Update for Wednesday, Aug. 12th: Oh just pour lemon juice in my paper cut, why don’cha.


A bitter end to a few things....

A bitter end to a few things....



Liam’s Funeral


Maria meets Ryan on the street as she’s out for a morning walk. He says his grandad is driving him nuts trying to have man-chats with him. He’s trying to be Liam but he isn’t. Maria comes back inside and shares with her parents that she feels badly for Ryan. Mother wants Maria to turn her attention to her own day and not worry about others.


Tony slams out of the bedroom tying his tie, which seems akin to twiddling an evil moustache these days. He accuses Carla of embarrassing him by blindsiding him in front of the vicar. He says he asked the vicar over so that Carla would have some support. Carla says no, it was a pressure tactic. She clarifies that she said the wedding was off, not the marriage. She wants to postpone the wedding. She thought the difference was obvious. Tony begins to complain about the cost of cancelling. Carla says if it’s a problem, then she’ll pay, so just shaddap.


Tony pressures Carla to go to the funeral because it doesn’t “look right” if she’s absent. He says he doesn’t understand her degree of grief, given it’s not her husband, father, or someone she was intimate with. Can I beat the haggis out of this bulgy-eyed moron? Carla explains her sensitivity, saying it all reminds her of Paul.


Maria and the Sutherlands make small talk as they wait for the funeral cars. There is a knock at the door; it’s Audrey. The hearse and cars pull up. Maria dissolves into tears yet again, saying none of it is fair. She pulls herself together and heads outside with her dad. Inside the hearse, the casket is draped with flowers, including posy letters that spell out ‘Liam’ The Street residents slowly emerge from their homes, making a sad tableau as Maria stares through the back window of the hearse. The mourners get into various cars and the procession to the church begins.


A lovely irish vicar greets the hearse at the chapel. He is very patient and kind, and says it’s okay for Ozzie to participate; after all, Christ had an ox and an ass in the manger, surely they can handle one labrador.


Michelle has yet to break down and make this all about her.


Tony & Carla turn up; Carla is transfixed by the hearse and numbly follows Tony inside.




Liam Connor is carried into the church, as a choir sings ‘Abide With Me’. Tony is a pallbearer. Ozzie tries to get down the aisle, whining for Liam. Kirk tells him to shush. The service is candle-lit. Maria weeps silently. Ozzie looks super-cute and heart-tuggy. Carla can take no more of this and runs outside. In the churchyard she sobs uncontrollably.

Dev’s Debacle


A very tense morning ensues at the Allahan flat as Amber slams cupboard doors purposely to annoy Dev. Amber says she’s over the legal age of sexual consent. Dev is none too pleased and tells his deflowered daughter that Darryl Morton isn’t even on the bottom end of the food chain. What he means is, “he’s dog-rough, even for you.” She in turn calls Tara a floozie.


Dev is in the shop later, and apologizing to Tara over the phone. He regrets his outburst and says it will never happen again. Mid-call, Nina walks in. Dev, deciding he is done being dicked around by Nina, blows Tara kisses into the phone. Dev tells Nina he’s way into Tara. Nina says that Dev’s not good enough for Tara; he’s not marriage material. “Who said anything about marriage?” Dev retorts. End it or I shall, Nina threatens. The debate turns into a rather loud street argument. Nina drives off, supposedly to tell Prem and Tara. Dev panics.


Prem is surprised to receive Dev as a visitor; Dev says that he needs to talk to Prem. Prem invites Dev for lunch, but it’s not a lunch sorta visit.


We rejoin this scene after Dev has apparently revealed his affair to Prem. He says that Nina drew him in, much as he tried to resist. Dev breaks down in tears as Prem slaps him. Prem asks if he got fed up with the wife and thought he’d test-drive the daughter. Dev begs Prem not to tell Tara.


We see that Nina is standing quietly in the doorway. Before she can protest, Prem orders her to go wait in the drawing room. He has another belt of scotch. He says Dev is a huge disappointment. He agrees that the affair should be kept from Tara , but orders Dev to end his relationship with Tara. He wants no more to do with Dev and neither does the South Asian Business Group.


And that is that.

Like Steve McQueen!


Becky meets Steve leaving for the funeral and tells him she’s got her bail hearing that day.

At the police station, she waits nervously for the ballbreaker detective who has been doggedly trying to return her to a life of chipped beef and unshaven legs. He squares off with her, but she is wise to the system, knows he has no evidence and knows he is holding a refuse-charge form indicating she is free to leave. She does a little jig in the police station and with a whoooo-hoo! exits stage left.


In other Newski


Vicki shares with her co-workers that there’s been a development about Rosie.



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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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36 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Aug. 12th: Oh just pour lemon juice in my paper cut, why don’cha.

  1. haili says:

    I guess it’s Tony pouring the lemon juice and Carla finally cracked up. He really has been putting the pressure on ever since Liam died and she was right to postpone the wedding. Michelle has been a tower of strength for a change and all the other Connors have kept it together pretty well considering it’s the second brother/son to die.

    LOL at the tie-tying compared to moustache twirling. Tony sounded just like my older generation Scots relatives, being so concerned about what people would think and how things would look if Carla cancelled and didn’t go to the funeral. For a woman who was so determined to see the body, she was pretty reluctant to go to the funeral.

    I like the solemn way they do funerals with all the ritual and everyone in black.

    • Bea says:

      I really feel sorry for Carla. I had never liked her before, but now I see the different sides of her character.
      She was in love with Liam, but was banned from going to the viewing. Then at the funeral, she had to make her way into the church on her own, with no one to comfort her.

      Carla seems to have no friends besides her inlaws, and they make sure she knows that she is an outsider.

      I can’t remember. Was her MIL that mean to her when Paul died??

  2. TracyEmm says:

    Thru all the sadness and drama of last nights episode, the thing that struck me the most is:
    Dev proclaims his love for Tara to Prem??? How on earth can he be in love with her already? The whole storyline bothers me, I cannot stand Nina (the way she speaks and acts) – and find it all quite ridiculous. I just can’t seem to ‘get into’ that whole storyline! I did however love poor Daryl, caught-out in his tighties! ha ha ha ha!

  3. beanie says:

    Great update Kunzie thanks! Just a couple of things……

    1) Mr.Bean noticed that Ozzie just magically appeared at the church even though he didn’t leave the house and get in a car.

    2) Did anyone notice Prem’s ears? A STOP AND REPLAY MOMENT if there ever was! Hubby thought he was wearing dangling earrings but on closer scrutiny he has dangling lobes! Then they showed the top Spock points! WOW I had to replay a 3rd time because we hadn’t paid any attention to what was said.

    3) Dev crying like a baby was really weird. Is that an East Indian thing? When you disappoint your mentor?

    • cheeky grrl says:

      Astute observations, beanie!

      I had noticed Prem’s incredibly distracting (freakish?) earlobes, but they were usually overshadowed by Nina’s atrocious over-acting.

      Didn’t you love how Prem pinched Dev’s cheek (in a grandfatherly way) and then turned it into a SLAP?! Hilarious!

      And as for cute little Ozzie, I’m hoping that he morphs into a Littlest Hobo-type character. Ozzie could lead the police to the hit-and-run driver through a series of barks and the tugging of clothing.

  4. haili says:

    Maybe Ozzie can lead the police to Rosie too. What a hero!

  5. Modge says:

    Has anybody else noticed the striking resemblance between Kirk and his mother? I’m finding it rather distracting, just staring whenever she’s on rather than listening.

  6. Diane/tvor says:

    Did you notice that Prem didn’t seem particularly shocked that his wife was playing away although upset it happened to be his new friend. I’m pretty sure she’s got a history of this, craving adoration and attention and he just looks the other way because it’s not usually so close to home. That’s my take on it anyway.

    • Long time lurker says:

      Actually at the start of the whole Dev/Nina/Prem “aquaintence” I had this feeling that Prem and Nina were, together, planning her liaison with Dev – open marriage; Prem having problems in the bedroom?

      • beanie says:

        When Dev said he needed to talk, Prem said “I hope it’s not what I think” or something like that. He was expecting it. Mr.Bean has thought from the start that Prem and Nina were setting Dev up for something.I find the Indian accent very confusing. I never know if someone is happy or sad or serious or joking.

  7. eila says:

    Yes, I thought the same thing.

    At the beginning of this storyline, Prem points a couple out to Dev (at the golfcourse) and informs him that they’re swingers.

    Maybe the writers had a mood swing…?

  8. haili says:

    Dev is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde these days. From clown to raving maniac with that awful temper. Poor Amber.

  9. missusmac says:

    Nina made it pretty clear she brought all her boy toys to the hotel she and Dev stayed at her. The massive overacting Dev did when he discovered “WHAT?! There were OTHERS???” is etched in my mind…

    Dev matching wits with Darryl’s mom will be interesting, to say the least. Funny, that of all the family, Darryl and what’s-her-name are the only two left on the street now. Did we ever learn where Grandpa and his teeth went?

    Lucy’s dead and Peter knows about it? I’m really surprised. I thought Lucy vowed that Peter would never see the baby (Simon?) and she was off to Australia. However, if it brings Peter back, bring ’em on back.

    I have NOT looked ahead, but does anyone else remember Peter hitting on Maria during his last trip back? Would she go for a bigamist this time around?

  10. haili says:

    I remember that but Peter just wanted a little fling at the time. He seems too old for her but maybe looks older because he’s a drunk now and quite scruffy.

    Did anyone else notice that now Janice is drinking with the girls again? They are a forgiving lot. And who re-decorated the Rovers? Liz? There is red wallpaper in the bar and wildly printed red wallpaper in the back now.

  11. Gayle says:

    Those factory girls certainly are a forgiving lot.

  12. beanie says:

    Modge, I had to have a look this morning at Kirk’s mum. You are sooo right! Who knew they could find a woman who looks like Kirkeh?

  13. Barbee says:

    Re: Kirk’s mom – she really looks like someone who has moved to Portugal (or somewhere hot & sunny – can’t remember exactly).
    Ozzie – I remember Kirk leading the Ozzie out of the house to the limo.
    Dev – that whole story line is ridiculous. Dev barely knows Tara and if I were her I would run as fast as I could. A manipulative family as I remember thinking when Prem first arrived on the scene.
    Amber & Darryl are great together. Although I find Darryl telling his mom all about it a bit odd. I’d like her to go and Gerry come back.
    Diedre & Blanche and the trip to Lourdes provided some welcome comic relief. I was laughing aloud.

  14. eila says:

    Dev was brutally condescending to Tara the night he found out about Darryl and Amber. She should have taken a warning from that, instead of coming back to be dumped.

  15. missusmac says:

    I was stunned at Liam’s mother, in her tirade at Carla in the pub, stooping as low as calling Maria’s dad a total stranger just to get a jab into Carla. “A total stranger had to step in and take my son’s coffin.” WOW!

    Yes, he had never physically met Liam, but he is his father-in-law, is Maria’s dad, and the OTHER grandfather to Liam’s baby. Not very classy of Helen, and shows just how much she hated Carla.

    I found myself cheering for Carla when Helen came to make her ‘apology’. “I should be grateful that you’re not slagging me off?”

    How long Tony is willing to put up with Carla’s grief, before needing to spill the beans that he knew about the affair?

    And speaking of class, Peter, Peter, Peter!!! Apparently it’s tougher to give away a child in a pub than it is to sell “Hugo Ross” fire-damaged shirts.

  16. romeozulu says:

    I’ve been gone for a couple of months and wasn’t able to keep up. I watched the omnibus this w/e and a couple of questions need to be answered (if anyone is kind enough to spare a couple of minutes to respond). Liam killed off!?! How did they do it on the show, and why? I’m assuming the young, good looking dude became too big for the Street…
    What happened to Jerry? He was growing into one of my favourite characters, and looked like he could’ve3 had a long life on the show. Again, his choice, or the producers? And they replaced him with his shrewish wife? Pleease!
    And one more – what’s with the Rosie abduction? That John fellow doesn’t seem to make overly good decisions, does he?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. haili says:

    Tony had Liam bumped off by a hit and run driver (Jimmy). Jerry took the kids to Spain to avoid Theresa. We didn’t get to see Rosie’s abduction but John was supposed to have pushed her into the car and up into granny’s attic.

  18. Terry says:

    Did you notice Carla’s tall black Kiss boots when she was crying outside the church? Verra Verra Carla.

  19. romeozulu says:

    Thanks for the update, Haili. Bad news about Tony – another one of my favourite characters about to go the Richard Hillman route. And still, the producers let Janice go on, and on… Is Jerry (actor) on vacation, or has he been written out permanently?

  20. missusmac says:

    Hey, Haley is coming back!! Some sanity on the street.

  21. haili says:

    I believe Jerry and family are gone for good – all except Daryl and Theresa.

    Rosie struggles on in her feeble attempts to get out. I only hope she gets out soon.

    Haley coming back is good news and I too enjoy Tony.

  22. beanie says:

    I’m wondering what the point was of bringing in all those Mortons to begin with?

  23. haili says:

    I think there were just too many Mortons for people to get attached to any of them. They should rethink the size of families they bring in all at once. I still have trouble remembering all their names and now don’t have to bother!

  24. howdi says:

    I never noticed Prem’s ears. I had to watch on Sunday to check them out. Those lobes would be flapping like flags in a stiff breeze.

    Good observation about casting Kirk’s mom. Strong resemblance.

    This site makes Corrie watching much more interesting. I sometimes get tired of some of the silly story lines.

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