Update for Tuesday, August 18, 2009. The not so great escape


My PVR didn’t record Corrie tonight so this will be an open thread to discuss tonight’s episode. But from what I understand, this happened:

  • Norris’ sexy ladies lingerie was the result of his entering a contest in which “Noretta Cole” described her dream date with Pierce Brosnan. He claims it’s because he can’t resist contests. I think it’s because he can’t resist Pierce Brosnan. Keep in mind he also gave away one of these boxes to Molly so God knows what she thinks about that.
  • Rosie tried to escape through the skylight but to no avail. In fact, she ended up underneath the bookcase she was standing on.
  • Maria discovered all those texts Carla on Liam’s phone.
  • DC Hooch is still trying to stitch up Becky so she snogs Steve in front of him. Just so happens Dan Mason saw the whole thing. Turns out Hooch tried it on with Becky when she was 16. She gave him a black eye instead. While no charges were laid against him, she thinks he blames her for his inability to move up in the police force.
  • Deirdre has to bunk with Nancy, a possible lesbian on her way to Lourdes, or so Blanche would have her think. Deirdre thinks it can’t be as Nancy is an Arkala (a cub scout leader).

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28 Responses to Update for Tuesday, August 18, 2009. The not so great escape

  1. fondue123 says:

    Rosie’s head sticking up out of that skylight? Funniest.thing.ever.
    I thought.
    Until I saw your caption.

    • Mark Daye says:

      Couldn’t agree more! I wish she would drop dead. How dumb do you have to be to NOT spend all day trying to break the door down when you are alone.
      AND for that matter (I’ve been told I’m anaylzing this too much)… why was John Stapes room at his dear old grans house in the attic? Did the old bat need the ENTIRE second floor (the floor with windows)to grow pot or something?
      This storyline sucks big time! You hear me Granada? SUCKS!

      I’m okay now. WHEW!

  2. haili says:

    Norris gave Molly and Ty a fizzy drink maker, whatever that is and Rita got a tea set. It seems that these items – along with the lingerie – were prizes from contests he keeps entering. That dream date sounded like a lot of fun with the salsa dancing and balloon ride.

    Rosie better get out soon as I’m frustrated yelling at the TV “batter the door – not the sky light.”

    I’m surprised that Dierdre didn’t claim to be a heathen as well but maybe all those other old ladies gave her a break from Blanche. I’m loving Peter’s comments to Blanche.

    • TracyEmm says:

      Re Rosie and her escape techniques:
      Yes, it’s not like that bedroom door is some kind of firewall – geezzzzzzzz! I reckon my 8 year old could kick it down, with a bit of effort!
      And further – it’s only just dawned on Kevin now, that Rosie might have been forced to write the postcards??? ugh!

  3. Long time lurker says:

    I would love to have Norris’ luck with contests – hope he shares his secret with us.

    Great Rosie captioning, John!

    Does anyone else think that Peter may give Steve a run for his money with Michelle when the whole Steve/Becky thing starts to unravel? Peter & Michelle – UGH.

  4. missusmac says:

    Peter’s a bit like a train wreck right now, isn’t he? Good writing amongst the Barlows, though. Even my oldest daughter, who thoroughly ignores Corrie as old lady fare, was snickering throughout Blanche’s description of Nancy’s wooing technique. Loudest snort was reserved for the line “she has a cat named Navratilova.”

    Much as I like Becky and Steve together onscreen, I hate it when plots have gaping huge holes in them. Why would you not just bring Michelle in on this, and say as a pal that Steve is providing an alibi? It’s shtupid, as Steve would say.

    Loved Noretta, Rita and Emily in the bar. Which does seem to have been redecorated again. Odd.

    • Trudy says:

      Norette, Rita and Emily were funny – especially when Rita said – Oh, I like this song, who is it? and Emily replied Amy Winehouse.

    • TracyEmm says:

      Yes, seems our Rovers Return has had a bit of redecorating magic! perhaps Liz didn’t like Vernon’s version of a classy pub! (personally, I preferred it! Vernon’s way, that is…)
      ** I do wonder why they would do that though, change the set? Any knowledge from anyone out there? **

    • Mark Daye says:

      I noticed the back foyer by the stairwell has new wallpaper.

    • Barbee says:

      I, too, loved the Norette story, although someone called and I missed the Amy Winehouse comment. I’ll have to watch it next week online.
      The whole pub seems to have been put in the Tardis and rearranged and redecorated. I wonder if they got a new corner in the lot and decided to go whole hog. I preferred Vernon’s look as well.
      Peter & Blanche – hilarious, with Ken coming over all PC. I’m sure Diedre’s going just to have a break, even though it sounds like a trip from hell.

  5. Modge says:

    So one of the brainiacs at the Webster’s finally got the bright idea to put up “missing” posters for Rosie after she’d been gone what, two, three weeks, a month? I would’ve had posters up the next day had it been my cat.

    And Norris was way, way too into that date with Pierce Brosnan.

  6. corrieheart says:

    Hi all,

    I’m sure there is some kind of hidden message in Rosie’s postcard. Perhaps, if you take the first letter of each line, it spells out ‘H-E-L-P’ or something like that. Or maybe in a future postcard, she will cleverly identify the kidnapper by writing something like “Must run. Have to go the john and, by the way, my stapes is killing me.”

    (FYI, the stapes is one of the three bones in the middle ear)

    BTW, I know this is highly unlikely given Rosie’s ‘skylight pop-up escapade’ but I live in constant hope…

    cheers to all. Greatly enjoy your comments


    • missusmac says:

      Loved your version of the postcard much better than Rosie’s. WHAT was Kevin thinking has he listed for Sally the many ways Rosie could be dead or tortured or raped.

      Usually I’m a big Kev fan. Not in that particular dialogue.

  7. howdi says:

    Blanche has been needling Dierdre for years but this episode tops all.
    Dierdre’s talking on the phone, she says “Who is that on the phone? Your fancy man?”

    She is maliciously teasing Dierdre about bunking in with Nancy. ie ” Nancy has a cat named Navratalova” or “ask her to show you her Billy Jean memorabilia”

    or..”her husbands name was Phil which was not just short for Philip.”.

    (I didn’t get this one..Can anyone help me out here?

  8. howdi says:

    Blanche couldn’t even resist a swipe at her great grandson, Simon. “Lets hope he’s not simple or he would get some bad nicknames.?”

    • Modge says:

      Not technically her great grandson – Peter is not Dierdre’s son…close enough though, I guess. Blanche is one of my favourites but jeez, couldn’t she have waited until the kid was in bed or something? Hadn’t he been through enough without some nasty old woman taking potshots at him?

  9. haili says:

    I’m so hoping that Rosie doesn’t hit Fizz with that bat or whatever it is. Is it part of the bed? Does anyone know? I was wondering why she didn’t used the metal part of the bed to break through the door. This whole thing with Rosie is so frustrating. I hope she gets out soon – and John goes to the slammer for a very long time. She sure didn’t make much progress in a week. There should have been big dents and chips out of that door by now.

  10. fondue123 says:

    Just occurred to me what Rosie reminded me of as she popped out of that skylight…WHACK-A-MOLE

  11. howdi says:

    Notice how Peter gave Dierdre his lit cigarette when she was stressed about her upcoming trip with Blanche and the predatory Nancy. I thought she was quitting smoking.

  12. Pamer says:

    Hey guys…further to this “Rosie’s in the Attic” storyline…did John kill his gran to get the house?? I missed a few episodes this summer. he seems to be crazy enough to do that

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