Fun With PVR’s and Update Situation


I noticed something on Tuesday  and if you have a pvr or some other recording device….do the ‘Leanne pours a pint over Dan’s head’ scene in slo-mo.   You’ll notice that his hair is ALREADY wet as she pours the pint over.  Methinks they had to do that scene over and over again.  Methinks I also have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands.

Just to give you the 411 on the updates; we’re not back in full force yet.    Your beloved updaters still have a few summer commitments (personally I’m busy trying to find my shrimp dumpling recipe), but we got our Shatnerian back and I’ll try to post updates when I can.   Slowly but surely we’ll be back in September renewed and cheeky as ever.

Meanwhile last night saw:

Liam and Carla go on and on and on and on and on and on and on…..with no real resolution.

Tony’s stag (which by the way looks AMAZING with the Tony masks and ‘Tony’s Tartan Terrors’ shirts) is under way and he spends a lot of time make sly remarks to and about Liam all the while making those googly eyes.   I don’t know…I’m kind of digging Tony right now.  Oh who am I kidding I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tony!  But then I’ve always liked a good looking villian, me.

Rita offers Tina a job in the Kabin while Norris is off with a bad back.  Glacia recommends ‘Rodney Yee’s Back Care Yoga’, ‘Rodney Yee’s Abs Yoga’ and ‘Rodney Yee’s AM/PM Yoga’ as a cure.   Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything….

D.C. Hooch comes ’round to question both Becky and Steve about their dirty affair.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand a menancing postcard arrives at the Webster’s doorstep.  The back of the card has written out in magazine letters, ‘SOPHIE’S NEXT’.   Ummmmm….the postman must have LOVED that one.

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19 Responses to Fun With PVR’s and Update Situation

  1. eps says:

    Man, I wish the Tony masks and tartan shirts were available on ebay.I would certainly snatch up one of each.

    The schedule change is really a bummer. I can barely make it home from work to catch the 7pm show. Why don’t I program my VCR? You may well ask. In May Comcast (cable) FORCED all of us to go digital. One can hook a VCR up to it but cannot preprogram it. I called Comcast re: this and the guy said, “Sure you can record a program. Just hit the record button on your VCR when the program starts”. That is to say one must be with the TV when the desired program comes on. Does me absolutely no good at all.
    Sounds like a system Liam, Tom and Jason devised.

    I never see Liam and Tom do any real work. They just seem to “meet” and drink. What gives? How does Tom support himself?
    I would trade Tom for the return of a number of the recently departed.

    • Bea says:

      Crap! Is that how digital works?
      How come every time technology advances we loose something?? I hate that!!
      Oops! Guess I need coffee. ;o(

    • glacia says:

      Can I recommend the PVR? Honestly, it’s one of those gadgets that I can’t live without…you just say which programs you want to record one time and you’re set.

      I’ve had one for a couple of years and it’s well worth the cost, especially since I don’t watch a heck of a lot of television. I just say, okay baby record this show and this show and when I get the time I’ll watch them.

  2. haili says:

    glacia: I too love Tony and hate Liam.

    What would a PVR cost – approximately? I love my VCR/DVD combo but if cable pulls a switch, may have to get one. Do they have to be constantly re-programmed every time the hydro flickers off?

    I like the 7 p.m. time and have to wonder why CBC does these things.

  3. beanie says:

    You said it Glacia! A PVR (it’s DVR with cable) is the way to go. Even with last minute schedule changes it auto records your shows FOREVER! Corrie and Mad Men and I’m a happy gal.

    • beanie says:

      Haili you can rent or buy and even buy refurb. Most cable CO’s have them too. I liberated myself from ‘The Bell Monsters’ a while back and Cogeco gave me a brand new one free for 2 years for switching. You can now have your phone (landline) with cable too. I am Sans Bell and loving it!

    • Bea says:

      So, you’re saying this gismo knows when the program is on?? It’s smarter than me, and I like that. ;o)

      • beanie says:

        It does Bea. When Corrie switch to afternoons I forgot and turned it on at 7 whoops. Thankfully my DVR had taken care of it. One thing though…I can’t talk to mine like Glacia does.

  4. glacia says:

    I think they cost about $200…but I’m not sure. I rent mine from Rogers at about $15 – 20 a month (not sure because I have the bundle).

    Yes you can record it to record a program, one time, every time it’s on a specific station at a specific time OR everytime it’s on a station at ANYTIME.

    It doesn’t loose what you’ve programed if the power goes out or you unplug it.

    If it turns off (for whatever reason) during a recording, then yes you lose that recording, but not the instructions you’ve given it.

  5. Long time lurker says:

    The Tony masks give me the creeps. Way too many Tony faces for my liking. A room full of Tonys – scary! Mind you I suppose that’s better than a room full of Liams these days – dull and stupid!

  6. John says:

    My cable provider sells PVRs for $399 but they rent at about $20 per month. Ours happened to be free because we asked to rent one, they delivered it, and sent us a bill for $399, and made a big deal out of changing it so I complained enough and it ended up being free.

    So…check with your cable provider and see if you can sweet talk them into a free PVR.

  7. beanie says:

    I thought the Tony masks were creepy too but they scared the crap out of Mr.Bean. He couldn’t even look at the TV.

    Wouldn’t it have bee funny if each one had a loose dangling eyeball.

  8. S. Poole says:

    Who wants a Tony mask? I do! I do!

    Follow link below for .pdf file… I bloody love his accent.

    (If ten people grab one someone please re-up it to rapidshare or another similar site, thanks)

    Your file has been saved and can now be downloaded 10 times. It will be deleted after 90 days without download.

  9. S. Poole says:

    Och wee, another 10 creepy masks, just in case.

  10. haili says:

    Thanks for the PVR info. I think I’ll wait until the VCR packs it in as cable is kind of complicated here. My condo fee pays for basic enhanced but when I wanted to get the computer via cable, it couldn’t be done as the cable comes in the front of the house and the computer’s at the back. It involved permission from condo. board to have more cable put in, unless I go wireless which means buying something else; so I gave up and got Bell for the computer and phone. Sometimes (often) I just take the easy way out. The PVR does sound good though.

  11. Pink Lady says:

    Loved the Tony masks, too. Somehow, they made me think of “The Prisoner” (another amazing brit show). Where would I find such a mask? that would be telling…

  12. joy says:

    Loved the boys’ banter at Tony’s stag. I always enjoy Lloyd, Steve, etc. when they are just filling in background chat.

    Who turns to Leanne for advice? “Yes, you should break several people’s hearts because Liam now says he wants you even though he chose to marry Maria. And, no, you won’t be bored with him in 5 years & he won’t be cheating on you by then.”

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