual update chroniclers.

  25. Long time lurker says:

    Am really not liking Liam these days.
    What got into his shorts all of a sudden?
    Is it the fact that Carla’s wedding is imminent?
    It all seemed to be ok again until Carla bought into his new business venture.
    Really, just show some self-control, Liam.
    I feel bad for Maria, even though that marriage should never have happened.

    • corrierules says:

      The whole Liam-Carla saga almost makes me yearn for the days of the switched babies story. Liam is most dislike-able these days. The “where’s Rosie?” story is done well and as always, I enjoy the interplay between Norris and Rita.

  26. beanie says:

    I try to not look ahead but I have a few times and always seem to find out something MAJOR. Most times it’s still great to watch things happen. I knew well in advance that Fred was going to die on his wedding day. I was still shocked as heck though when he dropped dead in Audrey’s foyer LMAO

  27. Trudy says:

    I was wondering about new writers too. It seems that people are leaving left, right and centre.

    The postcard from Rosie is strange. They didn’t mention where it was from though. I agree with most of the posts here that John has her stashed in Grannie’s house.

  28. tanzie says:

    Ok..i’m sorry..its probably very obvious..but could someone please tell me what IMO (as in post # 22) or IMHO means? Thank you

  29. Mary Prankster says:

    I prefer to think of looking ahead as “satisfying my insatiable curiosity”! ;-} Also, one of the pleasures of following fictional characters lives, besides being able to yell at them with impunity for their stupid behaviour, is that we can see disaster approaching without having to actually experience it. Knowing something’s coming enables us to practise our people signal-reading skills, something we don’t get the opportunity to do that way in real life.
    e.g. John Stape appears so well-intentioned and sincere in his feelings towards Fizz, but we know he’s been self-deluded and duplicitous before, so it’s interesting to watch to see if he’s sending signals, or giving clues that she’s missing or ignoring, like that apparent slip of the tongue some people noticed.

  30. Gayle says:

    I am so not liking Liam these days. He acts like a teenager, certainly dresses like one. I can’t see this business with him and the cousin doing very well. All they seem to do is drink and kiss Carla’s ass.

    The thing between Carla and Liam makes me sick, she is getting married, but really don’t think she loves Tony at all.

    I know Maria isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but she certainly doesn’t deserve to be cheated on.

    I don’t understand why Carla hasn’t fired Janice, she stole from her fellow employees.

    • elocin says:

      That’s a good point, about Carla not canning Janice. That doesn’t make sense…

      • Long time lurker says:

        I think Carla is too wrapped up in her own skull-duggery these days to give it too much of a thought.

    • corrierules says:

      Ahem…at least Janice didn’t cover up a death in the factory. Carla cannot really stake a claim to the moral high ground.

      But I agree, I would not want to work with Janice again.

    • corriecrazy says:

      Wasn’t Janice one of the factory’s best machinists? Or was that Kelly Crabtree? Maybe Carla thinks she’s suffered enough with all of the threats and things Janice has been receiving from the girls.

      Or simply, maybe it’s showing us that Carla’s personal life is taking away from her business responsibilities. And clearly, Tony is too busy… What with escaping abduction charges and playing paintball.

      Fab updates and insightful comments everyone! You make the Corrie experience doubly exciting.

  31. colleen says:

    I too liked Carla and Liam.I believe that their’s was a love and a passion long suppressed and in the end they could not keep away from each other. I liked their interactions and Yes! they did burn up the screen. I am Very upset that they killed off the character of Liam. I for one will miss him.

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