Monday August 31st – The Time Change Update

And I’m back from my lovely summer break. Doing these updates are a little bit like school days.  When it comes to taking the summer off. At first it is nice and a bit of a breather. Then you start to miss it and can’t wait to get started again. Not all of us took a break this summer so I salute my fellow posters who held up their side during the lazy days of summer.

Anyway, on to the update.

UK Time: Friday November 14th 2008

I can’t figure out for the life of my why anyone would be interested in Gal Platt, but Tina’s dad seems to like her. If memory serves, Tina’s mom was a bit of a nightmare, so I guess he likes his women complicated and his relationships messy. Tina and David could be either similarly perplexed or just straight-up annoyed. But, like most teenagers they seem to think Gail and Joe’s relationship is about them so when last night’s episode opened in Gail’s kitchen with Gail and Joe, Tina and David the fireworks start at Tina accuses her dad of lying to her. She really plays the perfect teenager, don’t you think. She’s smart and funny and very dramatic.

Jo has a past.

Jo has a past.

After the kitchen shake down Joe goes to talk to David while he’s shooting hoops. At first he’s pretty rough and kind of throws/pushes David up against the wall by the house. Joe then breaks it down to David and suggests that he grow up a little. After, Joe finds Tina and talks to her as well. While he’s talking to Tina he says a couple things that makes me think he may be a bit of a mess himself. He says something about not messing this one up and being on top of things … now.

Later at home David and his hilarious jail-bird pyromania friend, Graham, have an interesting conversation about a MILF when Gail comes home. Graham makes a hasty exit to allow Gail and David to talk. Gail offers to end the relationship with Joe if David wants her to. This woman is a ding-bat. David then gives him mother permission to have a life.

I guess Joe and David have the most interesting working hours in all of England because at some random time they get their day started and head over to The Windasses to try to collect the 7 grand the couple owes them. Yes folks, kitchens are expensive and the Windasses seem almost as skint and classy as The Battersby-Browns with a similar predilection to small time crime. I doubt Mr. Windass was ever legitimately injured.  That conversation doesn’t go well but David has another customer service method that may work here. He’s going to speak their language. Totally unbeknownst to Joe, David sneaks into the Windass home with a tire iron and proceeds to demand the money while breaking things. I wonder if he’ll leave with a cheque. Now, I’m no business guru, but I would think that a deposit on work is standard with contractors. I wonder how our Charlie Stubbs would have dealt with it.

In the factory it is becoming increasingly clear that Julie has the most gumption in the group. Eyeball Gordon has handed out pay packets and promises that their back-pay is forthcoming. The girls are talking about what their options are but that is all pushed aside because an evil journalist from the Weatherfield Gazette comes around looking for Rosie Webster. The girls and Tony make sure she gets out of the building before she finds out that Sally is Rosie’s mother.

Over at the Barlow’s Peter is eating breakfast and Ken takes time to tell Peter that running a business and raising a child will be difficult. That is true. It will be even more difficult hung-over.

Is anyone going to suggest that Peter get help with his drinking problem?

Is anyone going to suggest that Peter get help with his drinking problem?

In the street, Dan offers Peter a chance to run the bookies and suggests that they do some paperwork. Peter is only interested in drinkable paper made of barley and hops.

Later, Ken brings Simon back from his walk and Peter gives him a booze soaked hug and kiss. Ken suggests that Peter not drench the kid in his booze fumes. Then Ken comes up with a plan for Simon after school. Peter gets annoyed and Ken says that he is just being helpful. Peter points out that Ken is railroading Peter – which he kind of is. We then get taken on a Peter Barlow daddy issues tour – again.

In Other News

On to my favourite character, Amber. In the corner shop Darryl is stressing and Amber is trying to convince him to talk to Dev about running a business. She wants Dev to get along with Darryl. I actually really like Darryl, so here’s hoping.

Dev goes to talk to Prem. It doesn’t go well. Want to hear something funny. According to the internet, Dev was born in 1964 and would only be 44 during this story line. He looks substantially older. The internet also tells me that the actor who plays Dev, Jimmy Harkishin, was born in 1959 making him 50. Lying about your age is common in show business.

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11 Responses to Monday August 31st – The Time Change Update

  1. John says:

    Welcome back!

    Re – the age thing. I think it’s fairly common that the actors are a few years older than the characters they play. 5 years seems to be the average.

  2. Modge says:

    I was gobsmacked to hear Ken use the non-word “disorientated” when talking to Pisstank Peter about Simon. I would’ve thought that a schoolteacher, especially one as well-read as Mr. Barlow, would know better.

    And Julie had better watch herself – I don’t think “Mr. Gordon” is going to take kindly to her attempts to push him around in front of the rest of the Coven.

  3. I just about threw up when ‘Woodchuck’ Gail asked David if he wanted her to stop seeing Tina’s Dad. What a sappy and pathetic character she is.

  4. Barbie says:

    Thanks for the update Deb, great to have you back. I think Graham is hilarious too, he was pretty scarey back in jail but he has had some really funny lines. I look forward to seeing him now.

  5. beanie says:

    Welcome back Darling, I have missed you…no offense.

  6. haili says:

    Welcome back from me too!

    Woodchuck is a perfect description of Gail. I wonder if Joe thinks she has money for some reason as surely it’s not her sex appeal that attracts him – unless she has some strange voodoo love potion.

    Peter, Peter, Peter – lay off the booze! Ken, Ken, Ken – stop driving him to drink! Ken does treat him like a teenager with all the advice, though he’s just trying to help. It’s not working.

    The Windasses (luckily they don’t pronounce it the way I do) seem to be the replacements for Les and Cilla. David does enjoy smashing things and I hope he doesn’t make a habit of it.

    Maybe Hayley will be back soon as the voice of reason.

  7. Jen says:

    Welcome back!

    Ah, drinkable paper! Nice one! Peter really seems worse than ever!

    Amber and Darryl are my favourites right now. Graham is top notch too. I agree that he’s much more fun than when he was in jail.

  8. Gayle says:

    I couldn’t believe dopey Gail telling David she would stop seeing Joe if he wanted her to ugh! I am loving the character of Graham – I think the kid is an excellent actor. What exactly is Tina’s problem with Joe dating Gail?

    I also like Daryl – he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he’s a sweet kid. I love him and Amber together.

    I just don’t get Dev why does he have to ask Prem for his permission to date his adult daughter – is it a culture thing? Why on earth would Tara be remotely interested in Dev? Is it his money?

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