Update for Tuesday, September 8, 2009 – Visa vid vindens ängar

Becky, who is delighted to hear from Roy that Hayley is staying in Weatherfield, is asked by Michelle if she can work all day Wednesday to help with an anniversary party for her parents, who are coming in from Ireland.

Becky says she isn’t sure that she can as she doesn’t want to tell her about the court date which means revealing to Michelle that she and Steve concocted an alibi that involved them having an affair during the offense in question. She later calls Steve, who is in the presence of Michelle and Liz to tell him what’s up. He then asks Michelle if this is an all-day thing and if so, he may have to take off for a spell. Michelle quashes that idea by telling him she’ll need him all day.

Later, Becky comes to see Steve to ask if he’ll make it to the trial. He says he will but Becky isn’t so sure, especially when Michelle suggests to Becky that Steve will be indisposed that day. By the time The Connors arrive, Steve is trying to get out this day but Michelle tells him that with Paul and Liam gone, they’re all they have. So it’s not looking good for ol’ Becks.

Oh, Olaf

Hayley puts in an appearance at Underworld where she is met by a rather snotty Julie but is otherwise greeted warmly by her co-workers. When she meets Tony Gordon to ask for her supervisor job back, she suddenly gets cold feet and hightails it out of there (just as well – are they getting paid yet?). Fizz is eventually offered the job as Julie is bumped down to machinist.

Hayley eventually goes to Roy and tells the real reason she wanted to go back to Africa was not because of the work she was doing but because of Olaf, a dashing Swede who charmed all the ladies with his folk songs. She felt jealous of her friend Tilly who had a fling with him. Roy forgives her, saying there is probably a Swedish folk song about not throwing out the one you love.

Is it this song?

Muut uutiset

Amber is going to Finland to visit her mum for a while to punish Dev for what he did to Darryl. Lauren Minnie, meanwhile, has asked Dev for a job in the kebab shop. And Dev is all, “Tara Who?”

Graeme is chuffed that the Windarses solved his stolen car problem by stealing the car themselves. Meanwhile, Ashley is training Graeme as an apprentice butcher.

“What’s the proper way to clean a knife?”

“Lick it!”

Fizz and Ches arrive back from South Africa. They vow to never speak of experience ever again. Or just lie and tell everyone that they had a good time.


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18 Responses to Update for Tuesday, September 8, 2009 – Visa vid vindens ängar

  1. haili says:

    Hayley seems to have had a personality transplant. She used to love her job at Underworld and all the girls too. Now she doesn’t want to work there and seems to just want Roy when she can’t get Olaf. The Swedish folk singer reminds me a bit of Roy.

  2. lovethestreet says:

    Graham (Graeme?) is funny in the butcher’s shop…but…didn’t Kirk get laid off because Ashley was so broke? And didn’t Ashley and Claire move house because they are so broke? So now he’s hiring again??? Have I missed something or are the writers drinking?

    • kunzie says:

      Maybe the financial recovery the Peacock’s were hoping for has occurred? I notice Kirk has not returned from South Africa.

      Must say, I am LOVING Graeme. I think his timing is amazing and his accent just adds to the character.

      Great update John!!!

  3. Gayle says:

    As much as I like Michelle’s parents I don’t get the “Big Anniversary Celebration” just after losing their son. Who has parties on weekdays and why would it be all day? Who would they invite – their home is in Ireland the only family they have is Michelle (& which son) and Steve. I thought last night’s stories were all over the the place with a lot of things not making sense.

  4. haili says:

    Gayle: I thought the same thing! Who wants to have a big party after losing a son? On a weekday, who would come? If they even had a party, wouldn’t it be in Ireland, where their friends live? And on a weekend when Michelle (and whoever) could come? The mother doesn’t like Carla so there’s just Michelle and son.

    Also strange that Ashley would hire someone like Graham after laying off Boris and Kirk. And that Hayley is drinking wine instead of pineapple juice and falling in love with a Swedish folk singer. Maybe she should lay off the wine!

  5. romeozulu says:

    Graeme is an absolute riot! “Umbrage has been taken” – I laughed my head off. I hope they’re planning on keeping him.
    It looks like Dan and his father have been given the boot – too bad, I thought they could’ve been complex, interesting characters.
    Rosie (and us) seem to be getting a well deserved break from her eye-rolling, simpering, snarling routine. I think she needs a couple of months in Scotland to recuperate.
    The producers must really love the guy that plays Peter. I think this must be his third or fourth return to the Street, isn’t it? Too bad they’re so fond of the Janice character.

  6. Cayenne says:

    Did anyone think Hayley should have just kept quiet about her crush on Olaf instead of telling poor Roy?

  7. beanie says:

    Great update John. I agree with all of you and I think the writers are drinking Scottish wine. I had a hysterical moment when Gail came downstairs dressed in a blanket for her getaway wknd. David said “What’s that?” and Mr Bean said “It’s a SNUGGY!” ROFLMAO we had to watch the show again once we composed ourselves.

  8. Bea says:

    I loved it when David asked, where are you going, 1963??

  9. haili says:

    Cayenne: I agree. Hayley should have kept her mouth shut about the crush on Olaf. That could only hurt Roy’s feelings – even though he loves her honesty.

    I just didn’t get the emu comment. Love the name Mr. Bean and agree that the writers must indulge in the Scottish wine more frequently these days.

    • lovethestreet says:

      Kids who listen to “emo” (emotional) music and dress a certain way are known as emos. So Gail was trying to turn the insult back on David and Tina, but she got the name wrong.

      Come to think of it, Gail does look a bit like an emu at times.

  10. haili says:

    lovethestreet: thanks for the explanation. I don’t know what emo music is but now I know it’s a category. Now could someone explain what boho is? Bohemian? I really am out of the loop!

  11. corrieheart says:

    hi all

    well, since John posted an ABBA video clip, I could not resist the temptation to rewrite ‘Mamma Mia’ in order to reflect the Swedish ‘aspect’ of Hayley’s trip to Africa. I’ll spare you the verse – but here’s the chorus. I hope I don’t get sued by Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny or Anni-Frid (or Olaf).

    Here goes (to the tune of Mamma Mia):

    Hayley Cropper, there you go again
    My my, how could you forget Roy?
    Hayley Cropper, and it shows again
    My my, Olaf’s just a boy toy
    Yes, you’ve been rather silly
    He had it off with Tilly
    Why, why did you ever leave the caf?
    Hayley Cropper, please don’t make me laff
    Roy, Roy. so much better than Olaf

    …yeah, yeah. I know. don’t quit my day job.


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