Sunday Ominbus Change

Okay, before I even post this, I’ve had an email from the Audiance Relation peeps over at CBC. 

There’s basically a plea not to kill the messanger.  A/R has nothing to do with the change and they realize that this is going to be an inconvieniance all around.  So if you must contact them, be gentle…they’re really lovely people over there.

And yes….the change is permanent.

Without further ado, starting September 6 – the new times for the Sunday omnibus are:

1) In the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba 9:30 am

2) Newfoundland – 10 am

3) Saskatchewan and Alberta – 8:30 am

4) BC/PTN the on air time will remain the same,  7:30.

5) Oshawa, FlinFlon, Medicine Hat, Trail, Comox, Nanton, Terrece and Peggy’s cove  are the exceptions, they will be seeing Coronation Street in two parts.  The first part will start at 12:47 pm run for 2 1/4 hours.  The second part will be shown at 11:36 pm and show the remain 2 3/4 hours, but will be interrupted with enough ads for ‘Little Mosque on the Prarie’ and ‘Royal Canadian Air Farce 35th Final Flight/Cirque du Soliel Special’ that the actually broadcast will be 5 hours long.  Enjoy!*

*Y’all know I’m kidding about point #5.

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3 Responses to Sunday Ominbus Change

  1. papasmurf1964 says:

    This may have been mentioned another day, but I noticed on the CBC site that Coronation Street will be airing @ 6:30 PM starting next Monday, August 31.

    Something to do with the new dinner time news programs and Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune.

  2. Barbee says:

    I’m not complaining. CS at 7 am is too early on Sunday, even though I have satellite. And, as I’m going to miss it this weekend, well, WTH.
    But, my goodness. there’s been great acting this week. Peter & Ken, the lovely Simon, Fizz being amazing.

  3. Diane/tvor says:

    Ooh thanks for the heads up. I’m goign to spread this around

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