Obscure Football Reference Of The Day


When the girls go into the swank restaurant with the dreamy waiter, one of the girls mentions that ‘Wayne and Coleen’ are known to frequent that establishment. Wayne Rooney is one of the big stars for Manchester United (formerly of Everton) and the English national team. Coleen is his high school sweetheart, now wife, and soon to be mother of their first child. ‘Wayleen’ are often targets of the British tabloid media for any number of reasons.

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5 Responses to Obscure Football Reference Of The Day

  1. eps says:

    I do believe that the waiter was the fellow who played the character
    of “Salvatore” in Footballer’s wives. So of course he’d know the scoop. (just kidding about the scoop part)

  2. Ivan says:

    Ti si moj idol…
    najbolji si… 🙂

  3. Amara Ambrose Saidu says:

    Rooney,your wife so beautiful that i am very happy that you have a wife like that.I really want to know about your very self because people use to say that you were once a Boxer.Is ti true ? or not i really want to know.

  4. Moody69 says:

    Rooney u r great player ur wife is so beautiful and sexy so don t try to make here upset have a nice day ,

  5. mizo-roon says:

    my superstar also like chicks why shouldnt we.. hey gal ure over the moon cause you got the ROON

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