Quickie Update


Too riddled with guilt over Sally worrying about her daughter,  Janice goes to the Websters and confesses about the lottery ticket.    They fight over who gets to kill her first.    Janice of course is now on everyone’s shit list at the factory and Roger ups and leaves her.

Kelly gets a job at the Rovers and while she’s behind the bar she tells Dan about the lottery scam.  He is furious with Leanne, telling her that she is sick to mess around with a kid.

Liam is having some performance problems with Maria…but it’s only because he’s saving it all for Carla.

Becky gets arrested over her antics on the previous night.  She tells the police that she was with Steve all night as her alibi.  Steve of course is not happy to hear that he has to testify that he was with Becky all night…but Becky tells him that if he doesn’t she’ll tell Michelle about their 3 minute indiscretion.

Dev makes reference to The Krankies…. Fan-dabi-dozi.

After watching this….Mine, like Joolie’s, faith in humanity is shaken.

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4 Responses to Quickie Update

  1. haili says:

    I wondered why Kelly was behind the bar when Sean was also in the Rovers. How many barmaids do they really need? Oh, I forgot, Michelle doesn’t do anything.

    Becky was disappointing when she gave Steve as an alibi. He was decent enough to take her home but this is how she repays him? That girl can be so likable one minute and so nasty the next.

  2. tanzie says:

    Why couldn’t they just tell Michelle?? She seems to like Becky, helped her move, then ward off Jason. If she knew that Steve found her and that she used Steve as an alibi but nothing happened, then just tell Michelle and she can be in on it as well. I think she’d protect Becky.

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