Update for Wednesday, Sept. 16: Bad to the Bone

As the day begins, Leanne and Carla are going dress shopping, leaving Tony in charge of the factory. Maria appears in the street to chat with them, sporting a new darker hair colour which clashes with plaid and makes her look like the saddest girl in the world.

Steve meanwhile sneaks in the back door of the pub. He is on the phone to Becky, saying operation Bad Boyfriend begins that morning. Liz is whining because she had to take Amy to school. Steve grouses about the relatives.  Liz picks up on Steve’s snarkiness and wants to know what’s up.

Outside, little Simon Barlow doesn’t want to go to school; Peter’s encouragement, “do you want to be thick, like me?” is not having the desired effect. Ken and Deirdre come out of the house and Ken paints a much rosier picture of school, where Simon’s new buddies will be, and Christmas stuff will be going on. He agrees to give it a shot.

At the factory Sally, whose new, short do is very flattering, welcomes Rosie back to work. Rosie lets it slip that she will be running the factory during the Gordons’ honeymoon. Sally gently points out that Rosie has zero experience. Rosie storms off.

A package has come for Norris – another contest winning. Jed Stone has brought it to the Kabin. Norris had been hoping to win second-prize, a foot spa. Rita and Jed razz Norris, saying the package is from ‘the girlfriend’. Jed remarks that girls that age take some keeping up with. Rosie comes in, gushing that Norris’ prize, which is a new phone, is slammin. Norris gets a text from Mary; apparently she has won the coveted foot spa.

Tony Gordon comes in, and finally comes face-to-face with Jed again. Tony, embarrassed, points out for Norris and Rita’s benefit that it was he who called the ambulance. Once out in the street, Tony is accosted by Barry Connor; he wants Tony and Carla to come for drinks so Helen can make it up with Carla. Jed comes out telling Barry that Tony will have his wallet if he stands there any longer. Once Barry leaves, Tony asks Jed point-blank what he wants. Jed wants a decent price for everything Tony took – and Tony does not scare him.

Leanne and Carla come into the Rovers; Leanne is slagging Carla for picking the very first dress at the very first shop she saw. Michelle and Liz are equally aghast, although the dress apparently looks good.

A visitor has arrived at the factory; it’s Tony’s brother Pat, who looks nothing like him but sports a nice matching accent. Tony seems glad to see him, but also a little wary.

Jed is in the bookies’ placing a bet. Leanne pops in, and Peter asks her to look after Simon. Simon has a very cute conversation with Leanne about his new friends Ellis and Riley. Peter asks Leanne for a drink later, planning to pawn Simon off on Ashley for a play date.

The Gordon brothers and Carla come into the Rovers. Tony tells Pat, “I don’t expect you to shatter everyone’s illusions about me,” and we get the idea he means it.

Helen is inviting Maria to spend Christmas with them…she steps away for a moment to apologize to Carla. Barry notices that Steve is AWOL. The Connors are speculating about Steve marrying Michelle; Becky overhears and takes it as a done deal.

Leanne comes in and joins Peter, who has gotten rid of Simon at Ashley’s Leanne asks Peter about being a bigamist. They have a chuckle over the fact that neither of them has the most pristine reputation. Ken noses over, only to ask where Simon is, and how he enjoyed school.

Kevin is in full Tony-hating mode; he is happy to swap stories with Jed. Jed tells the Websters his tale of woe. Tony overhears a little; they trade barbs. Maria is chatting with Pat; Pat lets it slip that he and Tony never fell out…Tony sees his illusions starting to unravel, and realizes that he must follow Pat around shoring up things for the forseeable future.

Steve comes outside and Becky is in the smoking shelter. She congratulates him on his “wedding”. Steve is clueless, having no idea what she is on about. Becky is unconvinced; she has decided that Steve loves Michelle and is just using her as a shag. Becky says she won’t be part of any more back-room jiggy until Steve is a free man.

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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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