Update for Tuesday, July 28. “Well, she is loquacious. I’ll grant you that”.

Broadcast date: October 10, 2008.

Big Liam Lets Little Liam Do The Thinking

the_incredible_hulk_bill_bixby_imageDespite the fact that Liam should have caught on by now that Tony is on to him, he just can’t keep away from Carla, nor she him as despite some initial protests they’re in the bedroom getting her wedding dress off.

Back at the Rovers, Michelle and Tom are having a drink with Tony. Michelle mentions how great Carla’s wedding dress is and how even Liam liked. He popped over this evening with some info about the stag do, you see. This surprises Tony who takes his leave. Outside the Rovers, he looks like he is about to go from Bill Bixby to Lou Ferigno. Luckily, Lloyd’s cab is right there so he gets him to take him to Carla’s.

When he arrives, Liam and Carla have just barely gotten their clothes back on. Liam quickly exits, ignoring a call from Ovulating Maria. Tony kisses Carla, saying, “You taste nice”. I shudder to consider just what he is tasting.

Oh, Maria, this one’s for you:

As Liam walks home in the rain, Tony watches him from the balcony, as lightning lights up his enraged face. Tony swoops his black cape about him and strides back through the door.

Macdonald and Hooch

10.-Turner-Hooch_imagelargeSteve’s not too keen on the idea of lying to the police about having an affair with Becky, given that Michelle would surely find out. Becky is sure that this will provide the alibi that she needs.

She also reckons that if they keep it discreet with the police, Michelle need never know. Otherwise, she’s going to blab about their one night stand (or twenty second stand, as Becky puts it).

Steve goes down to talk to D.C. Hooch (formerly of “Turner and…” fame) and confirms Becky’s story. Hooch, being the sharp reader of human nature that he is, can’t believe that Steve would go for Becky when he has Michelle.

Hooch, not being such a sharp reader of human nature, doesn’t get the very basic reason men cheat: because they think they can get away with it. From Bill Clinton to Silvio Berlesconi, it’s just how (some) men are wired.

When Steve arrives back, he tells Becky the news and they both reckon they’re home free, even if Michelle walking in on them still makes them jump.

In Other News

Darryl’s in the shed, macking on Amber when he is interupted by Teresa who suddenly needs to tell him that the kebab place can’t afford Tina. His mum offers herself in her place which Darryl refuses. So Teresa goes to the shop and insults Tina long enough for her quit. Though, really, she probably guessed as soon as Jerry left town, things were about to go downhill. She finds Darryl in the street and tells him she’s through selling dog meat to drunks.

Meanwhile, Rita, who needs some help in the shop, overhears Tina’s tirade and figures the girl has some promise.

“Well, she is loquacious. I’ll grant you that,” adds Emily.

Meanwhile, Tara Mandel, who reminds me of CBC’s Geeta Nadkarni (they have the same Mumbai accent) is trying to get her mack on with Dev but it’s all very awkward as Dev is worried about Nina’s spilling the beans about their own affair. She tries to kiss him but he backs off. She makes a quick exit. But what will become of the Manchester Asian Business Network?

Leanne and Dan are done. He says he could handle her being an ex-prossie but he couldn’t handle her being an ex-human being. For that, he gets a pint over his head.

The Websters have decided that, after confirming with King Bono of Ireland, Rosie is not over there that she may be in Holyhead, Wales. At least that’s what her postcard said. I imagine a postmark may confirm such a theory. Anyway, Bill and Sally are going to drive to Holyhead to look for her while Kevin and Sophie hold the fort.


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13 Responses to Update for Tuesday, July 28. “Well, she is loquacious. I’ll grant you that”.

  1. Gayle says:

    I must say I am loving having the updates back! No other guestbook compares to this one. Cheers!

    We have certainly had a lot of cast members leaving over the past couple of weeks: Jerry, Vernon, Mel, Kylie, Findlay, Harry, Roger and Dan (have I missed anyone?) Hopefully we’ll get some new interesting characters to take their place. I will really miss Jerry and Mel.

  2. haili says:

    Liam and Carla are getting pretty bold. That giant bow was well place to hide her tummy.

    Nice exit for Dan and good that Leanne has gone to talk to Janice – though it’s probably to make sure her name isn’t mentioned.

  3. Trudy says:

    The look that Tony had in his eyes!!! I was waiting for his teeth to grow 3 inches longer.

    • Modge says:

      When Tony came out of the Rovers I thought for a minute he was going to morph into Mr. Hyde.

      Although I realize the reason for its placement, that big bow on Carla’s wedding dress is horrible, it ruins the whole look – that dress doesn’t even look like anything that Carla would wear, although it’s probably been Clintonized now anyway.

      Little Liam is certainly making Big Liam fly a little too close to the sun. I hope she’s worth it…

  4. corrierules says:

    I agree: it’s wonderful to have the updates back.
    As for Liam and Carla — that’s why VCR remotes have fast forward buttons.

    Somehow these two must have had personality transplants and it makes for very boring viewing. No chemistry at all and yet we’re asked to believe they would wreck a marriage and an engagement because of their passion for each other. And remember, she’s his dead brother’s wife. Ick nast.

  5. haili says:

    I agree: Liam and Carla are boring and without chemistry. The actor who plays Liam seems to just go through the motions and acts like he wants out – which he probably did at the time. It can’t come soon enough for me.

    I also love having the updates back.

  6. corrieheart says:

    Hi all,

    You can add my vote to the nomination of Liam and Carla as most dull characters on the street. Liam is like some kind of love zombie with a one track mind but no depth. Carla is a professional vamp with no discernible personality. Their scenes together actually make me look forward to hearing more about Norris’ back problems (and I never thought anything would do that). Thanks for the updates.

  7. beanie says:

    It’s official! Liam has knocked Jason out of “Biggest Lump of Duh” on the street.

  8. elocin says:

    Who else had to google ‘loquacious’ to remember what it meant?


  9. beanie says:

    LMAO I had a peek at Corrie Facebook and someone said “I think Jerry ate Rosie”

  10. corrierules says:

    Watched the Lily Allen video. The Corrie Canuck goodness never stops. LOL

  11. glacia says:

    Wasn’t Loquacious one of the Borg?

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