Update for Tuesday, August 4th, 2009. Things Will Be Great When You’re Downtown

Corrie Time – October 17, 2008

Previously on Corrie

The Stag and Hen parties were going full bore. The ladies got a stripper named Zorro. The lads were off to see some strippers. Maria was going to tell Liam that she was pregnant. And she got to listen to Petula Clark in the cab on the way downtown.

So it looks like everyone was going to be happy after all.

Cheese and Crackers! Liam just got hit by a speeding car! It would all seem so random and tragic if Tony hadn’t leaned in very closely to Liam as he breathed his last:

“Son. Husband. Lover…Roadkill.”

And thus, Liam Connor is gone.

We pick up right after as Tom is frantically waiting for the ambulance. Tom thinks there’s still a chance but Tony tells him to stop pretending. Just then Maria arrives and sees her husband lying on the ground. Jason gives her the news as Tony tells her he sorry. Maria, understandably, loses it. She leans down to tell him that she came to tell him that they were having a baby.

The ambulance arrives and Liam is seen to by the paramedics. Kirk consoles his sister as Tony looks devastated by the news of the baby.

Steve calls Michelle to tell them there’s been an accident and she and Carla rush to the scene, only to be told that everything was done to revive Liam. He’s gone. Carla and Michelle also lose it. The paramedic assures Steve that it would have happened quickly and Liam wouldn’t have suffered much.

In the saddest scene, Maria places Liam’s hand on her belly to tell him that he was going to be a father.

The men come back to the Rovers to give the news and by now, everyone has pretty much sobered up. It’s Steve who gets the task of telling Ryan that his uncle Liam has died. Ryan can’t believe it as they had plans to go to Newcastle to see Manchester City play Newcastle United. He was excited because it would be his first time seeing St. James’ Park. (They tied.)

At the hospital, Tom is voicing suspicion that the car never slowed down, as though it was deliberate. Tony tells him that it was just an accident.

Back at Carla’s, Tony tells her that he never realised how much she loved Liam. He’s quite masterful here, and in the whole episode, really. The evil side is content that he got what he wanted but the human side is just beginning to fill with self-loathing. When Carla goes to bed, Tony sneaks out and walks to the canal and under a bride, where he pulls out the wallet that Liam had gone to retrieve when he met his end. Tony had it on him the whole time which proves, of course, it was all planned.

In Other News

Tina and David barged in on Darryl and Amber’s night of passion which would have been cut short anyway by the return of Dev. Her maidenhead remains intact for another night.

Tyrone is really good at selling “Hugo Ross” clothes. Auntie Pam reckons it’s on account of his honest face with nary a hint of guile.

And just so you know, CBC trimmed the scene but, in the original broadcast, when Michelle and Maria arrived home, they were driven by John Stape, who, again, begged off as he had to feed his late gran’s cat. Fizz noticed some large scratches on his face, which John blamed on the cat.

That’s some cat, I tells ya.

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52 Responses to Update for Tuesday, August 4th, 2009. Things Will Be Great When You’re Downtown

  1. haili says:

    They should have had subtitles for the accident episode as I only got the odd bit of dialogue; too much background noise. The masks and tartan T-shirts were a nice touch and it was quite eerie but would have been a lot better if I could hear the conversations.

    I thought Tony was feeling remorse when he saw Maria and a bit stunned at what he’d set in motion. I’m hoping we’re not in for weeks and weeks of Michelle weeping again. So there will probably be a funeral instead of a wedding anytime soon as surely they won’t just go ahead after this. Sad to say, I was kind of rooting for Tony and won’t miss Liam.

    • Long time lurker says:

      Haili – I use the close captioning function on my TV for Corrie and a few of the reality shows (in those, they’re not real actors so they don’t enunciate; plus a lot of them have various American accents that are often difficult to understand). I find that really helps, especially my first few years of watching Corrie.

  2. fondue123 says:

    R.I.P. Leeyum. Big episode,long awaited. I have to say, the scene where he gets hit was very well-done…not that I was cheering or anything…
    I do feel sorry for Maria, can’t that girl catch a break????
    I couldn’t understand half of what those guys were saying either Haili!!!! Between being outside, and playing drunk, those northern accents got too thick for me…it was like they were underwater. And no PVR, or even VCR, to rewatch, boo-hoo.
    Is the wedding scheduled for the day after the stag/hen dos? Of course, if so, I can’t see it happening as planned. But was it to be the next day, anyone know? (BTW, could never understand the concept of getting kaylied the day before your wedding…).
    And, ok, I know the reason they showed us Tony under the “bride” (haha, sorry couldn’t resist!), tossing Liam’s wallet into the canal was so that we knew beyond any doubt that Tony was responsible. But really, I don’t get why Tony would have kept the wallet in the first place. He took the wallet to make sure Liam had to return to the club for it, thus putting him in the right place/time for the hit-and-run. But why didn’t Tony just steal the wallet and actually leave it in the club? It would certainly help to verify Tony’s story about the wallet being the reason Liam had to go back. Why keep it and dispose of it in the canal, to be found later, I’m sure, and become an issue? Would they not ask why the wallet was in the canal, not in the club? Is this just sloppy mystery writing, or have I missed something?
    And just by the way, nothing good can happen to the tune of “Downtown”. Just sayin.

  3. corrierules says:

    So Tony had the wallet all along, just to lure Liam into the street. And to help things along, Liam was wearing a yellow sweatshirt with a big bullseye target on the front.

  4. glacia says:



    Other than Maria, I’m not sad about any of this. I freakin’ love Tony.

    When he took the money from the wallet before tossing it over, oh man…that’s special to me in ways you can’t imagine.

    After spending all night trying to dispell the Scot as a tightwad, taking the money was a extra special ‘@$%$@% you’ to Liam.

    ‘You know what? I AM a cheap Scot!’

    I think I’m begining to love Tony more than I loved Charlie.

    John, I got to see the cat scratch scene. Maybe there’s a Quebec edition of Corrie.

  5. Piper77 says:

    I love Tony!!! I too saw the John / Fizz scene but think they cut a scene about Sophie and Kevin. My digital TV guide had a line like ‘Sophie realizes Kevin’s suffering’ but alas, no Sophie or Kevin.

  6. fondue123 says:

    ok glacia, that is a great reason for the wallet scene…I share your delight.
    And I have to agree, Tony is fun to watch. I really enjoyed the cigarette scene too, what was it Tony said to Liam? Enjoy, it might be your last. HAHAHA!

  7. Trudy says:

    I hate those digital TV Guide things – they give the plot away in one line.

    You have to feel sorry for Ryan the most. Loses his father, Uncle Paul, gets a father, loses Uncle Liam and misses the soccer game on top of it!!!!!!! How much can a kid take?

    • Piper77 says:

      I hate them too! That’s why I’ve set my DVR up to manually record at a specific time rather than searching for Coronation Street. Too many times I’ve read the episode description and found out exactly what happens. Albeit, this time I knew Liam died due to internet spoilers…I suppose I will never learn.

      • fondue123 says:

        I suspect most Corrie watchers are spoiler junkies. Except for the strong, saintly few. I know I’m not proud of it, and it does ruin things for me, but damn! I can’t seem to help myself.

  8. missusmac says:


    Just joking. I too found out by spoiler a while ago, but didn’t see the actual episode. Will have to watch it on Sunday.

    The tartan and masks and face paint seemed so strange in the midst of what really was a touching scene when Maria put Liam’s hand on her belly. Seeing Steve, Lloyd and Jason turn away in dismay — in unison– after Maria divulged she was pregnant was also gulper!

    Never thought I’d feel sorry for Carla, but she looked like a trapped animal.

  9. corrierules says:

    Loved the scenes at the Rovers, with all the ladies running wild. Rita’s got it goin on!

    But honestleh… everyone in the street hates Carla’s guts. The factory girls for sure. But there they were, cheering her on.

  10. Gayle says:

    I found the scene in the Rovers very strange. Why on earth would Carla (who’s heart is broken)go the Rovers? That’s the last place I’d go. Why did they throw a party for her, no one seems to like her at all. I love the show but sometimes I really don’t get the writing.

  11. haili says:

    My theory about the wallet is: Tony took it in case some honest person spotted it in the bar and tried to return it, and he took the money to make it seem like a robbery if it’s ever found. His thrifty Scottish upbringing wouldn’t let him just throw money away anyway!
    I think he really did feel bad after what happened and sorry for Maria, Michelle and Ryan, especially when he found out Maria is pregnant. Lucky for Tony that Liam died instantly and didn’t linger for ages, or recover.

    I agree that any reason for a party is good enough for those women!

  12. John says:

    I didn’t mention this in the update but did anyone catch Liam and Carla’s separate conversations about smoking? Both said the last time they had a cigarette was 16 years and they only had half, as in, it was shared.

    Is this the first time we’ve heard that they actually did sleep together before Carla married Paul? I thought the affair was a relatively recent thing.

    • Modge says:

      But did they actually “sleep” together, or was it just sharing a smoke? I didn’t take it to signify a former sexual liaison, sometimes a smoke is just a smoke.

      Besides, if Leeum was in fact the love of Carla’s life, why would she have let him go the first time?

      • Piper77 says:

        I caught that too. At first I thought they were trying to reference a specific event – like Dean’s death – but that would have been too early. I don’t think they had an affair before. I think they might just have been trying to remind us how long they’ve been a part of each other’s life and how complicated things were.

    • fondue123 says:

      Interesting theory John. I noticed the parallel “last smoke” thing, but never went further. Hmmm. Think I’ve heard them reminisce about old “favourite” songs from back in the day. Aren’t they the same age, while Paul was a bit older (Carla chose him because he had better prospects for becoming rich)?

    • glacia says:

      First of all JOHN, it was 13 years, not 16. God, it feels so good to be all Trekker about facts.

      I think that it was supposed to be some lame ass way of suggesting they were soul mates so that we’d feel bad about them not being together.

      Instead of cheering Tony the hell on.

      I wonder if the hatered of Liam and love of Tony is cultural. Did this story line get a totally different response in the UK than it does here?

      • fondue123 says:

        You should do a poll Glacia! Who’s glad Lee-yum’s dead? (that’s not very nice, I guess, but words to that effect!)
        Full Disclosure: I did not like Lee-yum AT ALL. I will not miss his slack-jawed stare, nor his fuzzy mumble-y talking. I’m pretty much glad he’s gone.

    • joy says:

      I wondered about that, also. And recently, Carla said “It’s always only been Liam.” I couldn’t remember if we’d gotten the full back story on them.

      • John says:

        I always thought it was an issue of unresolved tension rather than an old affair but then, I simply could have missed it when it was mentioned before.

  13. MarkD says:

    I love Tony, glad Liam is dead, he was a whiny baby and I’m sick of listening to all my friends say how hot he is (was). Tony is much sexier.
    The entire Liam and Carla thing was getting tired.

    Also, I love the ‘corrie time’ at the beggining of the post. Can we get more of that in future.

  14. MarkD says:

    Regarding the shared smoke. I think that was to indicate a past sexual encounter, as in the after sex smoke.

  15. kunzie says:

    I am utterly alone in my enjoyment of Carla and Liam. I guess I am discovering I have a taste for the shallow and banal. I was driving down my new street yesterday and found myself screeching, “Oooh, look! A Bulk Barn!”.

  16. corrierules says:

    While watching my Corrie tape today, I looked at the plaid t-shirts and wondered,
    “Is that the Gordon tartan”?

    Just Googled it and guess what? It is!


  17. papasmurf1964 says:

    I did some looking around on the interweb thingy and have found mention of a liason between Liam and Carla 13 years back.

  18. missusmac says:

    I just remember Carla saying, at the beginning of their first torrid affair after Paul’s death, that as a young’un dating, she said “well, if it doesn’t work out with Paul, there’s always Liam.”

    There have been many references to them growing up on the same estate, slags against her mother, etc.

    I liked Liam and Carla, I thought they had a ton of chemistry. It was this on-again, off-again weird stuff I didn’t like.

    Between Rosie’s disappearance, and Liam’s death, this must have been a ratings bonanza for Corrie. Does anyone know what audience reaction was to all this at the time?

  19. haili says:

    Funny, I didn’t see any chemistry between Liam and Carla, but then I never particularly liked him. I’m surprised to hear they’re the same age and thought she was older, maybe because he dressed like a kid. Anyway, I much prefer Tony.

    If they were such soul mates, why didn’t they marry or live together years ago? Maybe she married Paul because he had more money.

    I dread the buckets of tears coming from Maria, and especially Michelle – yet again.

    Now maybe we’ll get to see what kind of “cat” John is keeping at grannie’s place.

    • corrierules says:

      I think the “chemistry” began when the actor who plays Liam said he wanted out. Tony is giving Richard Hillman a run for the money… whatever they did they did out of love and to protect that love.

    • glacia says:

      Carla…looks a HELL of a lot older.

  20. Cayenne says:

    OK, new topic: John and his “cat” Rosie Webster! I knew he had her locked up at Grannie’s but she kind of seemed not bothered about being there. I mean she wasn’t tied up, didn’t try to make a run for it when John opened the door, seemed pretty stroppy with him about being late with her food. Did anyone else get that impression?

    I too hated Lee-yum and I’m glad he’s dead. I cringed everytime he and “The Black Widow” (as my Dad calls her) kissed. Zero chemistry. And yes Glacia, Carla looks WAY older. Give me Tony any day!

  21. missusmac says:

    It looks like Kunzie and I are alone in our Carla/Liam admiration society! Liam was 34, according to someone the other night who said ‘But he was only 34!’. Carla looks to be 36-38?? Wonder how old the actress is in real life?

    Go Rosie! I’m not surprised she’s all over Stape. She is a total cow, and not even kidnapping and possible death would keep her from being a bully. Interestingly, she’s the only other character who knows Carla and Liam had an affair. Wouldn’t be good for Tony if she shows up again.

    The Maria meltdown has begun…

    Anybody else liking Amber and Greasyboy? How about Dev and Tara?

  22. Tanzie says:

    Ok..according to the internet (don’t go looking, major spoilers) this is the age thing… Carlas b-date is 1977, the actress that plays her tho, was born in 1973. Liam’s b-date is 1974 but the actor who plays him was born in 1976. So in real life, Carla is older than Liam by 3 years, but on Coronation street Liam is older than Carla by 3 years. Think i got that straight..

  23. Gayle says:

    I’m liking Amber and Darryl together. I think Darryl is a way better kid than David ever was.

    I also thought Carla looks a LOT older than Liam. But then Liam dresses like my 21 year old son. When Liam first came on the show I thought he was attractive but once him and Maria hooked up and all the junk with Carla he totally lost his appeal.

  24. MarkD says:

    I never read the descriptions that Rogers puts on their guide. We were talking about this the other day regarding this show. I said I bet it will say “Liam dies” it didn’t but it wouldn’t have surprised me. Anyway, if you don’t want your show spoiled I suggest never reading the show description.

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