Update for Tuesday August 11, 2009. Misery.

Corrie time October 24, 2008

John and Rosie are still reenacting the movie ‘Misery’ as Rosie tries to make good her escape. She makes it as far as the door when she discovers the cockadoodie thing is locked! From the inside! John drags her back upstairs with great effort, leaving her in the attic for the next week. She is so inconsolable that it hasn’t occurred to her that she could try to break the door down while he was out.

John goes to a pub where he disposes of Rosie’s wallet and takes her bank and card and PIN with him.

When he gets to Fizz’s he explains he was running late. Fizz notices the tear in his shirt and John says he got it repairing a car, even though Fizz remembered that he didn’t know owt about cars. She jokingly wonders what other secrets he has. THAT’S CALLED FORESHADOWING KIDS!

Funeral and Wedding Misery

Maria is still too distraught to go to see Liam at the wake, even at her in-laws’ urging. Michelle went, though, and she’s said she half expected him to jump up out of the coffin and say “Ha! Gotcha!”

Carla thinks it was for the best that she didn’t go and quietly thanks Leanne for taking her out of telling everyone about her and Liam.

When Carla gets back to her place, Tony is there with the Vicar, discussing the wedding. Carla then tells them that, because of what she’s been through, there will be no wedding.

Lourdes Misery

Deirdre’s not too fussed since she found out the only reason she’s getting a free trip to France is that she’ll be expected to wash the behinds of all her mum’s friends. Ken suggests she take her Marigolds.

Blanche’s friend keeps calling her “Daphne” but Blanche corrects her, saying her features are too coarse for a Daphne.

When they get back, Ken gets a call from Peter, who tells them that Lucy has died. (for a quick history of Peter and Lucy, go here) Ken asks how Simon is handling it when suddenly Peter hangs up. Not sure what is happening here, given that Lucy promised Peter that he’d never see his son again. Maybe they got back in touch after all.

In Other News

Molly tells Tyrone and Pam about the call she got about the dress fitting for the wedding dress she thought she’d never afford. Ty and Pam try to convince her that she should get the dress anyway but she counters that, like Colin Farrell, the dress is out of her league. Molly’s a pretty girl and any guy would be lucky to have her so no insult intended to her when I say that, given Colin Farrell’s sexual history, I don’t think he’s that fussy.

Anyway, Ty convinces Molly to go for the dress.

Tara and Dev go back to his new flat for sexytime but it turns out Darryl has been making sexytime with his daughter. Dev goes into a rage and throws Darryl out while Amber protests that they are a proper couple. Tara tries to calm him down but he ends up insulting her so she leaves. Darryl moans to his mum that Dev will probably forbid Amber from seeing him and instead will set her up with a nice businessman. With a suit and all.

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16 Responses to Update for Tuesday August 11, 2009. Misery.

  1. Bea says:

    This was a great episode. I laughed so hard when Darryl came out in his undies.

    I also wonder about the Peter/Lucy/Simon story. I like the way they bring back characters who have disappeared for a while. Just like in real life.

  2. corriecrazy says:

    Who keeps their PIN in their wallet next to their bank card? That sounded kind of crazy to me. Do people do this? I actually end up feeling bad for Rosie which, in my opinion, shows us that the actress isn’t as flat as she’s come off in the past. She has some depth.

    Unlike Michelle…

    Who even after the death of her husband and two brothers still conveys the same ol’ “I’m sad” face.

    Also, brownie points to Alison King and Helen Flanagan [who play Carla and Rosie, repectively] for pretty much baring it all makeup-wise. I think it takes a lot for actresses to do that, especially the ones who are always glammed up. Michelle’s character, and the actress, should take note of this.

    One last thing… I hope this call from Peter will lead to him calling ’round the Barlow’s with or without little Simon in tow. I love the actor Chris Gascoyne who plays him. And there’s definitely a few openings for new/returning characters with all of the departures we’ve had recently!

    • fondue123 says:

      My daughter lost her wallet while in Australia a few years back. She called in a panic, asking us to cancel her bank card. I said, no one can use the card without the PIN, and how would they know the PIN? She had to confess she’d written it on a slip of paper, stored in her wallet right beside her bank card. To tell the truth, it’s not too bad, this was one of very few “duh” moments she’s had, and she’s 21.

  3. corriecrazy says:

    Oh wow… that turned into quite the essay! Sorry for rambling! =)


  4. haili says:

    It was a good essay!

    I got a few good laughs last night, mostly at Darryl and Blanche. She was horrible to Dierdre and I don’t envy her that trip to Lourdes.
    Tara should have been really put off by Dev.’s display of temper and I don’t remember him ranting like that in the past.

    I agree, the actresses who play Rosie and Carla are doing a great job and thought Michelle wasn’t as annoying as usual.

    I’m hoping Rosie finds something to use as a battering ram to break through that door. She needs to be more resourceful. Maybe she could use the tiny fridge.

  5. Diane/tvor says:

    People do keep their PINs in their wallet but you wouldn’t think someone as young as Rosie would. I guess she’s more of a PINhead than i thought 😉

    As irritating as Liam’s mother is being, at least you can tell she’s grieving and Carla too. You’re right, Michelle should be every bit a wreck. She’s lost a husband and two brothers to car accidents. Liam’s mother might not have liked Carla very much but let’s face it, Carla has known the family for a long time, too, and even if she hadn’t been Liam’s lover, she would have been close to him and her grief is just as real as theirs.

  6. corrierules says:

    Rosie has had several opportunities… there’s lots of stuff in that attic with which to bash Stape. I thought of that when he was bent over, head in the fridge. Or she could try to unscrew the door off its hinges while he’s out. I guess she’s never watched McGyver. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mcgyver
    And how and where does she go to the bathroom?

    • Bea says:

      I have to agree, Rosie should have tried harder to escape. Those old fashioned locks that lock from both sides are pretty easy to pick.

      As for the bathroom, I recall John mentioning that there is an onsuite.

      The other night when I was watching, a funny thing happened. Rosie clocked John and he fell forward and then everything went black, (on my screen). I was so engrosed in the story, it took me a couple of seconds to realize that the tape had ended, and my tv had shut off.

  7. Gayle says:

    Corrierules – there is an onsuite, I caught sight of it the other night. If I were in Rosie’s shoes I would grab anything I could and bash his head in!

    Tara should head for the hills what a jerk and hyprocite Dev is! My husband who barely watches the show commented what is she (Tara) doing with him he looks a good twenty years older than her? I don’t understand why her Dad is so keen for her date Dev, is he unaware of his history of impregnating his staff?

  8. beanie says:

    I don’t think John took the card, he left it in the wallet with the pin# and planted it where he thought someone would find it and use it thus buying him a police diversion and a week with Fizz. He also gave Rosie all her credit cards back.

  9. tanzie says:

    My husband went away for a few months, requiring me to do the banking. Having alot on my mind as we were moving etc., I was afraid of forgetting my PIN number, so I wrote it on the inside of my jacket. That was in April..I must of looked quite the sight in June, wearing a jacket to do my banking..especially looking inside while at the machine lol. Probably looked like some weird bank machine pervert lol.

  10. Barbie says:

    Thanks for the update John, I missed yesterday’s episode. I love Peter Barlow and sure hope he comes back for a while. Does anyone else remember when he worked at the bookies and stole the money from the safe to buy the business? He got away with it too.

  11. Piper says:

    I wonder if we will get an update about wha Adam Barlow is up to. Didn’t he leave town with Peter to go work togethe?

  12. haili says:

    When I first got a pin number, I hid it within an address as a house number. eg. 1212 Pine Ave. Of course you have to remember the phony name of the person with the address.

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