Update for Wednesday, Aug. 26th: Follow The Bouncing Ball


Okay c'mon....who had one?

Okay c'mon....who had one?


Today’s episode might be described as a fast-paced potpourri that plays like a long movie trailer. We are all over the neighbourhood, so rather than weld content into stories, let’s just travel through the day as it came….




Peter comes coughing into the living room looking for an emergency fag. Blanche and Ken harass him for sleeping in and tell him that they’ve been babysitting all morning, reading and making milkshakes and what-not. Due to the little boy’s quiet nature, Blanche has christened him, “Shy-mon’. Now that Peter has risen, he offers to give Ken “a hand”.




Fiz is at home and throwing John off the phone. Apparently he keeps phoning. WACKO.


Peter is now hanging about his front door, when Dan ambles by. They have a brief chat that goes something like: “I’m a bookie, you’re a bookie, would you like to be a bookie, too?” Peter says he once owned Dan’s establishment, dodgy boiler and all.


Kelly has been to the travel agent’s and bumps into Dan. She is very excited about their planned holiday. Kelly plans to bring lots of thrillers to read, including the Di Veesy Code. She gives him a kiss and saunters off. Dan looks completely icked out…apparently no longer diggin’ Big Bird.


At the factory, playful banter is underway, which includes Tony. Gee Glacia, when he jokes around, I can kinda see in a tiny way how he might be hot. A little bit. Sean wants to know if Tony prefers satin or silk in a lady’s undergarment. Tony says he actually likes cotton. Sean thinks this is kinky for some reason. I think it’s funny because the actor who plays Sean is called Antony Cotton. Tony….Cotton…fuggetaboudit.




Kelly has now gone to the bank and returned to the factory. Apparently she has no money. Sally says not to worry – the pays don’t usually clear until lunchtime.


Tina is at the Platt’s, chatting on the phone with a friend and oozing, “Yes, he’s absolutely gorgeous. David overhears and obviously wants to know who is absolutely gorgeous because it better be him. In spite of the fact that he has just passed his underwater driving test, David gets all freeeked. 


At the Battersby-Brown house, Chesney and Kirk are packing for South Africa. Chez is also freeked because Kirk only has factor 5 and factor 10 sun cream and without a radiation-shield, Chesney will burn to a crisp.


Peter attempts to have a heart-to-heart with Shy-mon. He wants to know what the story Ken read him was about, if he wants help with his puzzle and a couple of other questions to which Simon offers zero response. In spite of the fact that all Corrie children are mute, Peter seems to think he should form sentences. As he’s not making any headway, Peter decided to go to the store for some fags and a lollypop. Leaving Simon in the house alone.


(‘kay now we really start flipping around, try and keep up:)


Leanne wants a quick chat with Janice as Janice is passing the hair salon. Leanne, wrapped in a towel, is apparently having her hair done. End of.


Tony is on the phone in the car. End of.


Peter is in the Kabin looking at toys, including that awesome pop-up ball-in-a-cone thingy from the 70’s. Those were awesome. They make really good wizard hats for cats, too.


David is now on the phone with someone, commenting for no other reason than to wind up Tina: “she’s absolutely gorgeous!” He’s actually on the phone with his cellmate, Graham. Graham has been released and David has asked him over. Tina is pissed.


Simon is playing alone with a yellow truck when Ken comes in. He asks where Peter is. No answer.


On the way to the store, Peter runs into Leanne and they flirt a bit.


A sad Julie is hugging Kirk goodbye at home, making him promise not to talk to any girls. Nor to chat anyone up in nightclubs. 


Sally meanwhile has come to see Fiz. She wants to know what the police asked her. Fiz tells Sal again that she had no involvement.


Ken is playing with a green car at the table. He throws open the door thinking to tell Peter off, but it’s only Blanche.


Rosie is at Webster’s Garage bawling…she has apparently had a meltdown because of noises she heard in the house when a door blew shut and knocked over a pitcher, or a picture, or something. She has freaked out in her foxhole and come running to Kevin. Sally stops by the garage and joins in comforting Rosie. Sally is now allowing the slight possibility that Fiz is innocent, but still thinks she knew. Rosie says not.


The factory girls’ nickels have dropped (out of their wallets) and they now know something’s fishy with their pay. Julie’s card was refused at the butchers. Wicki’s wages have not come through either. Everyone agrees they must confront Tony about their wages, and their straits would not be as dire if Janice hadn’t stolen their money (for nothing and your chicks for free). And this never would have happened in the Baldwin’s day, when there were wage packets not this electronic debit nonsense.




Peter finally comes home. A bickering match ensues, which includes Blanche’s description of Ken making the morning milkshake: “You were prancing around like a sprite, Kenneth.” Peter and Ken trade insults, resentments and slagging until Blanche finally tells them to shaddap. Simon simply wants to know where the promised lolly is.


Graham the cellmate show up at the Platt’s and does a crazy-ass handshake with David. His accommodations have fallen through and he wants to crash on the sofa. Of course. And he is going to get David a car.


Peter is outside having a smoke and Ken comes out to try and make peace. He says they ought not to fight, for Simon’s sake. Blanche comes into the yard and says they have a visitor. Peter has called a social worker to come for Simon.



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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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33 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Aug. 26th: Follow The Bouncing Ball

  1. haili says:

    Loved the wizard hat for cats idea!

    We seem to be in one of those spells where not much happens but a lot of setting up for future stories. Tony seems to have had a personality transplant and is much more cheerful than ever before. It’s not like him to joke with the peasants and he’d better get some money back into the wages account or he’ll have a revolt on his hands.

    It seems we’re not to get a well deserved break from the Platts though the Barlows make a welcome change. It would be nice to see the old, more charming Peter return.

    • Barbie says:

      I agree haili. Peter used to be a bit of a goer, but he was never overtly evil. He’s acting more like Tracy all the time.

  2. Piper77 says:

    I know that Leanne and Peter were on the street at the same time in the past. But what is their history? They seem to have some familiarity with one another.

  3. Modge says:

    There was some very clumsy cutting done on last night’s episode -it jumped around all over the place, leaving me sitting there going “WTF???” Must be sure to catch it on Sunday, it looked like a lot was missing between scenes.

  4. Weaselbean says:

    British lurker here… love the website 🙂 Just had to say after reading this article, give little “Shymon” a chance, he is a cracker!

  5. fondue123 says:

    I remember that toy! I remember being really bad at it…never thought of putting it on my cat’s head

  6. beanie says:

    I think we should all wear those hats to the next BIS (with the creepy Tony masks of course)

  7. lovethestreet says:

    Favourite part of the episode was Kevin telling Sally that she must be mad to think that Fiz was involved in the kidnapping. I can’t believe how many characters are suspicious of lovely Fiz. Once again we see that Kevin is a decent bloke and Sally is a stroppy cow.

  8. Mark says:

    Fiz is amazing. I hate Sally. I had one of those toy ball things and of course Tony Gordon is hot. When he is being evil or nice, either way works!!!! I thought there were some weird cuts in the episodes as well.

    • Long time lurker says:

      Totally agree – love Fiz; hate that b.tch Sally – no wonder Rosie turned out the way she did.

      Now I have this urge to get one of those toys, just to torment the cats a bit.

  9. beanie says:

    Y’all know I’ve never gotten over Sally whipping off her knickers and sprawling on Ian Davenport’s desk. Cow faced bitch!

  10. Gayle says:

    Beanie, I completely agree with you! When she was getting it on with her boss in the office of the car dealership had to be an all time low. Rosie is well aware of what happened so Sally kisses her behind. I think the character of Sally is the biggest hypocrite on the street.

    Did anyone else want to knock Tina’s big feet off Gail’s sofa? What’s with David inviting another kid to stay at his MOTHER’S house? High time him and Tina got a place of their own. I would go nuts if my son invited kids to move in my home.

  11. haili says:

    Not only is Graham staying, but so is that shiny new car hiding in the garage. No good will come of this.

  12. Piper says:

    I think I missed why Deirdre went on the trip and Blanche didn’t. Can anyone fill me in please?

    • howdi says:

      I missed that too. I wonder if I missed an episode along the way.

      How is it that Dan and ‘Legs’ are going away on holiday?

      Why did Sally ask which picture had fallen off the wall?

      Did Peter and Leanne have a ‘thing’ in the past?

  13. Barbee says:

    Blanche was barred from the trip because she accused the organizer of having cloven hooves. Can you imagine having Blanche on ANY trip? Lordie….
    I have been loving the acting lately. Fizz is incredible; Peter& Ken outstanding (Peter especially because of his bringing up of Ken’s rotten parenting skills); Julie has really grown on me; and so glad not to see Michelle & crew for a change. Simon is incredible – simply the best child actor in decades on the street.
    I’m off Sunday,so I hope I haven’t missed too much. Cheers to all!

    • Piper says:

      Simon is a good little actor. He even had a scene where he was supposed to not speak but used facial expressions too. He’s also adorable.

    • howdi says:

      Ah thanks Barbee for explaining why Blanche was barred from the trip. That leaves poor Dierdre volunteering to help the old folks and fend off a lesbian lech. Blanch bests Dierdre once again.
      (love this mother/daughter story line…at least the writers are consistant with it.)

  14. haili says:

    Peter and Ken were good last night. I could see Peter’s side a bit more rather than condemning him. He wants Simon to have a home with a good family rather than the dysfunctional Barlows. He and Susan must not have had a good life with their grandparents and he blames Ken for everything that’s gone wrong in his life. Peter seems pretty immature and selfish and instead of taking responsibility, blames his lack of a father. I imagine things will change quickly if that phone call last night means he inherits money for Simon’s upbringing.

    • Barbee says:

      Aargh – someone called at the end of the show last night & I missed the last bit – was that the phone call? I really did feel for Peter. Ken was so holier than thou I wasn’t surprised when Peter blew his stack. The Barlows really are the poster children for disfunctional families. Still loving Simon. And yes Tony is hot. I’m enjoying the lack of Carla & Michelle immensely. I hope the Becky/Steve/bent cop story doesn’t drag on too long. Hurry home Hayley!

      • haili says:

        It sounded like a call from a lawyer and from our end, it seems like Peter will inherit something, but probably it would be for Simon. Time will tell.

  15. missusmac says:

    I LOVED that Peter and Blanche called Ken on his piousness and platitude-spouting. Blanche especially, with her “it’s not all about you Kenneth” and the fact he was making a lot of decisions for other people.

    Ken is, was, and will continue to be a crap dad. End of. Doesn’t write Tracey — not that I would be sending many letters either — doesn’t visit Daniel now he doesn’t need a couch to bunk on, not sure if he speaks to Adam…

    Those who can do, and those who can’t will give the kid to Deirdre to watch while they do ‘important’ things like talk philosophy with Roy over dirty caf dishes…

    Yeah, I’m more ticked at Ken than Peter right now. At least Peter is being honest.

  16. fondue123 says:

    As I recall it, Peter was completely devastated when Lucy (Simon’s mum) took Simon away to Australia, denying Peter any access to his son. I’m a little puzzled that now he seemingly can’t wait to get rid of him, but then I always saw Peter as just as selfish as Ken, like father like son. In fact, I like to call him Peter Pan…perpetual child, me-me-me.

    • Barbee says:

      Actually, I can kind of see Peter’s point. With Ken & Deidre’s track record, do we really want to see another abandoned/sidelined Barlow child? I can understand him wanting his son to have a complete family to look after him. He seems to understand his own limitations and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes his father did.
      And BTW, Amy is going to be pretty pruny – she’s been in the dishwasher for weeks!

  17. haili says:

    Amy grew when she was in the dishwasher! Next to Simon she’s quite a big girl now.

    I usually defend Ken but he ticked me off tonight when he was so angry at Peter buying the bookie shop. It’s not that expensive and it is Peter’s money he’s spending. The money gave Peter a whole new attitude toward Simon and he’s much more affectionate now; let’s hope it lasts.

    • Long time lurker says:

      I agree. Ken was much too harsh on Peter about that. If it meant that Peter would stay in Weatherfield and be a part of Simon’s life, why not? He would need to spend some of that money anyway to settle down and provide for Simon. If Ken had just given Peter a bit of the benefit of the doubt; there’s always time to berate if/when Peter screws this up.

  18. corrierules says:

    I love that toy! That and a bolo-bat were my favorites. They are probably banned now as being too dangerous to play with…

    I agree, Peter must think it’s pretty rich, getting parenting advice from Ken.The only parenting advice that Ken can provide is:

    “I find Scotland is the best place to ship my kids.”

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Simon could be raised by Roy and Hayley?

  19. corrierules says:

    PS. I too have been enjoying this Michelle-free week.

  20. romeozulu says:

    I’m enjoying the new Graeme character – seems like he’ll be fun, and a bit of a foil for the always dramatic / tragic David and Tina.
    The producers must really love the guy that plays Peter – this is his 3rd or 4th trip back to the Street, isn’t it? Too bad they’re so fond of the actress that plays Two-Car-Garage Janice.
    I hope Tony is allowed to get away with the Liam thing – he’s a terrific character, and the fellow’s acting is deadly.
    The producers must be setting Rosie up to be the next Tracy or something. There has to be a method to the madness – young Helen couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.
    Simon – the new Ches(now that he’s grown up and gawky)?

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